Sugar Free and Low Sugar Drinks At Scooters

Sugar-Free and Low Sugar Drinks at Scooter’s Coffee

Sugar-free and low-sugar drinks at Scooter’s Coffee. In this post, I am going to be sharing all the sugar-free and low-sugar drink options at Scooter’s Coffee Chains. This Nebraskan coffee chain may be known for its quick Drive-Thru coffee hut locations, but what exactly are the sugar-free and low-sugar drinks available at Scooter’s Coffee? In this post, I will go through all the zero sugar drink options at Scooter’s as well as some lower sugar drink options and some frequently asked questions when it comes to sugar and drinks at Scooter’s Coffee.

What are the Lowest Sugar Drinks at Scooter’s Coffee?

As a general rule, there are several options for zero-sugar drinks at Scooter’s – a total of seven drinks. Lower sugar options include the Sugar-Free Oat Latte, Sugar-Free Turtle Latte, Oat Café au Lait, Oat Latte, Oat Cappuccino, and Sugar-Free Mocha. These all contain 0g to 9g of sugar.

What are the Zero Sugar Drinks at Scooter’s Coffee?

The zero-sugar Drinks at Scooter’s Coffee are:

1. Americano

2. Scooter shooter

3. Brewed coffee

4. Cold brew

5. Hot tea

6. Classic black tea

7. Citrus green Iced tea

What are the Low Sugar Drinks at Scooter’s Coffee?

The low sugar Scooter’s Drinks at Scooter’s Coffee are:

1. Oat sugar-free flavored latte (hot & iced)

2. Sugar-free turtle latte

3. Oat cafe au lait

4. Oat latte (hot & iced)

5. Oat cappuccino

6. Sugar-free mocha

Sugar and Milk Options at Scooter’s

It is worth mentioning that almond, coconut, and oat milk all contain lower total sugar than the dairy milk options at Scooter’s Coffee.

The lowest sugar milk is Oat Milk (which is why it features so prominently on my lower sugar drinks list).

The dairy kinds of milk are higher in total sugar than the plant-based kinds of milk offered – but this sugar is naturally occurring from the lactose in milk.

If you are trying to watch total sugar intake, then oat is the best milk to order with at Scooter’s Coffee. However, if you are just watching “added sugar” dairy milk may be a better option for you.

For the purposes of this post, we will be focusing on total sugar content. So, let’s dig in, what are the lowest sugar drinks options on the Scooter’s menu?

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Sugar Free and Low Sugar Drinks At Scooters - Scooter's

Low Sugar drinks at Scooter’s Coffee – Drink-by-Drink

1. Sugar-Free Flavored Latte Made with Oat Milk – 5g of Sugar

It is amazing to know that Scooter’s Coffee has a sugar-free flavored latte option on the menu.

You get to choose from sugar-free vanilla, hazelnut, and caramel syrup. You can also choose which milk you have it made with – the oat contains the least sugar with 5g of sugar.

If you aren’t a fan of oat milk, then here is the sugar content for other types of kinds of milk:

  • Made with Coconut Milk – 8g of sugar
  • Made with Almond Milk – 9g of Sugar
  • Made with Skimmed Milk – 13g of Sugar

For the Oat Milk version, I would say that 5g of sugar for a flavored latte is good going. In comparison, a small flavored latte made with regular syrup and skimmed milk contains 30g of sugar. That’s six-time the amount of a sugar-free oat version.

2. Sugar-Free Iced Flavored Latte Made with Oat Milk – 3g of Sugar

If you love your flavored latte iced rather than hot – a sugar-free iced latte actually contains less sugar than the hot version.

Again, you can choose from hazelnut, caramel, or vanilla. This sugar content (3g of sugar) for an iced cold flavored creamy latte is a total win in my opinion. Perfect for a hot summer’s day when you want some caffeine.

3. Sugar-Free Turtle Latte – 9g of Sugar

A Turtle Latte is a combination of chocolate, caramel, and hazelnut to recreate Turtle Candy in a drink. The Sugar-Free Turtle Latte has all the chocolate, hazelnut, and caramel vibes, but with less sugar.

A small cup contains 9g of sugar. In comparison, a regular small turtle latte contains 43g of sugar – almost five times as much.

4. Small Oat Milk Café Au Lait – 3g of Sugar

A Café Au Lait simply refers to “coffee with milk”. This drink is made by mixing equal parts brewed coffee with milk.

A small oat milk Café Au Lait is a low sugar option at Scooter’s – particularly if you order it with oat milk. A small oat milk Café Au Lait only contains 3g of sugar.

If oat milk isn’t your thing a small almond milk Café Au Lait contains 6g of sugar and a small coconut contains 5g of sugar.

5. Americano – 0g Sugar

An Americano is essentially hot water poured over espresso. It is also a great zero-sugar option you can order at any coffee shop for that caffeine hit minus the sugar. Scooter’s Coffee is no exception.

6. Brewed Coffee – 0g of Sugar

Scooter’s Coffee brews dark, medium, and flavored coffee daily. All also have 0g of Sugar – if your order it as-is and don’t add any milk.

7. Small Oat Milk Latte – 6g Sugar

If an unflavored simple latte is the coffee drink that hits your spot, then make sure to order a small oat milk latte next time you are at Scooter’s Coffee.

One only contains 6g of sugar. In comparison, a small skimmed milk latte contains over double the amount at 14g of sugar.

8. Small Oat Milk Cappuccino – 6g of Sugar

A cappuccino is made by mixing equal parts espresso, steamed milk, and foamed milk. If you prefer your artisan coffee with more froth, then it’s great to know that a small oat milk Cappuccino from Scooter’s also contains just 6g of sugar.

As with the latte, a small skimmed cappuccino also contains 14g of sugar.

9. Small Iced Oat Milk Latte – 4g of Sugar

If you prefer your plain latte iced rather than hot – then great news a small iced oat latte contains even less sugar – at 4g of sugar.

10. Scooter Shooter – 0g of Sugar

A Scooter’s Coffee “Shooter” is essentially a “red eye”. This is brewed coffee with a shot of espresso. Perfect for when you need a serious caffeine hit.

11. Small Sugar-Free Iced Mocha – 9g

This entry comes in at the higher end at 9g of sugar, but I still feel like it deserves a mention. This is especially since a small regular mocha contains 37g of sugar.

Interestingly an iced sugar-free mocha contains less sugar than a small hot sugar-free mocha which contains 13g of sugar.

12. Cold Brew – 0g for Sugar

A cold brew from Scooter’s Coffee is slowly steeped for 24 hours to create a very smooth coffee.

13. Hot Tea – 0g of Sugar

Hot tea without milk is always a great zero-sugar option at any coffee shop. The choice of hot tea is wide at Scooter’s – you can choose between black, green, white, Moroccan mint, rooibos chia, and chamomile lemon.

14. Classic Black Iced Tea – 0g of Sugar

It’s great to know that the classic black iced tea at Scooter’s is unsweetened. Unsweetened Iced tea is the perfect refreshing afternoon zero-sugar drink.

15. Citrus Green Iced Tea – 0g of Sugar

The citrus green Iced tea at Scooter’s is also zero sugar. This iced tea provides all the green tea, lemon oil, lemongrass, and lemon zest vibes but will none of the sugar.

Sugar Free and Low Sugar Drinks At Scooters - Coffee Bean

Frequently Asked Questions – Sugar and Scooter’s Coffee Drinks

In the next section, I will be answering all those niggling questions you have about lower sugar drinks on the Scooter’s menu.

What Sugar-Free Drinks Does Scooter’s Have?

Scooter’s Coffee has the following zero-sugar drinks on the menu:

1. Americano

2. Scooter shooter

3. Brewed coffee

4. Cold brew

5. Hot tea

6. Classic black tea

7. Citrus green Iced tea

Do Scooter’s Coffee Have Sugar-Free Hot Chocolate?

Scooter’s Coffee does not have sugar-free hot chocolate on the menu. Scooter’s Coffee does, however, have a sugar-free mocha on the menu. You could ask your server if you could have the sugar-free mocha but minus the espresso.

Do Scooter’s Coffee Have a Sugar-Free Iced Coffee?

Whilst Scooter’s Coffee does not have an iced coffee on the menu, they do have a cold brew coffee that contains 0g of sugar. Cold brew tends to contain more caffeine than iced coffee.

Do Scooter’s Coffee Have a Sugar-Free Blender?

“Blender” drinks are Scooter’s version of a “Frappuccino-style” drink (i.e., blended ice with a coffee drink mixture). There is not a sugar-free blender on the Scooter’s menu.

Sugar Free and Low Sugar Drinks At Scooters - final bite

Sugar-Free and Low Sugar Drinks at Scooter’s Coffee – The Final Bite

Sugar-Free and Low Sugar Drinks at Scooter’s Coffee? What have we learned from the above? Well, when it comes to zero sugar and low sugar drinks Scooter’s coffee has a good selection. The usual drinks ar sugar-free, such as Americano, Brewed Coffee, Teas, etc. As for lower sugar drinks, this is where I think Scooter’s does quite well. In particular things like the Sugar-Free Turtle Latte and a lower sugar Mocha which comes out to only 9g of Sugar are special highlights for me. Finding a Mocha that is low in sugar is hard to find.

And Remember…

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Ingredients and/or manufacturing processes may change. Always double-check ingredient lists and nutritional information before purchasing any food items.


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