What Are The Best Low and Zero Sugar Drinks At Gas Stations?

Best zero sugar and low sugar drinks to grab at Gas Stations and Convenience Stores. What exactly are some of the best zero sugar and low sugar drink options at Gas Stations and Convenience Stores? In this post, I am going to provide an easy-to-use guide on what drinks to look for at Gas Stations and Convenience Stores if you want a lower sugar drink option. Gas stations form such an important part of everyday life, whether you are road tripping or just topping up with fuel. Whatever you are doing, Gas Stations and Convenience Stores, such as 76, 7-Eleven, K-Mart, Arco, Shell, etc., offer sometimes a well-deserved and needed drink.

But what if you are in desperate need of a drink and want something lower in sugar or with zero sugar? Well, below I go through 10 options you will be able to find at every Gas Station and Convenience Store.

What are the Best Lower Sugar and Zero Sugar Options at Gas Stations and Stores?

Some of the best low to zero sugar drinks you can grab in gas stations and convenience stores are:

  • flavored or sparkling water
  • diet vitamin water
  • brewed coffee
  • iced coffee
  • iced tea
  • coconut water
  • diet soda                    
  • diet sports drink
  • hot tea

This post is going to look at the best low-sugar drinks to buy from gas stations and convenience stores like 7-Eleven and K-Mart. So, let’s dig in, what are the best zero sugar and low sugar drinks to grab at gas stations and convenience stores?

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10 Best Zero Sugar and Low Sugar Drinks at Gas Stations and Convenience Stores

1. Water

Taking the first spot should be no surprise. Water is the ultimate low-sugar drink that you can literally buy at any gas station or convenience store. Water is such an overlooked zero sugar drink, but it really is the original zero sugar drink.

2. Flavored or Sparkling Water

If you are one of those people who find plain water just too boring, then sparkling or lightly flavored water could be a good lower-sugar alternative option for you.

Sparkling mineral water like St Pellegrino is a great drink to grab at a gas station that still feels a bit special but does not contain any sugar.

If you love at least a hint of flavor in your water then sparkling water which is naturally flavored like La Croix could be a great option for you. These types of drinks are just made from carbonated water and a natural flavor, and it contains zero sugar. Gas stations and convenience stores often stock flavored waters.

If you are craving a fruit-flavored drink, then a fruit flavored sparkling water tends to be lower in sugar than juice.,

3. Diet Vitamin Water

A diet vitamin enhanced water such as “Vitamin Water Zero Sugar” is a great zero sugar drink option that also provides vitamins at the same time. These vitamin waters are enhanced with vitamins and minerals as well as electrolytes to rehydrate.

4. Brewed Coffee

Brewed coffee is an amazing zero-sugar pick-me-up that you can grab at some gas stations and convenience stores. You really can’t go wrong with a freshly brewed coffee (unless you don’t fancy caffeine – then opt for a decaf). Just remember if you add milk or cream it will contain sugar.

5. Iced Coffee

If you need a caffeine hit when visiting a gas station, but at the same time want a refreshing drink then an iced coffee may be the drink for you. Not all gas stations have iced coffee, but a lot do.

Just to clarify I’m not talking about pre-packed iced coffee bottles from the fridge (which are often high in sugar). I am talking about black iced coffee made on-site at a convenience store or gas station.

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6. Iced Tea

Unsweetened iced tea is a great refreshing pick-me-up that can be picked up in most convenient stores and some gas stations. An unsweetened tea almost always contains 0g of sugar.

If you just can’t deal with your iced tea being unsweetened you could opt to add in some Splenda or equivalent to artificially sweetened your tea without the added sugar of sweetened iced tea.

7. Coconut Water

A no added sugar coconut water is a great drink to grab from the fridge in a gas station or convenience store. There will still be some naturally occurring sugar, but no added sugar coconut water is still a low sugar drinks option from a gas station. All those electrolytes will help hydrate you too.

Zico is a great no added sugar coconut water.

Coconut water can be an acquired taste, but personally, it is something I really enjoy. I always choose the pulp-free versions.

8. Diet Soda

Okay, so diet soda may not be the healthiest drink on this list, but it is sugar-free.

Regular sodas contain a lot of sugar so if you have a serious soda craving when visiting a gas station then opt for a diet soda such as Diet Coke or Diet Pepsi rather than the full sugar equivalent.

9. Diet Sports Drink

Looking to rehydrate? Then how about a diet sports drink with electrolytes? Sports drinks are a great drink if you have just been working out. Original versions of sports drinks can tend to contain quite a lot of sugar, but if you choose a diet Sports Drink such as Gatorade Zero Sugar or Propel Zero Sugar you can rehydrate without any of the sugar.

10. Hot Tea

Not all, but some gas stations and convenience stores offer a selection of hot teas.

Hot tea is a warming and comforting drink. If no milk or sugar is added, a cup of tea almost always contains 0g of sugar.

If you want a caffeine hit from your cup of tea you can go for Earl Grey or black tea. If you don’t want caffeine then herbal tea such as peppermint, chamomile, ginger, or green tea can be a great option.

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Best Low Sugar Drinks to Grab at Gas Stations and Convenience Stores – The Final Bite

Best low sugar drinks to grab at Gas Stations and Convenience Stores. What have we learned from the above? Well, to be honest, nothing that should be too surprising. Gas Stations and Convenience stores are full of options and choices for refreshments and beverages. Whether it is bucket-sized soda drinks or frozen “Slurpee”-like creations, it is easy to end up walking out with something that can contain a lot of sugar.

If you want to keep the sugar content down your best bet is to stick with black coffee, tea, water, or zero-sugar vitamin water. If you are desperate for something sweeter then opt for a diet soda. Always diet.

And Remember…

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Ingredients and/or manufacturing processes may change. Always double-check ingredient lists and nutritional information before purchasing any food items.


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