Everything You Want To Know About Sugar In Sonic Drinks

Are There Sugar Free Drinks and Slushes At Sonic?

In this post, I am going to share all the zero sugar and lower sugar drinks at Sonic Drive-In. Yes, Sonic. Not the hedgehog – the fast-food joint! Sonic is known for roller skates and brightly colored icy drinks. But what is the sugar content of these colorful delights? In this post, I will be answering all those niggling questions (there are a lot I know) about the sugar content of Sonic’s drinks. So, let’s dig in – how much sugar do Sonic’s drinks contain?

What are the Low Sugar Drinks Options at Sonic?

There are 8 sugar-free drinks at Sonic including coffee, iced tea, diet sodas, and water. The Sonic slushes cannot be made sugar-free. As a general rule, the best low sugar flavorsome drinks at Sonic are their diet lime limeade (0g of sugar) and the diet cherry limeade (2g of sugar).

What Drink from Sonic has the Least Sugar?

There are 8 sugar-free drinks at Sonic. These are:

  1. Diet lime limeade
  2. Unsweet iced tea
  3. Green mountain coffee roasters hot coffee
  4. Diet Coke
  5. Coca-Cola Zero Sugar
  6. Sprite Zero
  7. Diet Dr Pepper
  8. Water bottle

What about the Diet Cherry Limeade?

The diet cherry limeade contains 2g of sugar in all sizes.

Everything You Want To Know About Sugar In Sonic Drinks- slush drinks

Does Sonic Do Sugar-Free Slushes?

One of the menu items that Sonic is most famed for is its slush drinks. Think sweet, icy slushy in a variety of colorful and yummy flavors. The bad news is that, even though slushes can be flavored with sugar-free syrup, no slush can be sugar-free.

You can add sugar-free syrup to your slush to flavor it but the plain no syrup slush base still contains sugar. On the nutritional menu, it states “all slushes contain sugar” – at least they are transparent about it.

Most of the sugar in a Sonic slush comes from the slush base and not the syrup. For example, the small contains 48g of sugar. Some of the regular syrups can contain as little as 3g of sugar in a small serving, so whether you order a slush with the sugar-free syrup or sugared syrup won’t make a huge difference. Most of the sugar will still come from the slush base.

How Much Sugar is in a Small Slush from Sonic?

There are 48g of sugar in a small plain slush from Sonic before the syrup and add-ins are added.

Is There a Diet Slush at Sonic?

There is not a diet slush at Sonic. You can choose a sugar-free syrup to flavor your slush, but the plain slush base contains 48g-103g of sugar depending on the size.

So even if you order a small slush flavored with sugar-free syrup, it will still contain at least 48g of sugar.

How Much Sugar is in a Medium Sonic Slush?

There are 66g of sugar in a medium plain sonic slush before syrup and add-ins are added.

How Much Sugar is in a Sonic Peach Slush?

There is the following sugar content in the different sizes of Sonic peach slushes:

  • Small Sonic Peach Slush – 48g of sugar
  • Medium Sonic Peach Slush – 66g of sugar
  • Large Sonic Peach Slush – 103g of sugar

Is Sonic Mango Slush Sugar-Free?

The mango syrup at Sonic is sugar-free and contains 0g of sugar. However, the plain slush base (i.e., the slush drink before the syrup is added) contains sugar. Here is the sugar in the different sizes of the plain slush before the syrup is added:

  • Small mango slush – 48g of sugar
  • Medium mango slush – 66g of sugar
  • Large mango slush – 103g of sugar

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Does Sonic Have Sugar-Free Limeade?

Sonic has a diet lime limeade, which contains 0g of sugar in all sizes.

Can You Get a Diet Cherry Limeade from Sonic?

Sonic has a diet cherry limeade on its menu.

How Much Sugar is in a Diet Cherry Limeade from Sonic?

There are 2g of sugar in all sizes of Diet Cherry limeade from Sonic.

How Much Sugar is in a Route 44 Diet Cherry Limeade?

There are 2g of sugar in a route 44 diet cherry limeade.

Does Sonic Lemonade Have Sugar?

Sonic lemonade contains sugar.

Does Sonic Have Diet Sprite?

Sonic has diet Sprite on its menu.

Is Sonic Blackberry Sugar-Free?

Sonic’s blackberry syrup is sugar-free.

Is Sonic Raspberry Sugar-Free?

Sonic’s raspberry syrup is sugar-free.

Does Sonic’s Ice Have Sugar in it?

The slush base (a plain slush with no syrup) at Sonic contains sugar. The slush base is made of ice and sugar before syrup and add-ins are added.

Do Sonic Strawberry Have Sugar In?

Sonic’s strawberry syrup does contain sugar.

How Much Sugar is in Sonic Strawberry?

There is the following sugar in Sonic’s strawberry syrup.

  • Small Sonic Strawberry Syrup – 6g of sugar
  • Medium Sonic Strawberry Syrup – 11g of sugar
  • Large Sonic Strawberry Syrup – 17g of sugar

Is Sonic Peach Flavor Sugar-Free?

Sonic’s peach syrup is sugar-free.

Does Sonic Have Sugar-Free Peach?

Sonic does have a sugar-free peach syrup.

Does Sonic Have Sugar-Free Cherry?

Sonic has a sugar-free cherry syrup as well as a regular cherry syrup.

How Much Sugar is in a Sonic Ice Cream Cone?

There are 17g of sugar in a Sonic vanilla ice cream cone.

Is Sonic Ocean Water Sugar-Free?

Sonics ocean water is not sugar-free.

How Much Sugar is in Sonic’s Ocean Water?

  • Small Sonic Ocean Water – 31g of sugar.
  • Medium Sonic Ocean Water – 52g of sugar.
  • Large Sonic Ocean Water – 79g of sugar.

Does Sonic Have a Sugar-Free Milkshake?

Sonic does not have sugar-free milkshakes.

Everything You Want To Know About Sugar In Sonic Drinks - sonic

Everything You Want to Know About Sugar-Free Drinks at Sonic – The Final Bite

Everything you want to know about sugar-free drinks at Sonic. What have we learned from the above? Well, when it comes to drinks at Sonic there is a bunch of sugar-free and low-sugar drink options. These are the usual items such as Diet Sodas, Water, Black Coffee, and Unsweetened Iced Tea. When it comes to the Sonic Slush – these drinks unfortunately are not sugar-free. This means if you want to have a small Slush expect your drink to have at least 48g of sugar.

And Remember…

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