Zero Sugar Drinks at KFC

Sugar-Free Drinks At KFC

Sugar-free drinks at Kentucky Fried Chicken or KFC. Do you love fried chicken? Want to know the best sugar-free options to wash down some of that “finger-lickin’” good food? In this post, I am going to have a look at all the sugar-free drinks available from KFC. I will also answer some Frequently Asked Questions when it comes to sugar and KFC drinks.

First, does KFC even offer any Sugar-Free Drink options?

What are the Sugar-Free Drink Options at KFC?

KFC offers 8 sugar-free drink options on their menu (all these drinks contain 0g of sugar). The sugar-free drinks at KFC are:

  1. Unsweet Tea
  2. Lipton Brisk Unsweetened No Lemon Iced Tea
  3. Lipton Brisk No Calorie Peach Iced Green Tea
  4. Diet Pepsi
  5. Diet Pepsi Wild Cherry
  6. Pepsi Zero Sugar
  7. Diet Dr. Pepper
  8. Diet Mountain Dew
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What Drinks Are Served at KFC?

Before we dig in let’s answer the question – what drinks are even served at KFC?

KFC has a selection of fountain drinks, lemonade, iced tea, and milk for kids on its beverage menu.

What are the Sugar-Free Drinks at KFC?

In this section, I will go through all 8 of the sugar-free drinks available from KFC.

*Please note, not all the below drinks may be available at your KFC, but a good number of them should be*

1. Unsweet Tea – 0g of sugar

The Colonel’s sweet tea is sweetened with sugar. Even the smallest cup contains 44g of sugar and the largest serving contains 235g of sugar. However, there is an unsweet version of the Colonel’s iced tea that is sugar-free. All the iced tea and caffeine vibes with none of the sugar.

2. Lipton Brisk Unsweetened No Lemon Iced Tea – 0g of sugar

An alternative to the Colonel’s iced tea is the Lipton Brisk Unsweetened No Lemon Iced Tea – which is available in fountain format. It’s great to know there are two unsweetened black teas available at KFC.

3. Lipton Brisk No Calorie Peach Iced Green Tea – 0g of sugar

If you love your iced tea made with green rather than black tea and you love your tea with peach flavor to it, then the Lipton Brisk No Calories Peach Iced Green Tea is the iced tea at KFC for you. All the antioxidants, none of the sugar.

4. Diet Pepsi – 0g of sugar

The next drink on this list is the first of 3 zero sugar Pepsi drinks available at KFC. If you want a soda with all the caffeine hit and no sugar, then you can’t really beat a Diet Pepsi.

5. Diet Pepsi Wild Cherry – 0g of sugar

If you want your Diet Pepsi with some cherry flavors in it, then the Diet Pepsi Wild Cherry fountain drink is the drink you should order at KFC.

6. Pepsi Zero Sugar – 0g of sugar

What’s the difference between Pepsi Zero Sugar and Diet Pepsi? Pepsi Zero Sugar is designed to taste more like regular Pepsi than Diet Pepsi. Pepsi Zero Sugar also has a higher caffeine content than Diet Pepsi. So, if you want a sugar-free soda that tastes like Pepsi and wants caffeine then Pepsi Zero Sugar is the fountain drink for you at KFC.

7. Diet Dr. Pepper – 0g of sugar

Next up – Diet Dr. Pepper. When it comes to soda Dr. Peppa is my personal favorite. When I do treat myself to Dr. Peppa, I always choose the diet version. To me, it tastes like the original, but without any sugar.

8. Diet Mountain Dew – 0g of sugar

If the citrus taste of Mountain Dew is your drink, then rest assured KFC has Diet Mountain Dew. If you want a citrus drink but don’t want the sugar content of the Lemonade available from KFC, then the fountain Diet Mountain Dew could be a great option for you.

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Frequently Asked Questions – KFC Drinks and Sugar

Next up I am going to deal with all those Frequently Asked Questions you have about the sugar content of drinks at KFC.

Does KFC Have Sugar-Free Drinks?

KFC has sugar Free Iced tea – the Colonel’s tea can be ordered unsweetened. This contains 0g of sugar in all sizes. KFC also has fountain Lipton Brisk No Calorie Peach Iced Green Tea and Lipton Brisk Unsweetened No Lemon Iced Tea. Both these fountain drink iced teas contain 0g of sugar.

KFC also has sugar-free fountain sodas. These sugar-free sodas are:

  • Diet Pepsi
  • Diet Pepsi Wild Cherry Pepsi             
  • Pepsi Zero Sugar
  • Diet Dr. Pepper
  • Diet Mountain Dew

Is KFC Lemonade Sugar-Free?

KFC Lemonade is not sugar-free. KFC Lemonade is sweetened with high fructose corn syrup. A 20oz cup of KFC classic Lemonade contains 38g of sugar. The strawberry lemonade at KFC is also sweetened with high fructose corn syrup and contains 44g of sugar in a 20oz cup.

How Much Sugar is in a KFC Lemonade?

KFC LemonadeSugar Content
20 fl oz classic lemonade38g
Half gallon classic lemonade228g
20 fl oz strawberry lemonade44g
Half gallon strawberry lemonade264g

Does KFC Have Diet Pepsi?

KFC has Diet Pepsi on its menu. Diet Pepsi contains 0g of sugar.

Is KFC Iced Tea Sweet?

KFC’s Colonel’s iced tea is sweet. The different sizes of Colonel’s sweet tea contain the following amounts of sugar.

KFC Sweet Tea SizeSugar Content
12 fl oz44g
16 fl oz59g
20 fl oz73g
30 fl oz110g
64 fl oz235g

Does KFC Have Unsweetened Tea?

KFC has unsweet tea on the menu which contains 0g of sugar in all sizes. KFC also has fountain versions of Lipton Brisk No Calorie Peach Iced Green Tea and Lipton Brisk Unsweetened No Lemon Iced Tea.

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Zero Sugar Drinks at KFC – The Final Bite

Zero sugar drinks at KFC. What have we learned from the above? Well, when it comes to KFC if you want to have a lower sugar drink option your best choice is to pick one 8 zero sugar drinks available on the menu. These mostly include Diet sodas or unsweetened iced tea drinks.

As for the other drinks at KFC you probably should avoid the Lemonade and KFC Colonel’s Iced Tea (unless the Iced Tea is ordered unsweetened). These drinks in their smallest size can contain 38g – 44g of sugar respectively.

And Remember…

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Ingredients and/or manufacturing processes may change. Always double-check ingredient lists and nutritional information before purchasing any food items.


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