Best Zero Sugar and Low Sugar Jellies and Jams

14 Best Zero Sugar & Low Sugar Jellies & Jams

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The best zero sugar and low sugar jellies and jams. In this post, it is time to get out that “sweet tooth” because I am going to be sharing and ranking the 14 best zero sugar and low sugar jellies and jams. Essential whether you want a PB&J or are just looking to spread some jam on that morning toast. Jam and jellies can be a delicious, sweet treat – one that is also packed with sugar. In fact, the main ingredient is sugar. That’s why if you are looking to keep your sugar content low it is good to know about some of the sugar-free and lower-sugar jellies available in grocery stores.

First, and most importantly, which Jelly has the least amount of sugar?

Which Jelly Has the Least Sugar?

As a general rule, some of the lowest sugar jellies include:

  • ChocZero’s Keto Jam Preserves;
  • Skinnygirl Sugar Free Preserves;
  • Nature’s Hollow Jam Preserves;
  • Walden Farms Jam; and
  • Polaner Preserves Sugar Free Jam.

All the above contain 0g of sugar per serving (tablespoon).

Best Zero Sugar and Low Sugar Jellies and Jams - marmalade

14 Best Zero Sugar and Low Sugar Jellies and Jams – Ranked

The below sugar contents are per serving recommended by each jelly brand (1 tablespoon).

14 Best Jellies and Jams – Item-by-Item

In this section, I will go through each of the jams and jellies listed in the above table.

1. ChocZero’s Keto Jam Preserves – 0g of Sugar

ChocZero’s jellies are naturally sweetened with monk fruit and are keto friendly. Each serving contains 0g of sugar. You can try ChocZero’s strawberry jelly from Amazon here.

2. Skinnygirl Sugar Free Preserves – 0g of Sugar

The flavors of Skinnygirl’s sugar-free preserves are cocktail inspired. For example, there is strawberry rose (Available on Amazon here), apricot mimosa (Available on Amazon here), blackberry mule (Available on Amazon here), merlot grape (Available on Amazon here), and raspberry Bellini (Available on Amazon here).

3. Nature’s Hollow Jam Preserves – 0g of Sugar

Natured Hollow’s jellies are sweetened with xylitol and erythritol and contain 0g of sugar per serving. These jellies are also non-GMO, keto-friendly, vegan, and gluten-free. You can check out their apricot Verizon on Amazon here.

You can also try it in blueberry on Amazon here and Mountain Berry on Amazon here.

4. Walden Farms Jam – 0g of Sugar

Walden Farms is trying to help make “healthy taste delicious” with its sugar-free fruit spreads. Their jams also contain 0 calories per serving as well as 0g of sugar. If you would like to try their strawberry, blueberry, and raspberry jams you can check out their variety pack on Amazon here.

There is also apple butter (Available on Amazon here) and marmalade available (Available on Amazon here).

5. Polaner Preserves Sugar-Free Jam with Fiber – 0g of Sugar

If a sugar-free jelly that is also a source of fiber is what you are looking for, then definitely check out Polaner preserves. You can try their strawberry preserve from Instacart here.

6. Good Good Jellies – 1g of Sugar

Good Good jellies are alcohol sugar-sweetened and are also keto friendly. Good Good jellies come in an array of flavors including concord grape (Available on Amazon here), blackcurrant (Available on Amazon here), and forest fruit (Available on Amazon here). Oh, the packaging is also super cute.

7. Chia Smash Jam – 2g of Sugar

Chia Smash is an awesome jelly brand that makes its jellies from upcycled fruit. Their jams are also date-sweetened and only contain 2g of sugar per serving. Each of their jellies is just made from 4 real ingredients. I have included the amazon links for you to check out their awesome jelly flavors below

Strawberry – Available on Amazon here.

Raspberry – Available on Amazon here.

Cherry Pomegranate – Available on Amazon here.

Blueberry – Available on Amazon here.

8. Schergers Kettle – 4g of Sugar

Schergers Kettle jam is Amish made and made one batch at a time.  Their red raspberry jam contains 4g of sugar per serving and can be bought from Amazon here. Best of all their jams contain at least 70% fruit. Wow, that’s impressive fruit content.

9. Smucker’s Reduced Sugar Fruit Spread – 5g of Sugar

Smucker’s reduced sugar fruit spread “contains 50% less total sugar than regular fruit spread“. Smucker’s reduced sugar spreads contain 5g of sugar per serving. You can try out their squeezable strawberry spread from Amazon here.

If you prefer your jam in a jar and concord grape flavored, then check out their reduced sugar jar concord grape variety on Amazon here.

10. Welch’s Reduced Sugar Concord Grape Jelly – 6g of Sugar

Welch’s must be one of the best know squeezable fruit spreads out there. Well, even Welches have a reduced sugar version, which contains 6g of sugar per serving. You can find their reduced sugar concord grape jelly on Amazon here.

11. Bionaturae Organic Strawberry Fruit Spread – 6g of Sugar

If an Italian-made 100% organic fruit spread sounds like your kind of jam (see what I did there) then definitely check out Bionaturae organic strawberry fruit spread on Amazon here. Bionaturae contains 6g of sugar per serving.

12. LOOV Organic Wild Blueberry Jam – 7g of Sugar

LOOV organic wild blueberry jam is made from whole wild blueberries handpicked from Nordic Forests. It contains no added sugar, and each serving contains 7g of naturally occurring sugar. You can try it from Amazon here.

13. Rigoni di Asiago Fiordifrutta Organic Fruit Spread – 7g of Sugar

Rigoni di Asiago Fiordifrutta Organic Fruit Spread is organic and made 100% from fruit. Each serving contains 7g of sugar. You can try their raspberry spread from Amazon here.

14. Smoke Camp Crafts – 8g of Sugar

This vegan honey substitute is made from hand-harvested dandelions. A serving contains 8g of sugar. You can try it out from Amazon here.

JellySugar Content Per Serving
Skinnygirl Sugar Free0g
Nature’s Hollow0g
Walden Farms0g
Polaner Preserves Sugar-Free0g
Good Good1g
Chia Smash2g
Schergers Kettle4g
Smucker’s Reduced Sugar5g
Welch’s Reduced Sugar6g
Rigoni di Asiago Fiordifrutta7g
Smoke Camp Crafts8g

Best Zero Sugar and Low Sugar Jellies and Jams - toast and jam

14 Best Zero Sugar & Low Sugar Jellies & Jams – The Final Bite

The best zero sugar and low sugar jellies and jams. What have we learned from the above? Well, when it comes to that craving for a PB&J there is some good news if you are watching your sugar intake. That is because there are plenty of zero-sugar jellies and jams available. And yes, there are also lots of sugar-free peanut butters available. You can easily find peanut butter made just from dry roasted peanuts and sea salt. You will never have to go without a PB&J ever again.

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