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16 Lowest Sugar Donuts at Dunkin’

16 lowest sugar donuts at Dunkin’ Donuts. In this post, I am going to share with you the low-sugar donut options at Dunkin’ (formerly known as Dunkin’ Donuts). We all love a Donut from time to time. In fact in the USA according to a poll by Statista over 200 million Americans said that they do eat donuts. So, what do you do if you are: (a) a fan of donuts; (b) like donuts from Dunkin’; and (c) want to watch your sugar intake? Well, the good news is that not all donuts at Dunkin’ are necessarily off the menu for you.

The sugar content of Dunkin’s donuts ranges from a mere 10g to 37g. So, the donut you choose makes a big difference. In this post, I want to let you know about the 16 donuts at Dunkin with the lowest amount of sugar. These donuts range from 10g-14g of sugar.

But first…what is the sugar content of Donuts at Dunkin’?

What is the Sugar Content of Donuts at Dunkin’?

The sugar content of the donuts at Dunkin’ varies from donut to donut. The donuts with the lowest sugar content at Dunkin’ are the lemon, old fashioned, French cruller and apple n spice which contain 10 grams of sugar.

Before I share my 16 lower sugar donut recommendations, I want to answer some frequently asked questions when it comes to sugar at Dunkin’ Donuts.

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Frequently Asked Questions – Sugar at Dunkin’

How Much Sugar Is In A Dunkin Donut?

As a general rule, the sugar content of a Dunkin’ donut varies depending on the donut. The sugar content of Dunkin’s lowest sugar donuts such as the lemon, apple n spice, old fashioned and French cruller only contain 10 grams of sugar. In comparison, the sugar content of Dunkin’s highest sugar donut, the jelly glazed stick, is 37 grams.

Which Dunkin Donut Has the Least Sugar?

The lemon, apple n spice, old fashioned and French cruller donuts at Dunkin’ are the lowest sugar donuts at 10g of sugar.

16 Dunkin Donuts with The Least Sugar

Dunkin’ DonutSugar Content (Total Grams of Sugar Per Donut)
Apple n spice donut10g
Bavarian Kreme donut11g
Chocolate creme donut14g
Chocolate frosted donut13g
Cinnamon donut13g
French cruller10g
Glazed donut13g
Guava donut12g
Jelly donut13g
Lemon donut10g
Maple frosted donut14g
Old fashioned donut10g
Plain stick13g
Powdered donut14g
Strawberry frosted donut14g
Sugared donut (*currently discontinued)5g

The above table lists the 16 donuts in alphabetical order. But I will go through the donuts in ascending order of sugar content.

Low Sugar Donuts Dunkin - Dunkin Donuts tray

The 16 Lower Sugar Donuts at Dunkin’

1. Sugared Donut – 5g of Sugar *discontinued*

Ironically the only Dunkin’ donut with the word “sugar” in the name is the lowest in terms of sugar content.

I was surprised by the sugar content of this one. I guess it is because it is mainly made up of dough – the lack of any filling, flavoring, or frosting gives the sugared donut the crown of the lowest sugar option donut at Dunkin’. A mere 5 grams of sugar is impressive for a donut.

It’s a simple classic donut – but perfect for dipping in your coffee. Especially once you know the sugar content.


2. Lemon Donut – 10g of Sugar

If you are looking for a tart and refreshing lower sugar donut at Dunkin’ then the lemon it is.

Just make sure to note that the lemon donut is not the same as the glazed lemon donut which has almost double the amount of sugar as the regular lemon at 19g. The increase in sugar content is due to all that sugar glaze.

The lemon stick at Dunkin’ packs an even heftier punch in the sugar department at 24 grams.

If you love a lemon donut but are watching your sugar intake the lemon donut at Dunkin’ is the one for you.

3. Apple n Spice – 10g of Sugar

All the Fall flavor you could wish for in a donut. If apple-flavored donuts are what you crave but you want a lower sugar option then definitely go for the apple n spice donut at Dunkin’. The other apple-flavored donuts at Dunkin’ (French Apple, Apple Fritter, Apple Crumb, Apple Stick, and Apple Streusel) range from 17 grams to 24 grams in sugar content.

4. Old Fashioned – 10g of Sugar

The old-fashioned is a simple no-frills donut. This classic ring-shaped donut clocks in at just 10 grams of sugar.

5. French Cruller – 10g of Sugar

Another Dunkin’ donut with just 10 grams of sugar. This one is super easy to spot as it is pin-wheeled shaped.

If you are tempted to go for the chocolate-dipped French Cruller (your thought processed being “how much extra sugar can a bit of chocolate dip add?”) – just be aware the chocolate dip doubles the sugar content to 20 grams.

6. Bavarian Kreme Donut – 11g of Sugar

If your donut craving comes in the form of a donut with a creamy custardy center, then the Bavarian Kreme donut at Dunkin’ is the one for you.

The Bavarian Kreme donut doesn’t have the chocolate frosted top (like the Boston Kreme donut) which keeps the sugar content down. Dunkin’s Boston Kreme donut in comparison contains 18 grams of sugar.

7. Guava – 12g of Sugar

The only guava-flavored donut on the Dunkin’ menu has a relatively low sugar content of 12 grams. This is lower than a lot of the other donuts on the menu as the guava itself doesn’t pack a huge amount in the sugar department.

If a lower sugar tropical fruit flavor donut is what you are heading to Dunkin for – the guava donut it is then.

8. Plain Stick – 13g of Sugar

Admittedly this donut sounds the least exciting. I mean plain stick doesn’t exactly sound enticing right? Well, this plain Stick has a few things going for it:

  • It has a lower sugar content than a lot of the donuts at Dunkin’ at 13 grams.
  • Its shape makes it great for dunking in coffee.

This stick donut is the best lower sugar stick donut on the menu at Dunkin’. The other sticks range from 16g-37g. The next best stick donuts in terms of sugar content are the powdered stick and the cinnamon stick which both contain 16 grams of sugar.

9. Chocolate Frosted Donut – 13g of Sugar

The chocolate frosted donut at Dunkin’ is a classic. It is also good to know that the chocolate option isn’t always the highest in sugar, with the chocolate frosted donut coming in at 13 grams of sugar. The chocolate frosted donut is the lowest sugar chocolate donut on the menu at Dunkin’.

10. Cinnamon Donut – 13g of Sugar

A classic donut. The cinnamon donut is particularly yummy and cozy in the Fall. The cinnamon stick in comparison has a slightly higher sugar content at 16g.

11. Glazed Donut – 13g of Sugar

If you love a simple donut, then the glazed donut may be the Dunkin’ Donut for you. As a general rule, Dunkin’ glazed donuts tend to have higher sugar content. This means it is good to know that the classic glazed Dunkin donut is relatively lower in sugar content at 13 grams.

12. Jelly Donut – 13g of Sugar

The jelly donut is another classic Dunkin’ donut that isn’t high in the sugar department. If you love jelly donuts but are watching your sugar content, then definitely go for the jelly donut over the jelly glazed stick. The latter has almost three times as much sugar.

13. Maple Frosted Donut – 14g of Sugar

Probably my second favorite type of donut. The Maple Frosted Donut comes in at 14g of sugar. If you love maple-flavored donuts make sure to pick up the Maple Frosted Donut at Dunkin’ and not the maple creme stick which contains a whopping 34 grams of sugar.

14.  Powdered Donut – 14g of Sugar

Another simple one. This is the donut with a hole in the middle and lots of white powdered sugar on it.

How do you tell the difference between the sugared and the powdered donut? The powdered is covered in a lot of white icing like sugar. The sugared donut in comparison just has a sprinkling of granulated sugar on it.

15. Strawberry Frosted Donut – 14g of Sugar

All strawberry donut fans out there – rejoice because the strawberry frosted donut is at the lower end of the sugar spectrum at Dunkin.

This would be our five-year-old’s choice – she always chooses her food based on color. And if pink is an option, then she goes for it. Just be careful to order the strawberry frosted and not the glazed strawberry, which has a higher sugar content at 23g.

I am quite surprised at the sugar difference between a glazed strawberry donut and a frosted strawberry donut. I guess the difference comes partially in the fact that glaze goes all over a donut whereas frosting is just on the top layer. Also, the frosting is creamier and thicker whereas the glaze is sweeter, and more sugar based.

If you love sprinkles on your strawberry frosted donut, then this will add another 2g of sugar – the strawberry frosted sprinkles’ sugar content is 16g.

16. Chocolate Creme Donut – 14g of Sugar

If a creamy gooey center in a donut is what you crave, then there is another lower sugar option for you at Dunkin’ along with the Bavarian Kreme. This time it is the Chocolate Crème Donut.

I was quite surprised this one was a lower sugar option as a donut filled with chocolate creme sounds indulgent.

Considering the Dunkin’ chocolate butternut is one of the donuts with the highest sugar content at 35g – that is two and a half times the sugar content of the chocolate crème. So, if a chocolatey creamy donut is your thing but you are watching your sugar content then definitely go for the chocolate creme over the chocolate butternut.

How Much Sugar is in a Dunkin Donut Munchkin?

Dunkin’s munchkins are basically small donut hole treats. But how much sugar is in them?

As a general rule, there is 2g-6g of sugar in each Dunkin’ Donut Munchkin, depending on the flavor. The old-fashioned, powdered, and cinnamon munchkins just contain 2 grams of sugar. The cornbread munchkin, in comparison, contains 6 grams of sugar.

I have summarized all the sugar content for the Munchkins in the table below for you. It turns out the old-fashioned, powdered, and cinnamon Dunkin munchkins, much like their full-sized counterparts are the lowest sugar munchkin options at Dunkin.

Total Sugar Content Dunkin Munchkins (Grams)Munchkins
2gOld fashioned
4gGlazed old fashioned
Glazed Chocolate
5gGlazed blueberry

Low Sugar Donuts Dunkin - The Final Bite

Low Sugar Donuts at Dunkin’ – The Final Bite

What are the low Sugar Donuts at Dunkin’? Well, as a general rule, a lot of the classic donuts at Dunkin’ have lower sugar content. But the more fancy and indulgent sounding Dunkin’ donut you choose, the higher it will be in sugar. That doesn’t mean you can’t have a donut, but just that if you are looking for a lower sugar donut, you may have to pick a “simpler” one.

If you are craving a flavored donut with lower sugar, then the Apple n Spice, Old Fashioned, French Cruller or Lemon Donuts at Dunkin’ are your best options at 10g sugar content.

The donut you choose makes such a difference!

And Remember…

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