The best sugar-free hard candies

14 Best Sugar-Free Hard Candies

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The best sugar-free hard candies. In this post, it is time to get that “sweet tooth” out again because I am going to be sharing and ranking 14 of the best sugar-free hard candies around. Growing up I loved a good Jolly Rancher – what kid doesn’t? However, hard candy is not the most-friendly treat if you are looking to watch your sugar intake. That’s why in this post, I wanted to share with you the best sugar-free hard candies available in grocery stores and online.

First, let’s answer the most important question: are sugar-free hard candies available?

What is the Best Sugar-Free Hard Candy?

There is a wide variety of sugar-free hard candies available, which are sweetened with Splenda, xylitol, sorbitol, erythritol, isomalt, or sucralose. As a general rule, the best sugar-free hard candies include candies from the following brands:

  • Dr John’s
  • PUR
  • Jolly Rancher
  • CrazyOutlet
  • Branch’s
  • Zollipops
  • Werther’s
  • Coastal Bay
  • Funtasty
  • Dad’s Root Beer
The best sugar-free hard candies - hard candies

14 Best Sugar-Free Hard Candies – Item-by-Item

In this section, I will go through each of the 14 sugar-free hard candies I listed above.

1. Dr. John’s Healthy Sweets Sugar-Free Fresh Fruit Hard Candies

Dr John’s sugar-free candies are sweetened with xylitol and erythritol. Their delectable fresh fruit hard candies come in apple, peach, pear, strawberry, and watermelon flavors. You can try these out on Amazon here.

Bonus – they are also fortified with nutrients and are a source of fiber.

2. PUR Mints Sugar-Free Mints

If you prefer mints to fruit candies, then definitely check out PUR sugar-free mints on Amazon. Not only are these mints sugar-free (they are sweetened with xylitol) – they are also vegan and keto friendly too.

3. Jolly Rancher Sugar-Free Hard Candy

Jolly Rancher is such a classic candy brand for powerful-tasting fruit candies. So, it’s great to know that Jolly Rancher also has a sugar-free range too. These sugar-free Jolly Ranchers come in watermelon, grape, apple & raspberry, and you can try them out from Amazon here.

4. CrazyOutlet Eda’s Sugar-Free Hard Candy

CrazyOutlets sugar-free hard candies are sweetened with sorbitol – sugar alcohol. CrazyOutlet’s tropical sugar-free candies come in grapefruit, mango, butter rum, pina colada, coconut, orange, and green apple. You can try this sugar-free tropical variety on Amazon here.

5. Brach’s Sugar-Free Cinnamon Hard Candy

Next up – a sugar-free cinnamon hard candy. If you want to get in the mood for Fall but without all the sugar, then definitely check out Brach’s sugar-free cinnamon hard candy on Amazon here.

6. Zollipops Clean Teeth Lollipops

Next – is a sugar-free hard lollipop. Lollipops are sweetened with xylitol and are hailed as ‘anticavity‘ as well as keto. You can try the natural fruit flavor from Amazon here.

7. Werther’s Sugar-Free Hard Candy Variety

If Werther’s original reminds you of your childhood, you may be pleased to know they have a sugar-free variety. Werther’s sugar-free hard candies come in caramel coffee and caramel and can be bought from Amazon here.

8. Coastal Bay Confections Sugar-Free Lemon Hard Candy

So far on this list, we have had tropical fruit, mint, caramel, and cinnamon-flavored hard candies to name a few. But how about a good ol’ citrus candy? A lemon sugar-free candy!

Lemon is my personal favorite candy flavor. Coastal Bay sugar-free lemon hard candy is sweetened with Splenda and has all the zesty ness you would want from a lemon candy minus the sugar. You can check them out on Amazon here.

9. Dr. John’s Healthy Sweets Sugar-Free Ultimate Collection Hard Candies

Next up, is another entry from Dr John’s Healthy Sweets, this time their ultimate collection. So, if you want a pack of sugar-free hard candies in an array of mystery flavors then this may be the bag for you. You can check them out on Amazon here.

10. Funtasty Assorted Sugar-Free Fruit Buttons Hard Candy

The next entry on this list comes from a company that has such an awesome name for a candy brand – Funtasty!

Funtasty sugar-free hard candies are sweetened with isomalt and sucralose. The fruit flavors consist of Orange, Lemon, Lime, Grape, and Cherry. You can try them on Amazon here.

11. Coastal Bay Sugar-Free Butterscotch Flavored Hard Candy

Next up – a sugar-free butterscotch hard candy entry. Coastal Bay sugar-free butterscotch candies are sweetened with Splenda – all the Butterscotch vibes, none of the sugar. You can find them on Amazon here.

12. Funtasty Sugar-Free Hard Candy Butter Rum Flavor

Next, is another sugar-free candy from Funtasy. This time it’s a more adult flavor – their butter rum. You can try Funtasys butter rum sugar-free hard candies from Amazon here.

13. No Sugar Dad’s Root Beer Barrels

If a sugar-free Dad’s root beer hard candy sounds like your kind of thing, then definitely check them out on Amazon here. Root beer can be a bit of an acquired taste, but if you love the drink then these are the candies for you.

14. Brach’s Sugar-Free Star Brites Peppermint Hard Candy

The final entry on this list is another sugar-free hard mint. This time it is a sugar-free peppermint from Brach. You can get these perfect for the holiday season treats from Amazon here.

The best sugar-free hard candies - hard candy

The Best Sugar-Free Hard Candies – The Final Bite

The best sugar-free hard candies. What have we learned from the above? Well, when it comes to hard candies you don’t have to compromise if you are looking for a zero-sugar treat. There are plenty of zero-sugar hard candy brands available on the market. Best of all, they come in a variety of flavors whether you are looking for something fruit (Jolly Rancher’s sugar-free), something minty (Brach’s or PUR’s), or something caramel (Werther’s) – there is a sugar-free hard candy out there to please every inner child.

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