20 of The Best Sugar-Free Jell-Os and Gelatins

The best sugar-free jellos and gelatins. Jell-O and gelatin. That’s right it is time to get wobbling because I am going to be talking about the sugar of that brightly colored wobbly stuff that gets whipped out at kids’ birthday parties and at hospital stays. Now, believe it or not, regular Jell-O and gelatin can be high in sugar so what are the best sugar-free Jell-Os and gelatins out there? That is the question I am going to be answering in this post.

I will be sharing with you 20 of the best sugar-free Jell-Os and gelatins out there and ranking them based on sugar content. Just think of all the wobbly sugar-free fun you are going to get to have.

What are the Best Sugar-Free Jell-Os and Gelatins out there?

As a general rule, the best sugar-free gelatins out there are:

  • Jell-O sugar-free range;
  • Royal sugar-free gelatin;
  • Simply Delish sugar-free plant-based jells;
  • Snack Pack sugar-free cherry juicy gels;
  • Starburst sugar-free gelatin; and
  • Fitwise strawberry banana high protein jello.
Best sugar-free and low sugar Jell-O and Gelatins - Sugar-Free Jell-O

Sugar-Free Jell-O

Okay, so unless you have been living under a rock, you will have heard of Jell-O. It’s pretty much the market leader in the gelatin space. But did you know that Jell-O has a whole range of sugar-free Jell-Os that come in a wide variety of flavors?

Yes, you read that correctly.

Sugar-free Jell-O!

Sugar-free Jell-O contains 0g of sugar per serving and instead of sugar, they are sweetened with aspartame and potassium acesulfame.

The delicious array of flavors that sugar-free Jel-o comes in includes:

1. Jell-O Black Cherry Sugar-Free Gelatin

Black cherry – for those of you who love dark sweet cherry Jell-O. You can find sugar-free black cherry Jell-O on Amazon here.

2. Jell-O Cherry Sugar-Free Gelatin

If you prefer your Jell-O to be just of the regular old cherry variety (aka not dark) then Jell-O also makes a sugar-free cherry gelatin.

Sugar-free cherry gelatin can be found on Amazon here.

3. Jell-O Strawberry Flavor Sugar-Free Gelatin

Strawberry is the classic of all flavors especially when it comes to Jell-O. I mean have you ever met a kid who doesn’t like strawberry flavor? I know it’s my daughters’ favorite flavor for sure.

You can find sugar-free strawberry Jell-O on Amazon here.

4. Jell-O Raspberry Sugar-Free Gelatin

If you prefer a tart berry Jell-O over a sweet berry, then Jell-O sugar-free raspberry Jell-O may be for you. You can find sugar-free raspberry Jell-O on Amazon here.

5. Jell-O Lemon Sugar-Free Gelatin

An even tarter flavor that sugar-free Jell-O comes in is lemon. All the tart sour sugar-free vibes.

You can find sugar-free lemon Jell-O on Amazon here.

6. Jell-O Orange Sugar-Free Gelatin

Another citrus flavor that sugar-free Jell-O is available in is orange. You can find sugar-free orange Jell-O on Amazon here.

7. Jell-O Lime Sugar-Free Gelatin

The final tarty sugar-free Jell-O flavor is lime. This would be great to use in a lower-sugar lime pie. You can find sugar-free lime Jell-O on Amazon here.

8. Jell-O Peach Sugar-Free Gelatin

The final sugar-free Jell-O flavor is a delicate one – peach. If you want some sugar-free peach Jell-O you can find it on Amazon here.

Best sugar-free and low sugar Jell-O and Gelatins - Jelly

Royal Gelatin

The other main sugar-free gelatin brand comes from Royal. Royal sugar-free gelatin doesn’t come in quite as many flavors as Jell-O but it still comes in a decent selection of flavors.

9. Royal Raspberry Sugar-Free Gelatin

First up is Raspberry which can be found on Amazon here. Just like sugar-free Jell-O, sugar-free Royal gelatin is sweetened with aspartame and acesulfame potassium and contains 0g of sugar per serving.

10. Royal Lime Sugar-Free Gelatin

Royal does not make sugar-free lemon gelatin so if you are looking for a tart citrus flavor then your best bet is lime. You can find Royal sugar-free lime gelatin on Amazon here.

11. Royal Orange Sugar-Free Gelatin

Another tart citrus flavor that Royal’s sugar-free range comes in is orange. You can find Royal sugar-free orange gelatin on Amazon here.

12. Royal Strawberry Sugar-Free Gelatin

The strawberry flavor is probably the most delicate (and popular) of Royal’s sugar-free flavors. Royal’s sugar-free strawberry gelatin can be found on Amazon here.

13. Royal Cherry Sugar-Free Gelatin

Finally, for all you cherry lovers Royal makes a sugar-free cherry version of the gelatin which can be found on Amazon here.

Simply Delish

Next up, if you are looking for a vegan and sugar-free jel then look no further than Simply Delish natural jel.

14. Simply Delish Natural Peach Jel

Simply Delish’s natural jel is sweetened with stevia and erythritol and contains 0g of sugar per serving. You can find Simply Delish’s natural peach jel on Amazon here.

15. Simply Delish Natural Raspberry Jel

A tartier flavor that Simply Delish’s plant-based jel can be found in is raspberry. You can treat yourself to Simply Delish’s raspberry plant-based jel on Amazon here.

16. Simply Delish Natural Strawberry Jel

Simply Delish also comes in strawberry (obvs!). The strawberry flavor can be found on Amazon here.

17. Simply Delish Natural Orange Jel

Finally, the only non-berry flavor that Simply Delish comes in is orange. So, if you are more of a citrus lover, rather than a berry lover, you can find Simply Delish natural orange Jel on Amazon here.

Other Brands

Other sugar-free brands you can find include Snack Pack, Starburst, and Fitwise. All of which I provide further details below.

18. Snack Pack Sugar-Free Cherry Juicy Gels

If you are looking for sugar-free pre-made gelatin (like a premade Snack Pack you can throw in a lunch box) then look no further than Snack Pack’s Sugar-Free Cherry Juicy Gels.

These pre-made jells are sweetened with sucralose, maltitol, and acesulfame potassium and contain 0g of sugar per serving.

These pre-made gels can be found on Amazon here.

19. Starburst Gelatin Sugar-Free Variety Pack

Starburst even makes sugar-free gelatin. How cool is that!

Starburst’s sugar-free gelatin is sweetened with aspartame and acesulfame potassium.

You can find a variety pack of Starburst’s sugar-free gelatin on Amazon here. This variety pack consists of 3 flavors – Blue Raspberry, All Pink, and Cherry.

20. Fitwise Strawberry Banana High Protein Jello

So far on this list, we have only had a single flavor sugar free gelatin. But what about if you want a sugar-free gelatin with a couple of flavor notes to it?

Enter Fitwise sugar-free strawberry banana Jello. This jello is sweetened with sucralose and contains 0g of sugar per serving.

It is even high in protein. Win!

You can find Fitwise strawberry banana Jello on Amazon here.


Sugar-Free Jell-O and Gelatin F&Q

Is There a No Sugar Jell-O?

Jell-O makes a sugar-free version of their Jell-O which comes in cherry, black cherry, lemon, lime, orange, raspberry, strawberry, and peach flavors.

What Sweetener is in Sugar-Free Jell-O?

Sugar-free Jell-O is sweetened with aspartame and acesulfame potassium.

Does Sugar-Free Jell-O Contain Carbs?

Sugar-free Jell-O does not contain carbs.

What Is Sugar-Free Gelatin Made Of?

Sugar-free gelatin is made of the same ingredients as regular gelatin, but it contains sweeteners such as aspartame, acesulfame potassium, sucralose, maltitol, stevia, and/or erythritol instead of sugar.

Best sugar-free and low sugar Jell-O and Gelatins - Jellies

20 of The Best Sugar-Free Jell-Os and Gelatins – The Final Bite

The best sugar-free Jell-Os and gelatins. Can you get sugar-free Jell-O and gelatins? The answer is absolutely yes. In fact, not only can you get sugar-free Jell-O and gelatin, but you can get them in a whole variety of flavors. Now, Jell-O is the leading player in the market and has the largest selection of sugar-free flavors. However, there is a selection of brands that offer something for everyone. There are even plant-based and vegan options from Simply Delish. Party times will never be the same again.

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