Best Zero Sugar and Low Sugar Drinks from PJ's Coffee

Best Zero Sugar and Low Sugar Drinks from PJ’s Coffee

Best zero sugar and low sugar drinks from PJ’s Coffee. In this post, I want to share the best zero sugar and low sugar drinks from PJ’s Coffee of New Orleans coffee stores. In it, I will go through all 13 of the lowest sugar options at PJ’s coffee as well as answer some FAQs when it comes to sugar and PJ’s Coffee. Located mostly in the South, as well as Colorado and California, PJ’s aims to bring a taste of New Orleans coffee wherever you go together with its signature iced coffees. But what exactly are the best zero sugar and low sugar drinks at PJ’s Coffee? Let’s find out.

What are the Best Lower-Sugar Drinks at PJ’s Coffee?

The best zero and low-sugar drinks at PJ’s Coffee are:

  • Iced Tea
  • Hot Tea
  • Hot Coffee
  • Nitro
  • Espresso
  • Americano
  • Cold brew
  • Single Macchiato
  • Cafe Au Lait
  • Protein Velvet Ice Granita
  • Cappuccino
  • Green Tea Mojito Tea Mixer
  • Skinny Vanilla Latte

13 Zero Sugar and Low Sugar Drinks at PJ’s Coffee?

 1. Iced Tea – 0g of Sugar

The iced tea at PJ’s coffee comes in a selection of flavors – High Mountain Black, Citrus Green, and Berried Treasures. It’s nice that you can choose the flavor of your zero-sugar iced tea! The berried treasures in particular sound yummy.

2. Hot Tea – 0g of Sugar

If you prefer your tea hot and cozy, then rest assured a hot tea at PJ’s coffee also contains 0g of sugar. It’s also great to know that all of PJ’s teas are hand-picked, organic, and fair trade.

3. Hot Coffee – 0g of Sugar

Hot coffee at PJ’s – simple, but oh-so-satisfying and 0g of sugar. PJ’s offers a selection of Coffees origins and Direct Trade coffees. The selections of coffee available vary daily at each location.

4. Nitro – 0g of Sugar

The nitro coffee at PJ’s Coffee consists of cold brew iced coffee infused with nitrogen gas creating a creamy, stout-like effect.

5. Espresso – 0g of Sugar

Espresso is a great zero sugar pick me up at all coffee shops. PJ’s Coffee is no exception.

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6. Americano – 0g of Sugar

An Americano is another awesome zero-sugar coffee to order at any coffee shop. An Americano is basically an espresso with hot water poured over it.

7. Original Cold Brew – 1g of Sugar in All Sizes

The cold brew at PJ’s Coffee is cold brew iced coffee served over ice and topped with a splash of milk. A small cup only contains 1g of sugar (naturally occurring from the milk).

8. Single Macchiato Espresso – 1g of Sugar

Another great drink containing only 1g of sugar at PJ’s is a single Macchiato Espresso. Macchiato means “marked” in Italian and the drink is a traditional serving of espresso, marked with a dollop of foamed milk. A single serving contains 1g of sugar – again this is naturally occurring from the milk.

9. Small Cafe Au Lait – 5g of Sugar

A cafe au lait is a New Orleans specialty. PJ’s cafe au lait is made with PJ’s coffee and a generous splash of steamed milk. A small cup contains 5g of sugar – again naturally occurring from the milk.

10. Protein Velvet Ice Granita – 6g-10g of Sugar

The protein Velvet Ice Granita is the only PJ’s Granita to make this list. Whilst the other granitas can contain as much as 38g of sugar in a small and up to 88g of sugar in a large, the Protein Velvet Ice Granita only contains 6g of sugar in a small, 8g of sugar in a medium, and 10g of sugar in a large.

The protein Velvet Ice Granita is made of PJ’s homemade, ultra-low-calorie original cold brew concentrate, fat-free milk, and protein concentrate.

11. Small Cappuccino – 8g of Sugar

If you love your coffee frothy then it’s good to know a small cappuccino from PJ’s only contains 8g of sugar. This is all naturally occurring from the milk.

12. Small Green Tea Mojito Tea Mixer – 11g Of Sugar

If you love a mojito, then the green tea mojito tea mixer from PJ’s is going to be right up your street. It is made from Numi Citrus Green Iced Tea sweetened with a Mojito syrup and garnished with a lime wheel. A small PJ’s green tea mojito tea mixer contains 11g of sugar.

13. Small Skinny Vanilla Latte – 12g of Sugar

If you love flavored lattes but are watching your sugar intake, then definitely order a small skinny vanilla latte next time you are at PJ’s Coffee. A small skinny vanilla latte from PJ’s contains 12g of sugar.

PJ’s also have sugar-free chocolate syrup and sugar-free white chocolate syrup if you want mocha vibes.

Frequently Asked Questions – Sugar and PJ’s Coffee Drinks

Now I will deal with a few of those frequently asked questions I know you have about the sugar content of PJ’s Coffee drinks.

How Much Sugar is in a PJ’s Granita?

Cup SizeGranita Sugar ContentMocha Granita Sugar ContentCaramel Granita Sugar ContentVelvet Ice Granita Sugar ContentChai Velvet Ice Granita Sugar ContentProtein Velvet Ice Granita Sugar Content

Does PJ’s Coffee Have Sugar-Free Syrups?

PJ’s Coffee has the following 3 sugar-free syrups available:

  1. Sugar-free vanilla syrup
  2. Sugar-free chocolate syrup, and
  3. Sugar-free white chocolate syrup.

Sugar Free and Low Sugar Drinks at PJ's Coffee

Best Zero Sugar and Low Sugar Drinks from PJ’s Coffee – The Final Bite

The best zero sugar and low sugar drinks from PJ’s Coffee. What did we learn from the above? Well, when it comes to sugar and drinks from PJ’s Coffee there is a pretty good selection of drinks available. Whilst some of the usual options are on the list such as an Americano, Cold Brew, Espresso, etc, there are a few unique options you can choose from and still have a lower sugar drink. These include their signature Café Au Lait, Protein Velvet Iced Granita, and a Green Tea Mojito Mixer. All sound like pretty great options to me.

And Remember…

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