25 Lowest Sugar Bojangles Menu Items (5g or Less)

25 Lowest Sugar Bojangles Menu Items (5g or Less)

Lowest sugar Bojangles menu Items (5g of sugar or less). In this post, I am going to be sharing the 25 lowest sugar items available on the menu from Bojangles. Known for its fried chicken, Bojangles offers a selection of southern-style fast food. But what exactly are the lowest sugar options on the menu at Bojangles? Let’s find out.

What Are The Lower Sugar Options At Bojangles?

As a general rule, Bojangles is a lower-sugar fast food chain to order from. Most items are low in sugar apart from the slaw, full sugar drinks, desserts, and BBQ and honey-based dressings. The chicken, biscuits, diet drinks, salads, unsweetened iced tea, and all sides apart from the slaw are great low-sugar options at Bojangles.

Summary Table – Low Sugar Bojangles Menu Items

Below is a summary table of the low-sugar items at Bojangles together with the sugar content per serving for each portion. I have divided the table into entrees, sides, dressing and sauces, and drinks.

Low Sugar Bojangles Menu ItemsSugar Content (Per Individual Portion)
Lowest Sugar Bojangles Entrees 
Chicken (Breast, Leg, Thigh, Wing & Supremes)0g
Chicken Tenders1g
Garden, Grilled Chicken, and Chicken Supreme Salads2g
Biscuits (apart from gravy biscuits)4g-5g
Roasted Chicken Bites5g
Lowest Sugar Bojangles Sides 
Small and Medium Seasoned Fries0g
Bo-Tato Rounds0g
Dirty Rice1g
Mashed Potato N Old Fashioned Gravy1g
Mashed Potato N Brown Gravy1g
Homestyle Cheese Garlic Croutons1g
Mashed Potato N Gravy2g
Green Beans2g
Mac N Cheese3g
Cajan Pintos5g
Lowest Sugar Bojangles Dressings & Sauces 
Ken’s Buttermilk’s Ranch Dressing1g
Ken’s Blue Cheese Dressings2g
Ken’s Fat-Free Italian Dressing3g
Ranch Sauce3g
Bos Special Sauce5g
Lowest Sugar Bojangles Drinks 
Diet Mountain Dew0g
Diet Pepsi0g
Unsweetened Tea0g

How To Order Low Sugar At Bojangles

Here are some general rules for how to order low-sugar at Bojangles:

  • choose plain chicken over roasted chicken bites or a chicken sandwich or bowl.
  • the lowest sugar sides are the fries, grits, and bo-pato rounds.
  • avoid the slaw which is the highest sugar side.
  • avoid the BBQ sauce, honey mustard sauce Ken’s honey dijon dressing.
  • the lowest sugar dressing is Ken’s Buttermilk’s Ranch Dressing.
  • stick to diet soda, coffee, and unsweetened iced tea; and
  • skip dessert.
25 Lowest Sugar Bojangles Menu Items (5g or Less) - fries

25 Lowest Sugar Bojangles Menu Items

In this section, I will go through my picks for the lowest-sugar Bojangles menu items. Each item I pick contains 5g or less of sugar.

The sugar content for all the items listed is based on individual portions (not the picnic portions).

1. Chicken (Breast, Leg, Thigh, Wing & Supremes) – 0g of Sugar

First up – the menu item Bojangles is known for is chicken. The breast, leg, thigh, wing, and supreme chicken options all contain 0g of sugar.

The chicken tenders and roasted chicken bites contain a little more sugar – see below.

As a general rule, the chicken is a lower sugar option at Bojangles than the sandwiches (6g-8g of sugar) and the chicken rice bowl (11g of sugar).

2. Small and Medium Seasoned Fries – 0g of Sugar

A small or medium-sized portion of the seasoned fries at Bojangles contains 0g of sugar. Even the picnic size only contains 2g of sugar.

Best yet – they are seasoned in Bojangles’ famous seasoning!

A main of chicken with a side of seasoned fries will contain 0g of sugar – pretty good going for an entree and side.

3. Grits – 0g of Sugar

If a zero-sugar classic Southern breakfast is what you are craving at Bojangles, then enter Bojangle’s grits! Bojangles grits contain 0g of sugar.

4. Bo-Tato Rounds – 0g of Sugar

Bo-tato rounds at Bojangles are savory potatoes, fried to a golden brown (essentially a small round hash brown) with a hint of onion. So, if you find yourself in Bojangles at breakfast time and want a low-sugar option the Bo-tato rounds are it!

5. Coffee – 0g of Sugar

Coffee is the perfect caffeinated drink to wash your bo-tato rounds or grits breakfast down with. Coffee contains 0g of sugar.

6. Diet Mountain Dew – 0g of Sugar

One of the two diet sodas at Bojangles is Diet Mountain Dew. Diet Mountain Dew contains 0g of sugar. In comparison, a large full-sugar Mountain Dew contains 116g of sugar.

7. Diet Pepsi – 0g of Sugar

The other zero-sugar soda at Bojangles is Diet Pepsi, which of course also contains 0g of sugar in all sizes. In comparison, a large full-sugar Pepsi contains 112g of sugar.

8. Unsweetened Tea – 0g of Sugar

The final zero-sugar drink at Bojangles is their unsweetened tea. This is a better option than their sweet tea for those who are sugar conscious – a large cup of their sweet tea contains 88g of sugar.

9. Chicken Tenders – 1g of Sugar

The chicken tenders at Bojangles are another lower-sugar option at 1g of sugar.

10. Dirty Rice – 1g of Sugar

The dirty rice at Bojangles consists of rice, sausage, and a special blend of seasonings. It is another great low-sugar side coming in at 1g of sugar.

11. Mashed Potato N Old Fashioned Gravy – 1g of Sugar

There are 3 types of mashed potato N gravy at Bojangles and all three are low in sugar. First up – mashed potato N Old Fashioned Gravy for when you are in an old-fashioned mood. This type of mashed potato and gravy contains 1g of sugar.

12. Mashed Potato N Brown Gravy – 1g of Sugar

The Mashed Potato N Brown Gravy at Bojangles is also a low-sugar option at 1g of sugar.

13. Homestyle Cheese Garlic Croutons – 1g of Sugar

The cheese garlic croutons at Bojangles only contain 1g of sugar, making them a great way of fancying up your salad without going crazy in the sugar department.

14. Ken’s Buttermilk’s Ranch Dressing – 1g of Sugar

If you are trying to decide on what dressing to add to your salad (see below), then the lowest sugar option is Ken’s buttermilk ranch dressing.

15. Ken’s Blue Cheese Dressing – 2g of Sugar

Another lower-sugar salad dressing at Bojangles is Ken’s blue cheese dressing which contains 2g of sugar.

16. Garden, Grilled Chicken, and Chicken Supreme Salads – 2g of Sugar

The salads at Bojangles are great low-sugar entrees. The garden, grilled chicken, and chicken supreme salads only contain 2g of sugar. The roasted chicken bites salad is a little higher at 7g of sugar.

17. Mashed Potatoes N Gravy- 2g of Sugar

The OG Mashed Potato N Gravy clocks in at 2g of sugar per individual serving.

18. Green Beans – 2g of Sugar

If you want to add some veggies to your Bojangles meal, then rest assured this won’t do much damage in the sugar department. A portion of green beans contains 2g of sugar.

19. Mac N Cheese – 3g of Sugar

If you want a creamy side at Bojangles then it’s good to know that the Mac n Cheese contains 3g of sugar.

20. Ken’s Fat-Free Italian Dressing – 3g of Sugar

Although Ken’s Italian dressing isn’t as low as the blue cheese or buttermilk dressings, it is still a relatively lower sugar dressing at 3g of sugar.

21. Ranch Sauce – 3g of Sugar

If ranch dressing is your thing, then it’s good to know a serving of ranch sauce contains 3g of sugar. Ranch sauce is the lowest sugar dipping sauce at Bojangles.

22. Biscuits (apart from Gravy Biscuit) – 4g-5g of Sugar

All the biscuits at Bojangles (apart from the gravy biscuit) contain 4g-5g of sugar. These biscuits consist of the following:

  • Plain Biscuit – 4g of Sugar
  • Sausage & egg biscuit – 4g of Sugar
  • Sausage biscuit – 4g of Sugar
  • Southern fillet – 4g of Sugar
  • Steak – 4g of Sugar
  • Cajan fillet biscuit – 4g of Sugar
  • Country egg & ham – 4g of Sugar
  • Country ham – 4g of Sugar
  • Egg & cheese – 4g of Sugar
  • Bacon, egg & cheese – 5g of Sugar
  • Old fashioned gravy biscuit – 5g of Sugar

Adding egg or American cheese to your biscuit won’t impact sugar content.

23. Roasted Chicken Bites – 5g of Sugar

The roasted chicken bites are the highest sugar chicken option at Bojangles at 5g of sugar. But the roasted chicken bites are still lower in sugar than the sandwich and bowl options.

24. Cajan Pintos – 5g of Sugar

Do you like the sound of slow-cooked pinto beans seasoned with a bold blend of seasonings? A portion of Cajan pintos at Bojangles contains 5g of sugar.

25. Bos Special Sauce – 5g of Sugar

Bojangle’s signature creamy roast red pepper sauce contains 5g of sugar per serving.

25 Lowest Sugar Bojangles Menu Items (5g or Less) - Meal

F&Q Bojangles Low Sugar

How Much Sugar is in a Bojangles Biscuit?

All Bojangles savory biscuits contain 4g-5g of sugar, except for the Gravy Biscuit which contains 8g of sugar.

How Much Sugar in Bojangles Bo-Berry Biscuit?

There are 18g of sugar in a Bojangles Bo-Berry biscuit.

How Much Sugar is in Bojangles Fries?

A small and medium size portion of Bojangle’s fries contains 0g of sugar. A picnic serving of Bojangle’s Fries contains 2g of sugar.

Does Bojangles Slaw Have Sugar In It?

Bojangles Slaw contains sugar. There are 17g of sugar in an individual portion of Bojangle’s slaw and 55g of sugar in a picnic portion of Bojangle’s slaw.

How Much Sugar Is In A Large Bojangles Iced Tea?

A large 32oz Bojangles sweet tea contains 88g of sugar. A large 32oz cup of Bojangle’s unsweetened iced tea contains 0g of sugar.

25 Lowest Sugar Bojangles Menu Items (5g or Less) - Drinks

25 Lowest Sugar Bojangles Menu Items (5g or Less) – The Final Bite

Lowest sugar Bojangles menu items. What have we learned from the above? Well, when it comes to their signature item – chicken – Bojangles’ chicken contains 0g of sugar. The same is true for its fries, grits, and Bo-to rounds. This means if you are looking for a lower-sugar meal from Bojangles you could order the chicken and fries for a zero-sugar meal. If you want to add gravy or biscuits these will contain sugar – the amount varies depending on what gravy or biscuit you order.

And Remember…

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