20 Lowest Sugar Popeyes Items You Need To Know About

Lowest sugar items you need to know about at Popeyes. In this post, I am going to be sharing the 20 lowest sugar items available on the menu at Popeyes and answer some frequently asked questions when it comes to sugar and Popeyes food items. I will go through the sugar content for all Popeyes entrees, sides, breakfast items, sauces, and drinks. So, if you love Popeyes and Fried Chicken it’s time to find out how much sugar goes into Popeyes food.

How Much Sugar Is In Popeyes Chicken?

As a general rule, Popeyes is a fairly low-sugar fast food restaurant. The chicken, seafood, biscuits, and most sides are very low-sugar options. The high-sugar items are coleslaw, corn on the cob, sodas, juice, desserts, BBQ sauce, and sweet heat sauce.

Summary Table – Lowest Sugar Popeyes Food Items

Below is a summary table of the 25 lowest sugar food items at Popeyes together with the sugar content per serving of each item.

Lowest Sugar Popeyes ItemsSugar Content
Lowest Sugar Pop Eye Entrees 
Signature Chicken0g
Tenders & Nuggets0g
Seafood: – Butter corn shrimp – Butterfly shrimp – Catfish fillet0g
Lowest Sugar Popeyes Sides 
Red Rice & Beans0g
Cajun Rice0g
Regular Cajun Fries0g
Plain Biscuit1g
Regular Green Beans2g
Regular Onion Rings2g
Lowest Sugar Popeyes Breakfasts 
Hash Rounds0g
Biscuits (Chicken, Sausage, Egg, Egg & Sausage and Bacon Biscuit)2g
Lowest Sugar Popeyes Sauces 
Bayou Buffalo0g
Tartar Sauce0.5g
Blackened Ranch Sauce1g
Buttermilk Ranch Sauce1g
Lowest Sugar Popeyes Drinks 
Diet Pepsi0g
Diet Coke0g
Unsweetened  Tea0g

What Foods Are High In Sugar At Popeyes?

Before I continued with the list of the lowest sugar items at Popeyes (all items in the list contain 2g of sugar or less) I thought it would be helpful to quickly run over the handful of high-sugar items to avoid Popeyes.

Overall Popeyes is a lower-sugar fast food joint, but here are the high-sugar items to avoid:

  • Large coleslaw contains 27g of sugar
  • Large corn on the cob (3 pieces) contains 18g of sugar
  • Orange juice contains 30g of sugar
  • Regular sodas contain up to 82g of sugar
  • The bold BBQ dipping sauce contains 13g of sugar
  • The sweet heat sauce contains 16g of sugar
  • Skip the desserts which are all high in sugar.
20 Lowest Sugar Popeyes Items You Need To Know About - fried chicken

20 Lowest Sugar Items Available at Popeyes

In this section, I will go through the lowest sugar items available at Popeyes. I have divided the section into Entrees, Sides, Breakfast Items, Sauces, and Drinks.

Lowest Sugar Entrees At Popeyes

1. Signature Chicken – 0g of Sugar

All Popeyes signature chicken items contain 0g of Sugar:               

  • Whole wing
  • Leg
  • Thigh
  • Breast

These signature chicken items can be ordered classic or spicy.

2. Tenders and Nuggets – 0g-0.5g

The following tenders and Nuggets items at Popeyes contain 0g of sugar:

  • Tenders – classic, spicy, or blackened (all sizes)
  • 8 pieces of nuggets

All chicken at Popeyes contains 0g of sugar, apart from 12 pieces of chicken nuggets which contain 0.5g of sugar.

3. Seafood – 0g of Sugar

The following seafood orders at Popeyes contain 0g of sugar:

  • Butter corn shrimp
  • Butterfly shrimp
  • Catfish fillet

The only seafood item at Popeyes that doesn’t contain 0g of sugar is the Cajan fish fillet which contains 4g of sugar.

Lowest Sugar Sides At Popeyes

4. Red Rice and Beans – 0g of Sugar

The red rice and beans are a great zero-sugar side to order at Popeyes.

5. Cajun Rice – 0g of Sugar

If you aren’t such a fan of beans, then the Cajun Rice is also a zero-sugar side order at Popeyes.

6. Regular Cajun Fries – 0g of Sugar

If you are more of a fries person then rest assured that the rice is not the only Popeyes side that is sugar-free. A regular portion of Popeyes’ fries also contains 0g of sugar.

7. Grits – 0g of Sugar

If old-fashioned grits are your side of choice, then good news – these are also sugar-free.

8. Plain Biscuit – 1g of Sugar

If you want to add a plain biscuit to your meal at Popeyes that will only add 1g of sugar to your meal.

9. Regular Green Beans – 2g of Sugar

If you want to get some of your five a day in Popeyes then it’s great to know that a regular portion of their green beans contains 2g of sugar.

10. Regular Onion Rings – 2g of Sugar

A regular portion of onion rings at Popeyes contains 2g of sugar. This is low for a portion of onion rings.

Lowest Sugar Breakfast Items at Popeyes

8. Hash Rounds – 0g of Sugar

If you find yourself in a Popeyes at breakfast time and wondering what lower sugar breakfasts are then I recommend the hash rounds. These come in at 0g of sugar.

9. Biscuits (Chicken, Sausage, Egg, Egg & Sausage, and Bacon Biscuit) – 2g of Sugar

If you want a breakfast biscuit whilst at Popeyes then they are a low-sugar option. The chicken, sausage, egg, egg & sausage, and bacon biscuits all contain just 2g of sugar.

Lowest Sugar Sauces at Popeyes

9. Bayou Buffalo – 0g of Sugar

Ok, so I have listed a lot of zero-sugar sides but how about a 0g sugar dipping sauce to dip them in? Enter the Bayou Buffalo – this is Popeyes’ lowest sugar dipping sauce containing 0g of sugar.

10. Tartar Sauce – 0.5g of Sugar

The second lowest sugar dipping sauce at Popeyes is their tartar sauce which contains 0.5g of sugar per serving.

11. Blackened Ranch Sauce – 1g of Sugar

The blackened ranch sauce is another lower-sugar sauce at Popeyes at 1g of sugar per serving.

12. Buttermilk Ranch Sauce – 1g of Sugar

Finally, on the sauce front, the last dipping sauce that contains 1g of sugar is Popeye’s buttermilk ranch dipping sauce.

Lowest Sugar Drinks at Popeyes

10. Coffee – 0g of Sugar

If you want a caffeine hit whilst at Popeyes then one of their black coffees is sugar-free.

11. Diet Coke – 0g of Sugar

You can’t go wrong with a Diet Coke coming in at 0g of sugar to wash your Popeyes meal with. A 22oz regular coke contains 73g of sugar in comparison.

12. Diet Pepsi – 0g of Sugar

If you are more of a Pepsi drinker, then Popeyes also have Diet Pepsi. This is quite unusual for a food chain to have both Pepsi and Coca-Cola. Usually, fast food joints will one just one or the other.

Diet Pepsi of course also contains 0g of sugar. A cup of full-sugar Pepsi in comparison contains 70g of sugar.

13. Unsweetened Tea – 0g of Sugar

Iced tea is the ultimate summer pick me up so it’s great that Popeyes have iced tea on its menu. Just make sure to order unsweetened tea and not sweetened tea which contains 45g of sugar.

F&Q Sugar at Popeyes

Is There Sugar in Popeyes Chicken?

There is no sugar in Popeye’s Chicken. All chicken at Popeyes contains 0g of sugar, apart from 12 pieces of chicken nuggets which contain 0.5g of sugar.

How Much Sugar Is In A Popeye’s Chicken Sandwich?

There are 7.5g of sugar in a Pop Eye’s Chicken Sandwich – for both the classic and spicy sandwich.

How Much Sugar Is In Popeyes Mashed Potatoes?

There is 1g of Sugar in a regular-sized mashed potato with Cajan gravy at Popeyes. There are 3g of sugar in a large portion of mashed potatoes with Cajan gravy at Popeyes.

20 Lowest Sugar Popeyes Items You Need To Know About - Popeyes

20 Lowest Sugar Popeyes Items You Need To Know About – The Final Bite

Lowest sugar Popeyes items you need to know about. What have we learned from the above? Well, when it comes to sugar at Popeyes you need to know that the fried chicken contains 0g of added sugar. The same is true for the fried seafood items as well. In fact, when it comes to sugar content the main things you really need to watch out for at Popeyes are regular (non-diet) Sodas and sweetened ice teas. All of the 20 items I picked contain 2g of sugar or all – more than sufficient choice for you to pick yourself a lower sugar meal from.

And Remember…

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Ingredients and/or manufacturing processes may change. Always double-check ingredient lists and nutritional information before purchasing any food items.


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