Lowest Sugar Coffees at Caffe Nero

The 10 Lowest Sugar Coffees at Caffe Nero – Below 5g of Sugar

The 10 lowest sugar coffees at Caffe Nero. In this post, I am going to share the lowest sugar coffee available from Caffe Nero. All the entries I share will contain below 5g of sugar. Located predominately in the Boston area and in the United Kingdom, Caffe Nero is an Italian-inspired coffee chain. Having grown up in the UK, Caffe Nero has always been one of my favorite coffee spots. But what exactly are the sugar-free and low-sugar options at Caffe Nero?

Does Caffe Nero Offer Lower Sugar Drinks?

Caffe Nero has a wide selection of low-sugar coffees. From espressos and Americanos to lattes to flat whites to Cortados, there is a low-sugar coffee for everyone at Caffe Nero. Two easy ways of reducing sugar content at Caffe Nero are to order regular size and order with soya milk.

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10 Lowest Sugar Coffees at Caffe Nero

In this section, I will list and rank the lower-sugar drinks available from Caffe Nero.

1. Espresso – 0g of Sugar

First, the OG zero sugar pick me up. A good old espresso. A shot of espresso at Caffe Nero is made from their Classic blend. It of course contains 0g of sugar.

2. Americano – 0g of Sugar

Another zero-sugar drink you can order from Caffe Nero is their Americano. An Americano is basically hot water poured over espresso – resulting in a long black coffee. There are two shots of espresso in the regular size Americano at Caffe Nero and three shots of espresso in the Grande size Americano at Caffe Nero. There is 0g of sugar in the Americano.

3. Espresso Con Panna – 0.3g of Sugar

An espresso Con Panna at Caffe Nero is a double shot of Caffe Nero’s Classico espresso topped with whipped cream. It contains just 0.3g of sugar.

4. Macchiato – 0.4g of Sugar

The macchiato at Caffe Nero consists of espresso with just a touch of milk foam on top. It contains just 0.4g of sugar.

5. Iced Americano – 0.5g of Sugar

If you like the sound of an Americano but want it cooled and chilled, then definitely try an iced Americano next time you are in Caffe Nero. It consists of two shots of espresso over ice. An iced Americano contains 0.5g of sugar.

6. Cortado – 3.1g of Sugar

The Cortado at Caffe Nero is a combination of 2:1 steamed milk to espresso, topped with a thin layer of micro-foam. The Cortado is automatically made with whole milk, and one contains 3.1g of sugar.

7. Regular Cappuccino with Soya – 3.2g of Sugar

If you love your coffee foamy and dusted in cocoa powder, then a cappuccino from Caffe Nero will be the coffee for you. If you order a regular size with soya milk, it will contain the least sugar at 3.2g of sugar. In comparison, if you order a Grande made with skimmed milk it will contain 9.6g of sugar. If you aren’t a fan of soya milk, then coconut is the next lowest sugar option followed by oat milk. Dairy milk has a higher sugar content than vegan milk due to the lactose in milk.

8. Regular Soya Latte – 4.3g of Sugar

If you love lattes, then it’s good to know that the lowest sugar latte option at Caffe Nero is a soya latte in its regular size. The Grande size obviously contains more sugar, as does a latte made with dairy milk. A regular Soya Latte contains 4.3g of sugar.

9. Iced Flat White Made with Soya – 4.5g of Sugar

An iced Flat White at Caffe Nero consists of foamed Nero Classico espresso poured over iced milk. If you order yours with soya milk it will contain 4.5g of sugar. An iced Flat White made with skimmed milk in comparison will contain 7.8g of sugar.

10. Soya Iced Latte – 4.5g of Sugar

An iced latte at Caffe Nero consists of “two shots of espresso, milk and a touch of sweetness, poured over ice cubes“. An iced latte from Caffe Nero made with soya milk contains 4.5g of sugar.

It is also always worth bearing in mind that adding “vegan creamy topping” to your Caffe Nero drink only adds 0.6g of sugar. Win!

Frequently Asked Questions – Sugar and Caffe Nero Drinks

Now I will deal with all those Frequently Asked Questions you have about the sugar content of Caffe Nero’s drinks.

How Much Sugar is in a Caffè Nero Latte?

Milk in Caffe Nero LatteSugar in Regular Caffe Nero LatteSugar in Grande Caffe Nero Latte
Semi skimmed7.2g12.6g

How Much Sugar is in Caffe Nero’s Chai Latte?

Milk In Caffe Nero Chai LatteSugar Caffe Nero Chai Latte
Semi skimmed25.5g

How Much Sugar is in a Cafe Nero Mocha?

Milk in Caffe Nero MochaSugar in Regular Caffe Nero MochaSugar in Grande Caffe Nero Mocha
Semi skimmed16.2g21.1g

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The 10 Lowest Sugar Coffees at Caffe Nero – Below 5g of Sugar – The Final Bite

The 10 lowest sugar coffees at Caffe Nero. What have we learned from the above? When it comes to coffee-related drinks Caffe Nero offers a good selection of lower sugar drinks. These will range from 0g to 4.5g of sugar per drink. If you are looking for a “milkier” drink and what to lower the sugar content, then always order your drink with Soya milk. Doing this can almost half the sugar content of your drink. Finally, enjoy your coffee because, in my opinion, Caffe Nero is one of the best coffee chains around.

And Remember…

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