How to order the lowest sugar coffee at your favorite coffee chain every time…

Low Sugar and Zero Sugar Drinks at Dutch Bros - Iced Coffee

Lowest Sugar Drinks at Dutch Bros

Everyone loves Dutch Bros – who wouldn’t with their huge selection of flavored drinks, but what exactly are the lowest sugar options available? I tell you exactly how to order low sugar at Dutch Bros.

Does iced coffee contain a lot of sugar - Iced Coffee

Sugar-Free Coffee Anyone?

Find the lowest-sugar coffee options at all of your favorite coffee stores – Starbucks, Dunkin’s, Tim Horton, Dutch Bros, etc…I cover all of them in my in-depth reviews of the lowest-sugar coffee options.

Love Juice/Smoothies – Hate Sugar?

Do you love that daily juice or smoothie, but hate all of the sugar content that goes with it? In this post, I share the 11 lowest sugar smoothies from one of the biggest smoothie chains around – Jamba Juice. Read this and you will always be able to order the lowest-sugar smoothie or juice on the menu at Jamba Juice.

How to find the lowest sugar foods available…

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Fast Food & Restaurants

Find out the best low-sugar food and drink items at the leading fast food, restaurant, and ice cream chains across America.

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Coffee Chains

Love grabbing a coffee or drink from your favorite coffee chain, but trying to cut down on sugar? Don’t worry, we have you covered here at Low Sugar Snax. Find out the lowest sugar drinks at all the leading coffee chains.

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Grocery Products

Do you love chocolate, candy, bottled drinks, cereal, and ice cream pints but are watching your sugar intake? Then check out our posts on the best low and sugar-free items you can buy at grocery stores or online.

Eating low sugar should be easy, not hard. My top articles:

What is the lowest-sugar Greek Yogurt around?

Want to know the lowest-sugar Greek Yogurt around? Well, I share with you in this post the 12 added sugar-free Greek yogurts that are also free from fake sugars.

15 Diet Sugar Free Drinks at Sonic You Must Try

Slushee Time!

Do you love Sonic’s famous slushes? Find out about 10 Sonic slushes you can order with sugar-free syrup. Yup, you read that correctly – sugar-free syrup.

Low Sugar Snacks - About Us

About Us

Low Sugar Snax is all about informing you exactly how much sugar goes into some of your favorite foods and snacks (or as we like to call them “Snax”). Having been in the food industry for 11 years, running, operating, and creating healthier food businesses we wanted a resource that can tell you how much sugar goes into food items. You can’t completely avoid sugar, but you can be better informed on when you choose to eat it and how much. Just remember – you are sweet enough already.

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