Does Panda Express Contain a Lot of Sugar

Does Panda Express Contain a Lot of Sugar?

Does Panda Express contain a lot of sugar? In this post, I am going to be sharing the sugar content of all the menu items available from Panda Express. In it, I will go through the sugar content of Panda Express sides, Entrees, Meats, Soups, Sauces, Appetizers, and Sweets. I will also share some of the zero-sugar drinks available from this popular Asian-inspired cuisine chain. So, if you love orange chicken this is the post for you.

But first, how much sugar is there in Panda Express?

What is the sugar content of Panda Express?

As a general rule, the sugar content of Panda Express’ entrees ranges from a mere 2g up to 24g of sugar. There are lower sugar (2g-8g) beef, shrimp, chicken, and veggie entrees at Panda Express – so there is a lower sugar option to suit everyone. Panda Express also has a selection of 9 sugar-free drinks.

Sugar Content of Panda Express’ Sides

Panda Express SideSugar
White steamed0g
Brown rice1g
Fried rice3g
Super greens4g
Chow fun6g
Chow mein9g

If you are looking for lower sugar sides at Panda Express, then avoid the two sides with “chow” in the name i.e. “chow fun” and “chow mein” as these contain the most sugar. The steamed white rice is the lowest sugar Panda Express side (0g), followed by brown rice (1g), fried rice (3g), and super greens (4g).

Sugar Content of Panda Express’ Entrees

Panda Express EntreesSugar Content
Super Greens2g
Potato Chicken4g
Mushroom Chicken5g
String bean Chicken5g
Steamed Ginger Fish6g
Kung Pao Chicken6g
Black Pepper Chicken7g
Black Pepper Angus Steak7g
Broccoli Beef7g
Honey Walnut Shrimp8g
Grilled Teriyaki Chicken9g
Grilled Asian Chicken9g
Teriyaki Chicken10g
Asian Chicken10g
Golden Treasure Shrimp14g
Wok Fried Shrimp15g
Honey Sesame Chicken16g
Eggplant Tofu17g
Orange Chicken19g
Sweetfire Chicken19g
Beijing Beef21g
Sweet and Sour Chicken24g

Does Panda Express Contain a Lot of Sugar - rice bowl

Lowest Sugar Panda Express Veggie Entree

If you are veggie the super greens (2g sugar per entree serving) is a better option than eggplant tofu (17g of sugar) in terms of sugar content.

*I was a bit confused as to why the super greens side contained double the sugar content of the super green entree. Turns out it is because the super green entree is half the size (3.5oz) of a super green side (7oz). In case you were wondering*

Lowest Sugar Panda Express Chicken Entrees

If you love chicken, then the potato chicken the is lowest sugar chicken option at Panda Express at 4g of sugar.

The string bean chicken, mushroom chicken, kung pao, and black pepper are all also lower sugar options at 5g-7g of sugar.

If you are looking for a lower sugar chicken entree at Panda Express then avoid the Honey Sesame Chicken, Orange Chicken, Sweetfire Chicken, and Sweet & Sour Chicken, which contain 16g-24g of sugar per entree serving.

How Much Sugar is in Panda Express Orange Chicken?

There are 19g of sugar in a Panda Express Orange Chicken Entree.

Lowest Sugar Beef Panda Express Entrees

Both the Broccoli Beef and the Black Pepper Angus Steak contain 7g of sugar. If you want a lower sugar beef entree at Panda Express, then avoid the Beijing Beef which contains 21g of sugar in an entree serving.

Lowest Sugar Shrimp Panda Express Entrees

The Honey Walnut Shrimp is the lowest sugar shrimp entree at Panda Express at 8g of sugar. The Golden Treasure Shrimp and Wok Fried Shrimp are higher in sugar at 14g and 15g of sugar respectively.

Sugar Content of Panda Express Appetizers

Panda Express AppetizersSugar Content
Vegetable Spring Rolls (2 rolls)0g
Cream Cheese Rangoon (3 pieces)1g
Chicken Egg Roll2g
Chicken Potstickers (3 pieces)2g

All the Panda Express appetizers are low in sugar. The Vegetable Spring Rolls are the lowest sugar appetizer at 0g of sugar.

Sugar Content of Panda Express Sauces

Panda Express SauceSugar Content
Soy Sauce0g
Hot Mustard0g
Chili Sauce2g
Potsticker Sauce2g
Plum Sauce3g
Teriyaki Sauce14g
Sweet & Sour Sauce20g

If you are looking for lower-sugar sauces at Panda Express, then stay away from the teriyaki and sweet & sour sauces. None of the other sauces (soy, hot mustard, chili, potsticker, or plum) are going to drastically increase your sugar consumption.

Sugar Content of Panda Express Sweets

Panda Express SweetsSugar Content
Fortune Cookie2g
Tree Top Apple Crisps7g
Chocolate Chunk Cookie14g

If you fancy a fortune cookie after your Panda Express meal it is great to know one only contains 2g of sugar.

Sugar Content of Panda Express Soups

There is one soup currently on the Panda Express menu – hot & sour soup. There are 4g of sugar in a cup of Panda Express hot & sour soup, and 6g of sugar in a bowl.

Zero Sugar Drinks at Panda Express

Panda Express has a wide variety of zero-sugar teas on the menu, including black tea, lemon green tea, unsweetened tea, and passion fruit mango black tea.

The 9 zero sugar drinks currently on the Panda Express menu are:

  1. Black tea
  2. Passion fruit mango black tea
  3. Gold Peak premium unsweetened tea
  4. Lemon green tea
  5. Diet Coke
  6. Coca-Cola Zero sugar
  7. Glaceau vitamin water squeezed zero
  8. Minute Maid light lemonade
  9. Sprite zero

If you are watching your sugar intake then stay away from a large Powerade Fruit Punch, which contains 250g of sugar, and opt for one of the above zero sugar drinks.

Does Panda Express Contain a Lot of Sugar - bowl

Does Panda Express Contain a Lot of Sugar? The Final Bite

Does Panda Express contain a lot of sugar? What have we learned from the above? Well, when it comes to the sugar content of your Panda Express order it really depends on what you order. Always choose the white steamed rice (0g of sugar) and pick one of the entrees I list above that contain 2g to 7g of sugar. If you want a side pick some of the spring rolls which contain 0g of sugar and avoid any Sweet and Sour or Teriyaki sauce.

Finally, don’t forget you can still have your fortune cookie – they only come in at 2g of sugar per cookie (or you can just crack it open for the fortune – that contains 0g of sugar and 100% fortune).

And Remember…

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Ingredients and/or manufacturing processes may change. Always double-check ingredient lists and nutritional information before purchasing any food items.


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