Zero Sugar and Low Sugar Drinks at Human Bean

Sugar-Free and Low Sugar Drinks at The Human Bean

Sugar-free and low sugar drinks at The Human Bean. In this post, I am going to share all the low sugar and sugar-free drinks available at The Human Bean coffee chains. Known for its drive-thru coffee stands, I list the sugar-free drinks options from the Human Bean and tell you the 12 lower sugar drinks available from the chain. First, what exactly are the sugar-free and low-sugar options available from The Human Bean?

What are the low sugar options at The Human Bean?

As a general rule, the following drinks are the best low sugar drinks at The Human Bean:

  • Low carb granitas (vanilla and mocha) with espresso
  • Protein powder granita with espresso
  • Acai smoothie
  • Sugar-free chai lattes and granitas
  • Flavored teas
  • Breves
  • Small cappuccino
  • Small latte with vegan milk
  • Cold brew with caramel sauce

What About The Human Bean Lemonade?

The 32oz Lemonade fruit smoothie at The Human Bean contains 204g of sugar. Instead, if you are looking for a lower sugar drink pick one of the 12 drinks I list below. All of which contain 10g of sugar or less.

Does The Human Bean Have Sugar-Free Drinks?

What are the zero sugar and low sugar drinks at The Human Bean? The Human Bean does have some sugar-free drinks on the menu. These sugar-free drinks at The Human Bean include:

  • Plain green tea
  • Plain black tea
  • Espresso
  • Americano
  • Freshly brewed coffee          

The Human Bean also has a wide selection of lower-sugar drinks on the menu. So, let’s dig in – what are the low sugar drinks at Human Bean?

Zero Sugar and Low Sugar Drinks at Human Bean - coffee cup

12 Lower Sugar Drinks at The Human Bean

1. Vanilla Espresso Low Carb Granita – 2g-3g of Sugar

The vanilla espresso low carb granita is, as the name suggests, low carb. A 12oz cup contains just 2g of sugar. All the larger sizes (16oz, 20oz, and 32oz) still only contain 3g of sugar. It is rare to find a flavored blended coffee drink this low in sugar at a coffee shop.

Flavored blended drinks in coffee shops are usually one of the highest sugar drinks items. So, the vanilla espresso low-carb granita at The Human Bean is a total win.

2. Mocha Espresso Low Carb Granita 2g-3g of Sugar

It gets even better as there is also a mocha espresso low-carb granita on the menu at The Human Bean. The mocha espresso low-carb granita also contains just 2g of sugar in the small and 3g of sugar in the larger sizes. Again, a blended chocolatey coffee drink at only 2g-3g of sugar is a real win.

Please note that if you get the low-carb granitas vanilla or mocha without espresso, they will contain a bit more sugar.

For example, large sizes will contain 25g of sugar (vs just 3g with the espresso versions). However, small sizes of the low-carb Granitas in mocha espresso or vanilla espresso only contain 6g of sugar. So, if you want your low-carb granita without espresso, just make sure to order a small size.

3. Acai Smoothie 2g-6g of Sugar

If you love acai, then it is great to know that all sizes of the acai smoothie at The Human Bean are low in sugar. These smoothies start at just 2g of sugar in an 8oz cup and up to 6g of sugar in a 32oz cup.

Human Bean Acai Smoothie SizeSugar Content

4. 8oz Sugar-Free Chai Blended Drink – 7g of Sugar

Another awesome low sugar blended drink at The Human Bean is their sugar-free chai blended drink. A 8oz cup only contains 7g of sugar. Blended drinks and chai drinks generally are usually high in sugar, so low sugar chai blended is a rare find.

5. 12oz Protein Powder Granita with Espresso – 9g of Sugar

If you like your coffee low in sugar, high in protein, and blended then the protein powder granita with espresso from The Human Bean is the drink for you. A 12oz cup contains 9g of sugar.

6. 8oz Latte Made with Soy, Almond, or Coconut – 7g Of Sugar

If you want a simple classic coffee drink when at Human Bean then an 8oz latte made with soy, almond, or coconut is a good option. It only contains 7g of sugar. An 8oz latte made with dairy contains a bit more sugar – 9g of sugar with non-fat milk and 10g of sugar with 2% milk.

7. 8oz Breve with Half and Half – 7g of Sugar

A breve is always a lower sugar option at most coffee shops. A breve is essentially an espresso mixed with half and half rather than milk. An 8oz breve at Human Bean contains 7g of sugar.

8. 8oz Cappuccino with Non-Fat – 9g of Sugar

Another simple, classic lower sugar coffee drink you can order at The Human Bean is their cappuccinos. An 8oz cappuccino made with non-fat milk contains 9g of sugar.

9. 8oz Sugar-Free Mocha with Soy – 7g of Sugar

The next entry is another low sugar exciting drink from The Human Bean. The Human Bean also does a low sugar mocha. An 8oz sugar-free mocha made with soy only contains 7g of sugar. Again, a sugar-free mocha is a rare drink to find in a coffee shop. This is something to order at The Human Bean if you love a mocha but don’t want to go crazy in the sugar department

10. 8oz or 12oz Green or Black Tea with Flavor – 9g of Sugar

A plain green or black tea at most coffee shops, including The Human Bean, contains 0g of sugar. But how about if you fancy a hot warming tea but with a bit of flavor added? Well, one of these will only contain 9g of sugar in both an 8oz and 12oz size. All the antioxidants, all the flavor, and less sugar.

11. 12oz a Cold Brew with Caramel Sauce – 8g of Sugar

Another yummy flavored iced coffee coming in at below 10g of sugar at Human Bean is a 12oz cold brew with caramel sauce. This clocks in at 8g of sugar.

12. 8oz Sugar-Free Chai Latte – 6g of Sugar

The final drink on this list is the sugar-free chai latte. As a general rule, chai lattes can be fairly high in sugar, so it’s great that sugar-free chai later is available at Human Bean. An 8oz size contains 6g sugar.

Sugar-Free and Low Sugar Drinks at The Human Bean - Coffee Beans

Sugar-Free and Low Sugar Drinks at The Human Bean – The Final Bite

Sugar-free and low sugar drinks at The Human Bean. What did we learn from the above? Well, when it comes to low sugar drinks The Human Bean has some real stand-out options compared to other coffee chains. For me, the Vanilla and Mocha Espresso Low Carb Granitas, Acai Smoothie, Chai, and Sugar-Free Mocha drinks are all stand-out options on the menu. Not only are these drinks which I would normally expect to find lower in sugar, but they are also more interesting and exciting drink options. If you have read my other coffee chain review posts, you will know that most often the lower sugar drinks are basic black coffee options.

And Remember…

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