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Low Sugar and Zero Sugar Drinks from Peet’s

Low Sugar Drinks at Peet’s. That’s right – Peet’s. In this post, I am going to be sharing with you all the low-sugar and zero-sugar drinks available from Peet’s Coffee Chains. In it, I will list 13 of the lowest sugar drinks at Peet’s as well as some Frequently Asked Questions when it comes to sugar and Peet’s drinks. Fun fact – did you know that Peet’s was started by the original founders of Starbucks? Yep, that’s right the founders of Starbucks sold the brand to Howard Schultz (who turned it into the brand it is today) and instead founded Peet’s. Also, separately Peet’s has some of the strongest coffee going. If you need some caffeine, Peet’s is the place to go.

With that out of the way, let’s start with the most important questions – what are the lowest sugar drinks at Peet’s?

What are the Lowest Sugar Drinks at Peet’s?

Below is a table that shows the lowest sugar drinks at Peet’s.

As a general rule, there are quite a few zero-sugar drinks available from Peet’s. Lower sugar options include the small oat cappuccino, small oat latte, small cold brew with cinnamon oat, small iced cappuccino, and small iced almond latte – these all contain 2g to 7g of sugar.

Peet’s DrinkSugar Content
Small Oat Cappuccino2g
Small Oat Latte4g
Loose Leaf Tea0g
Small Cold Brew with Cinnamon Oat7g
Small Iced Soy Cappuccino5g
Small Iced Almond Latte6g
Iced Espresso0g
Cold Brew0g
Iced Green Tea0g
Small Oat Iced Latte with Sugar-Free Vanilla0g

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Low Sugar Drinks at Peet’s – Drink- by-Drink

In this section, I will go through each of the above drinks listed in the table above. I put in *asterisk* exactly what you have to substitute in the drink to create the lower sugar version.

1. Small Oat Traditional Cappuccino – 2g of Sugar

*Substitute dairy milk for oat milk*

A small soy traditional cappuccino contains just 2g of sugar.

This is very low for milk and espresso-based drinks. If oat milk isn’t your thing, then it is also great to know that there are only 3g of sugar in a small coconut cappuccino and still only 4g of sugar in a small almond cappuccino. A small dairy cappuccino from Peet’s has higher sugar content at 5-6g of sugar.

When ordering you want to make sure you are ordering a traditional cappuccino and not the Havana cappuccino which contains 31g of sugar in a small and is made with whole or non-fat. Even a small Havana cappuccino made with oat contains 25g of sugar.

2. Espresso – 0g of Sugar

*Order as is*

Espresso is the perfect short sugar-free pick-me-up at every coffee shop. Peet’s is no exception. Peet’s hand-pulled espresso forte has opening notes of hazelnut followed by citrus zest and caramel.

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3. Americano – 0g of Sugar

*Order as is*

An Americano is essentially hot water poured over an espresso. All the caffeine – none of the sugar. This Americano has all the malty hazelnut notes, but none of the sugar.

4. Coffee of the Day – 0g of Sugar

*Order as is*

Peet’s routinely offers a different selection of coffee styles and beans. They are also brewed fresh every 30 mins throughout the day. And of course, they contain zero sugar.

5. Small Oat Milk Cafe Latte – 4g of Sugar

*Substitute dairy milk for oat milk*

Rich Espresso Forte meets smooth steamed creamy oat milk and is topped with a layer of silky oat foam. The best part? It only contains 4g of sugar.

6. Mighty Leaf Loose Leaf Tea – 0g of Sugar

*Order as is*

If tea is your preferred drink, then definitely order a luxurious cup of mighty leaf Loose Leaf Tea next time you are in Peet’s. These teas are artisan-crafted and flavor-forward teas. It’s so nice to have a tea option other than just bagged tea. And, of course, a cup contains 0g of sugar.

7. Small Cold Brew with Sweet Cinnamon Oat Foam – 7g of Sugar

*Order as is*

This exciting-sounding drink is made from Baridi cold brew with a layer of cinnamon sugar-infused oat milk micro foam. And to top it off – a small size only contains 7g of sugar.

8. Small Iced Soy Cappuccino – 5g of Sugar

*Substitute dairy milk for soy milk*

If an iced cold low sugar pick-me-up is what you are looking for from Peet’s then a small iced soy cappuccino may be the drink for you. It only contains 5g of sugar. A small iced oat Cappuccino actually contains even less sugar at 2g of sugar.

9. Small Iced Almond Latte – 6g of Sugar

*Substitute dairy milk for almond milk*

If you prefer iced lattes over iced cappuccinos and almond milk over soy milk, then an iced almond latte is perfect for you. A small iced almond latte just contains 6g of sugar. A small iced oat latte contains even less sugar at 2g of sugar.

10. Iced Espresso – 0g of Sugar

*Order as is*

I love the fact that iced espresso is on the menu at Peet’s. This is perfect for when you want a quick caffeine shot on a blistering hot day. This iced espresso is bold and refreshing with notes of citrus zest and caramel.

11. Cold Brew Iced Coffee – 0g of Sugar

*Order as is*

Peet’s cold brew iced coffee is sweet and smooth iced without acidity, bitterness, or sugar.

12. Iced Green Tea Tropical – 0g of Sugar

*Order as is*

This refreshing and strong iced tea is made from green tea balanced with tropical fruit notes. All the antioxidants, none of the sugar.

13. Small Oat Iced Latte with Sugar-Free Vanilla – 2g of Sugar

*Substitute dairy milk for oat milk*

*Add sugar-free vanilla syrup*

If want a cold caffeine “hit” that still provides creamy and sweet vibes, then a small oat iced latte with sugar-free vanilla is a great choice.

Cold, creamy, and with all the coffee and vanilla vibes. But only 2g of sugar. In comparison, a small iced latte made with whole milk and regular vanilla syrup contains 28g of sugar in comparison. That’s 14 times as much.

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Frequently Asked Questions – Sugar in Peet’s Drinks

In the next section, I will be answering all those niggling questions you have about the sugar content of Peet’s drinks.

Does Peet’s Coffee Have Sugar-Free Syrup?

Peet’s Coffee has a sugar-free vanilla syrup on the menu.

Does Peet’s Coffeen Have Sugar-Free Mocha?

Peet’s does not have a sugar-free mocha on its menu. There are 35g of sugar in a small Peet’s mocha made with whole milk.

How Much Sugar is in A Peet’s Vanilla Latte?

Below is a table that details the sugar content for all the different sizes and styles of Vanilla Latte at Peet’s depending on what milk you choose.

A small oat milk vanilla latte is the lowest sugar vanilla latte option at Peet’s at 24g of sugar.

Milk Used in Peet’s Vanilla LatteSugar in Small Peet’s Vanilla LatteSugar in Medium Peet’s Vanilla LatteSugar in Large Peet’s Vanilla Latte

Does Peet’s Coffee Have Sugar-Free Vanilla?

Peet’s has a sugar-free vanilla syrup on its menu

What Sugar-Free Vanilla Syrup Does Peet’s Coffee Use?

Peet’s uses Monin Sugar-Free Vanilla

Is Peet’s Matcha Tea Lattes Sweetened?

Peet’s Matcha Green Tea Latte is sweetened. A small matcha tea latte made with 2% milk has a total sugar content of 27g of sugar.

Is Peet’s Chai Latte Sweetened?

Peet’s Chai Latte is “lightly sweetened”.

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Low and Sugar-Free Drinks at Peet’s – The Final Bite

Low and sugar-free drinks at Peet’s. What have we learned? Well, when it comes to sugar-free options Peet’s has a good selection of options. Whether it is the usual offerings of black coffee such as Espresso, Americano, or Coffee of the Day or even a sugar-free latte option in the form of the Small Oat Iced Latte with Sugar-Free Vanilla Syrup. The good news is that when it comes to coffee, Peet’s is up there when it comes to a coffee chain so even if you get a simpler option you know the coffee is going to be good.

As for lower sugar options, you can even splash out and get an Oat Cappuccino, Small Oat Latte, Small Cold Brew with Cinnamon Oat, Small Iced Soy Cappuccino, or Small Iced Almond Latte. All of these are lower sugar options at Peet’s.

And remember…

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Ingredients and/or manufacturing processes may change. Always double-check ingredient lists and nutritional information before purchasing any food items.


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