Dutch Bros Sugar-Free Menu

Dutch Bros Sugar-Free Menu (All 20 Sugar-Free Items!)

Dutch Bros Sugar-Free Menu. What?! Do you mean the coffee chain that is famed for its super creative and colorful drinks has a sugar-free menu? Yup, that’s right – there are some sugar-free drinks on the Dutch Bros menu as well as 11 sugar-free syrups and sauces. So I thought it would be useful to put all of Dutch Bros’ sugar-free menu items together in one easily accessible post. For those times when you hit up Dutch Bros but don’t want to hit up sugar. And if you need some inspiration for how to pair these awesome sugar free Dutch Bros menu items (sugar free caramel chocolate cold brew anyone?!) then make sure check out the following posts I have already written – best sugar free Dutch Bros drinks and Dutch Bros sugar free flavors post. So without further ado lets dig in – what is Dutch Bros Sugar Free Menu?

Low Sugar and Zero Sugar Drinks at Dutch Bros - Coffee

Dutch Bros Sugar-Free Menu

As a general rule, the drinks on Dutch Bros sugar free menu are their americano, cold brew, nitro cold brew, espresso and their unsweetened teas. Dutch Bros also have 11 sugar-free syrups and sauces on their menu.

1. Americano

First up on Dutch Bros sugar free menu is a simple but classic sugar free drink. The Americano of course! Sometimes espresso shots mixed with water are all you need. Especially when the espresso used is “bold, nutty, and with mild cocoa notes”. And especially when it’s sugar-free.

2. Cold Brew

If you need a sugar-free drink at Dutch Bros that seriously delivers in the caffeine department then you can’t beat a cold brew. Did you know that cold brew contains more caffeine than regular coffee? Well, now you know. My recommendation? Order your cold brew iced and with one or two of the sugar-free syrups or flavors listed below (if you want some flavor inspiration make sure to check out the following post I wrote – insert sugar-free Dutch Bros flavors post).

3. Nitro Infused Cold Brew

If you like the sound of a highly caffeinated cold brew but you want yours with a touch of creaminess but minus the sugar, then I recommend Dutch Bros’ Nitro Infused Cold Brew. Smooth and creamy but without any sugar – a win all round!

4. Espresso

If a sugar-free short drink is what you are looking for at Dutch Bros then quite frankly you can’t beat a simple espresso, can you?

5. Paris Tea

Ok so if you frequent Dutch Bros regularly you will have seen all their colorful iced teas. But did you know you can also just order an iced tea by itself? Yup, that’s right – so if you want a sugar-free iced black tea then opt for their Paris Tea. If you fancy adding some extra flavor added check out some of the sugar-free syrups below.

6. Earl Grey Tea

Dutch Bros also has Earl Grey tea too. So if you fancy bringing out the inner English in you whilst avoiding sugar then an Earl Grey tea it is!

7. Decaf Ceylon Tea

If you are hankering after a sugar and caffeine free drink at Dutch Bros their decaf Ceylon Tea is a great option. You can still spice it up with some sugar-free peach syrup for some extra sugar-free va va voom.

8. Green Tea

Another sugar-free tea option at Dutch a Bros is their green tea. All of the antioxidants, none of the sugar – win-win! I would personally order one with sugar-free peach and sugar-free strawberry syrup for a sugar-free fruity delight.

9. Hot Cinnamon Spice Tea

The final sugar-free tea option at Dutch Bros is their Hot Cinnamon Spice Tea. All the Fall vibes but none of the sugar vibes.

10. Sugar-Free Irish Cream Syrup

Ok so the above pretty much covered the sugar-free drinks options at Dutch Bros. But what sugar-free syrups and sauces do they have on their menu? I have you covered. There are 11 sugar-free syrups and sauces at Dutch Bros. One of the most popular is their sugar-free Irish Cream Syrup. I mean need I say any more?

11. Sugar Free Chocolate Sauce

One of the sugar-free sauces at Dutch Bros is their chocolate sauce. Ask for some sugar-free chocolate sauce to be drizzled in your Americano or cold brew and voila – a sugar-free mocha!

12. Sugar-Free Caramel Sauce

The other sugar-free sauce at Dutch Bros is their caramel sauce. Because sugar-free caramel sauce makes everything better. No seriously.

13. Sugar-Free Chocolate Macadamia Syrup

Another exciting sugar-free syrup on the Dutch Bros menu is their sugar-free chocolate macadamia nut syrup. If you want some inspiration on some sugar free syrups the sugar free chocolate macadamia nut goes well with then make sure to check out the following post I wrote – insert sugar free Dutch bros flavors post.

14. Sugar-Free Vanilla Syrup

Next up is a classic sugar-free flavor but a good un’ nevertheless! It’s sugar-free vanilla of course! I mean seeing as this is the only sugar-free flavor at Starbucks I’m not hugely surprised that Dutch Bros has a sugar-free vanilla.

15. Sugar-Free Coconut Syrup

If you like your Dutch Bros drink to have tropical notes to it then you will be stoked to know that they have a sugar-free coconut syrup.

16. Sugar-Free Strawberry Syrup

Sugar-free strawberry syrup is one of the fruity syrups at Dutch Bros – perfect for pairing with one of the tea options above.

17. Sugar-Free Peach Syrup

Peach syrup is another one of the fruity sugar-free syrups available at Dutch Bros. I personally think strawberry and peach combined is a killed flavor – especially when it’s sugar-free!

18. Sugar-Free Raspberry Syrup

The final fruity sugar-free syrup on the Dutch Bros menu is raspberry. I personally love raspberry and chocolate flavors mixed together – the tartness of raspberry cutting through the sweetness of chocolate just works! You can find out about what other sugar free syrups I think rock together here in the post I wrote – insert Dutch Bros flavor post.

19. Sugar-Free Hazelnut Syrup

If you love your sugar-free coffee with nutty notes to it then ask for a shot of sugar-free hazelnut syrup next time you are ordering in Dutch Bros.

20. Sugar-Free White Chocolate Syrup

The final sugar-free syrup on the Dutch Bros menu is an unusual one – sugar-free white chocolate syrup. You have gotta love the sheer number of unique sugar-free flavors on the Dutch Bros menu.

Low Sugar and Zero Sugar Drinks at Dutch Bros - Iced Coffee

Dutch Bros Sugar-Free Menu – The Final Bite

Dutch Bros Sugar-Free Menu. What have we learned from the above? Well, there are currently 20 sugar-free menu items at Dutch Bros. So, if you love Dutch Bros but want something sugar-free then they have you covered.

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