15 Diet Sugar Free Drinks at Sonic You Must Try

Diet Sonic Drinks you must try. In this post, I am going to be sharing with you the 15 best sugar free drinks available at Sonic Drive-Ins. Yes, Sonic. It’s that fast food joint famous for rollerblades and brightly colored flavored icy drinks. But what if want to visit Sonic to experience the rollerblades and just get a deliciously refreshing drink minus any sugar? Well, I have you covered because in this post I will be presenting you with 15 delicious diet and sugar-free drinks you can order at Sonic. Like most food chains, Sonic offers unsweetened iced tea, coffee, and diet sodas. However, they also have a couple of diet limeade drinks and I have also discovered a way of ordering some off-the-menu sugar free limeades which I will be sharing with you below. So let’s dig in, what are the best diet sugar free drinks at Sonic?

What are the Best Sugar Free Drinks at Sonic?

As a general rule, the best diet and sugar free drinks at Sonic are:

  • Diet sodas
  • Unsweetened coffee
  • Unsweetened iced tea
  • Diet lime limeade with or without sugar free syrup added
  • Diet cherry limeade with or without sugar free syrup added

What About Other Drinks at Sonic?

Before I continue in, I have previously written a post answering some of the most commonly asked questions about sugar free drinks and slushes at Sonic. You can read this post here – Are There Sugar Free Drinks and Slushes at Sonic? I have also written a post on 10 slushes you can order at Sonic with sugar free syrups, which you can read here – 10 Sonic Slushes You Can Order With Sugar Free Syrup.

Summary Table – Best Diet Sugar Free Drinks at Sonic

Below is a summary table with my 15 picks for the best diet sugar free drinks at Sonic. As you see from the table these include diet sodas, diet limeades, unsweetened ice teas, plain coffees, and water. For each item add any special instructions needed for ordering at Sonic.

Diet Sugar Free Sonic DrinksHow To Order (If Customizations Are Required)
Diet Lime LimeadeN/A
Diet Lime Limeade with Sugar Free Mango Syrup and Real StrawberriesOrder diet lime limeade
Add sugar free mango syrup and real strawberries
Diet Raspberry LimeadeOrder diet lime limeade
Add sugar free raspberry syrup
Diet Cherry LimeadeN/A
Diet Cherry Limeade With Sugar Free Blackberry Syrup and StrawberriesOrder diet lime limeade
Add sugar free blackberry syrup and real strawberries
Unsweet Iced TeaN/A
Raspberry Iced TeaOrder unsweet iced tea
Add sugar free raspberry syrup
Peach Iced TeaOrder unsweet iced tea
Add sugar free peach syrup
Green Mountain Coffee Roasters Hot CoffeeN/A
Diet CokeN/A
Coca-Cola Zero SugarN/A
Diet Dr PepperN/A
Sprite ZeroN/A
Peach LemonadeOrder Sprite Zero
Add sugar free peach syrup and real lemon
Water BottleN/A

15 Diet Sugar Free Drinks at Sonic You Must Try - Sonic Drink

Best Diet Sugar Free Items at Sonic – item by item

In this section, I will go through each of the 15 items listed in the table above in more detail. This is to give you some more information to make your best diet sugar free drink selection at Sonic.

1. Diet Lime Limeade

Okay, so let’s start with a diet classic drink at Sonic – their diet lime limeade. If you love a tart refreshing sugar free drink, then this may the one for you. The diet lime limeade at Sonic is simply made from Sprite Zero, freshly squeezed lime, and ice. Simple but it so works! The squeezed lime makes this drink feel more elevated than most sodas you can get in fast food joints – all without adding any sugar.

It gets better. You can add sugar free blackberry, raspberry, peach, cherry, or mango syrup to your diet lime limeade. Yes, that’s right. You can add another fruity dimension to your diet lime limeade.

Sugar Free Syrups at Sonic

Interestingly all these syrups contain 0g of sugar (no matter what size drink they are added to) apart from the sugar free cherry syrup which contains 2g of sugar no matter what size drink it is added to.

You can also add the following real fruit to your diet lime limeade – lemon, cherry, or strawberry.

2. Diet Lime Limeade with Sugar Free Mango Syrup and Real Strawberries

Strawberry, mango, and lime is such a winning combination that just works. To enjoy one of these delicious diet drinks order a diet lime limeade and ask for sugar free mango syrup and real strawberry fruit to be added. So tropical and refreshing.

3. Diet Raspberry Limeade

Raspberry and lime are such an amazing tart combination. To enjoy this flavor combination diet style at Sonic simply order a diet lime limeade and ask for sugar free Raspberry syrup to be added. The result? A delicious tart refreshing drink that contains 0g of sugar. What a win!

4. Diet Cherry Limeade

The next diet drink order is actually a straight off-the-menu order at Sonic. The Diet Cherry Limeade is a diet drink on the Sonic menu that doesn’t need any substitutions. This diet Sonic drink consists of Sprite Zero, lime, ice, sugar free cherry syrup, and cherry fruit. Yum! This diet drink does contain 2g of total sugar from the cherry sugar free syrup – as explained above the sugar free diet cherry syrup contains 2g of sugar per serving (whilst the other sugar free syrups contain 0g of sugar).

Just like with a diet limeade you can add sugar free blackberry, raspberry, peach, or mango syrup and you can also add real lemon fruit and or real strawberry fruit.

5. Diet Cherry Limeade with Sugar Free Blackberry Syrup and Strawberries

The next diet Sonic drink is a berry lover’s delight. Order a diet cherry limeade and add sugar free blackberry syrup and real strawberries.

The result? All the mixed berry vibes, diet style.

6. Unsweet Iced Tea

Unsweetened iced tea is a great sugar free afternoon pick-me-up that you can grab at Sonic. Just make sure not to accidentally order the sweet iced tea – a large cup of sweet iced tea contains 78g of sugar.

Fear not though, a large unsweet iced tea contains 0g of sugar. All the tea vibes, none of the sugar.

7. Raspberry Iced Tea

Raspberry Iced tea is such a classic iced tea flavor, and you can order a sugar free version at Sonic. Simple order an unsweetened iced tea with sugar free raspberry syrup. And just like that – a sugar free raspberry iced tea.

8. Peach Iced Tea

Another amazing iced tea flavor is peach iced tea. And yes, you can also order a sugar free diet peach iced tea at Sonic. Simply order an unsweetened iced tea with sugar free peach syrup.

9. Green Mountain Coffee Roasters Hot Coffee

If you need a caffeine hit at Sonic without any of the sugar, then your best bet is a cup of coffee – a cup of Green Mountain Coffee Roasters Coffee to be precise. Sometimes you really can’t go wrong with a good old cup of black coffee. It hits that caffeine spot without the sugar rush.

A great way of adding a touch of sweetness to your coffee at Sonic without any of the sugar is to add Sweet N Low.

Just be aware that the original cold brew iced coffee at Sonic does contain sugar. So, if you are just wanting a zero sugar drink at Sonic (I assume that is why you are here) then avoid the original cold brew iced coffee.

10. Diet Coke

Another zero sugar caffeinated option at Sonic is Diet Coke. Yes, it may not be the most adventurous drink in the world but it is sugar free and refreshing.

11. Coca-Cola Zero Sugar

If you prefer your sugar free Coke to taste more like the original Coke then I assume you are on team Coca-Cola Zero Sugar. Luckily, Sonic also has Coca-Cola Zero Sugar.

12. Sprite Zero

If you want a sugar free refreshing non-caffeinated soda at Sonic then Sprite Zero may be the best option for you.

All the limeade drinks I list above are so exciting and fun, but how about if you just want a simple lemonade drink? Well, you can also just order Sprite Zero. Simple but hits the spot – without any sugar!

If you want your Sprite Zero elevated slightly or with a “tart” element then make sure to order a Diet Lime Limeade instead (see above entry no.1).

13. Diet Dr. Pepper

The final sugar free soda at Sonic is their Diet Dr. Pepper. Now personally I don’t get Dr. Pepper – that unique taste just isn’t for me. My husband, however, loves it – he gets the unique taste. So, if you get Dr. Pepper’s unique taste and are looking for a sugar-free drink at Sonic Diet Dr. Pepper may be for you.

14. Peach Lemonade

Peach lemonade is the ultimate Summer drink. Especially when it is sugar free! To order a sugar free peach lemonade at Sonic simply order a Sprite Zero with sugar free peach syrup and fresh lemon. The result? All the sugar free refreshing drink vibes.

15. Water Bottle

The final sugar free drink at Sonic is good old water. To be honest I don’t think water gets enough credit as the original sugar free drink. So, if you are a purist and just like washing down your fast food with water (a dichotomy if I have ever heard one) then Sonic has you covered.

My Personal Diet Sonic Drink Recommendation?

My personal diet Sonic drink recommendation must be the diet limeade with sugar free raspberry syrup added. That tart raspberry-lime combo just works so well.

Everything You Want To Know About Sugar In Sonic Drinks - sonic

15 Diet Sugar Free Drinks at Sonic You Must Try – The Final Bite

Diet sugar free drinks at Sonic. What have we learned from the above? Well, what I really love about Sonic is the way you can customize their diet limeade drinks. It is amazing that they have a selection of sugar free syrups and fresh fruit you can add to any limeade drink to make it really something special. Just remember the Sugar Free Cherry Syrup is the only one that still contains 2g of sugar.

And Remember…

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