10 Best Low Sugar Creations at Pinkberry You Must Try

The best low-sugar creations at Pinkberry you must try. In this post, I am going to be sharing with you the 10 best lowest-sugar creations you can order from Pinkberry. I will go through the lowest sugar frozen yogurt flavors and the lowest sugar toppings available on the menu from Pinkberry as well as answer some Frequently Asked Questions when it comes to Pinkberry and sugar content. If you love Froyo this is the post for you.

But first how much sugar is in Pinkberry frozen yogurts and what are the lowest sugar options at Pinkberry?

What Are The Lowest Sugar Options At Pinkberry?

As a general rule, the coconut milk Pinkberry frozen yogurts contain less sugar than Pinkberry’s dairy frozen yogurts. The fruit toppings at Pinkberry are a good lower sugar topping, along with some dry toppings such as nuts and cereals. Ordering a mini size is also a great way of reducing the sugar content of your Pinkberry.

Summary Table – 10 Lowest Sugar Pinkberry Frozen Yogurts

Below is a summary table of the lowest-sugar frozen yogurt flavors at Pinkberry together with their sugar content in a mini serving (which will obviously have the least sugar due to its serving size).

10 Lowest Sugar Pinkberry Frozen YogurtsSugar Content Per Mini Serving
Coconut milk cold brew11g
Coconut milk lemon creme11g
Coconut milk strawberry12g
Coconut milk salted caramel14g
Coconut milk coconut14g
Orange peach mango15g
Pineapple orange banana15g
Peanut butter16g

Summary Table – Lowest Sugar Pinkberry Toppings

Below is a summary table for the sugar content for the lowest sugar toppings at Pinkberry (because you can’t have Froyo without toppings). I also list the sugar content per serving for each topping next to each entry.

Lowest Sugar Pinkberry ToppingsSugar Content Per Serving
Dry Toppings 
Toasted almond 0g0g
Cinnamon powder 0g0g
Honey granola 1g1g
Cap N Crunch 2g2g
Candied pecans 2g2g
Cheesecake bites 2g2g
Coconut 2g2g
Dark chocolate crisps 2g2g
Fruit pebble 2g2g
Waffle cookie 2g2g
Liquid Toppings 
Dulce de leche (caramel) 2g2g
Strawberry sauce 2g2g
Whipped cream 2g2g
Fruit Toppings 
Blood orange1g
Pomegranate seeds2g

Best Low Sugar Creations at Pinkberry - Pinkberry froyo

Frequently Asked Questions – Pinkberry and Sugar

Does Pinkberry Contain Sugar?

Pinkberry contains sugar.

How Many Grams of Sugar Are in A Pinkberry?

A serving of Pinkberry (without toppings) can contain as little as 11g of sugar or as much as 92g of sugar depending on the yogurt flavor and size. A mini coconut milk lemon creme or coconut milk cold brew only contains 11g of sugar whilst a large chocolate hazelnut Pinkberry contains 92g of sugar.

The toppings added to Pinkberry yogurt also affect the sugar content. A large chocolate hazelnut frozen yogurt with two scoops of honeycomb at Pinkberry will contain 116g of sugar.

In fact, just one scoop of honeycomb contains 12g of sugar, which is more than a mini serving of coconut milk lemon creme or coconut milk cold brew.

At the other end of the extreme, a mini coconut milk lemon creme with raspberries and toasted almond will only contain 11g of sugar (one scoop of raspberries and one scoop of toasted almond contains 0g of sugar).

Not all frozen yogurt is equal.

The frozen yogurt flavor, cup size, and toppings you choose at Pinkberry will have a massive impact on the sugar content.

Rotating Flavors

Before I continue into a breakdown of my list, I want to mention that like all frozen yogurt shops the frozen yogurt flavors at Pinkberry rotate. You will not find all the below Pinkberry flavors when you visit but hopefully, you will find at least one of them.

Best Low Sugar Creations at Pinkberry - Pinkberry cup

10 Awesome Lower Sugar Pinkberry Orders

In this section, I will go through my 10 picks for the lowest-sugar frozen yogurts from Pinkberry.

1. Mini Coconut Milk Lemon Creme with Fresh Raspberries & Toasted Almond – 11g of Sugar

If you want to order a lower-sugar yogurt at Pinkberry go for one of the coconut-milk based flavors. The coconut-milk based flavors have the lowest sugar content.

A mini coconut milk lemon creme with fresh raspberries and toasted almonds will only contain 11g of sugar.

Tangy lemon and raspberry vibes with the nutty toasted almonds to cut through the tartness.

2. Mini Coconut Cold Brew with Honey Granola – 12g of Sugar

The next lower-sugar Pinkberry order is perfect for when you are visiting Pinkberry earlier in the day and want a breakfast-like option but one that doesn’t result in a huge sugar spike. A mini coconut milk cold brew with honey granola only contains 12g of sugar.

Coffee and granola – all the makings of a great breakfast.

3. Mini Coconut Milk Strawberry with Fresh Strawberries and Cheesecake Bites – 15g of Sugar

The next lower sugar creation at Pinkberry is reminiscent of a strawberry cheesecake frozen yogurt.

Order a mini cup of coconut milk strawberry and add fresh strawberries and cheesecake bites. This order feels super indulgent and strawberry cheesecake-esk – but only contains 15g of sugar.

Who says you can’t have your cake and eat it?

4. Mini Pumpkin with Cinnamon Powder & Toasted Almond – 16g of Sugar

The next lower-sugar Pinkberry order is perfect for Fall.

A mini pumpkin frozen yogurt topped off with cinnamon powder and roasted almonds. All the nutty pumpkin spice notes but only 16g of sugar.

5. Mini Coconut Milk Coconut with Pineapple & Coconut – 17g of Sugar

If you love Pina Coladas but are watching your sugar content, you must try this Pinkberry creation. Order a mini cup of coconut milk coconut frozen yogurt and add fresh pineapple and coconut. And better yet – only 17g of sugar.

6. Mini Coconut Milk Salted Caramel with Candied Pecans and Dulce De Leche Caramel Sauce – 18g of Sugar

If you love caramel pecan, then you must try this Pinkberry order. Order a mini coconut milk salted caramel yogurt and then add candied pecans and Dulce De Leche Caramel sauce.

This order feels super indulgent and gives off all the caramel pecan vibes – yet it only contains 18g of sugar.

7. Mini Orange Peach Mango with Blood Orange & Fresh Mango – 18g of Sugar

If you love a fruity Pinkberry then I suggest ordering a mini cup of their orange peach mango frozen yogurt and adding blood orange and fresh mango.

Super citrusy and refreshing – yet only contains 18g of sugar.

8. Mini Pineapple Orange Banana with Coconut & Strawberry Sauce – 18g of Sugar

If you enjoy your frozen yogurt tropical and fruity then order a mini cup of Pinkberry’s pineapple orange and banana frozen yogurt and add strawberry sauce and coconut on top. This tropical creation will contain 18g of sugar.

9. Mini Peanut Butter with Toasted Almond and Dark Chocolate Crisps – 18g of Sugar

If you like the sound of a nutty peanut and dark chocolate sundae at Pinkberry then order a mini cup of their peanut butter frozen yogurt and add toasted almond and dark chocolate crisps. Nothing beats that peanut butter and dark chocolate mix. Especially when it contains 18g of sugar.

10. Mini Pineapple with Fresh Strawberry & Pineapple – 18g of Sugar

Strawberry and pineapple go so well together. If you agree, then make sure to order a mini Pineapple Pinkberry frozen yogurt with fresh strawberry and pineapple added on top. This creation contains 18g of sugar.

10 Best Low Sugar Creations at Pinkberry You Must Try – The Final Bite

The best low-sugar creations at Pinkberry you must try. What have we learned from the above? Well, if you are visiting a Pinkberry and want to walk out with a lower-sugar froyo treat there are a couple of things you need to do. First, always order the mini serving. Secondly, pick one of the coconut-based froyo flavors (these tend to be lower in sugar). And finally, be careful what toppings you pick. Toppings can add a lot of added sugar to your order – Raspberries and Toasted Almonds both contain 0g of sugar.

And Remember…

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Ingredients and/or manufacturing processes may change. Always double-check ingredient lists and nutritional information before purchasing any food items.


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