Is there a lot of sugar in Milkshakes

Is There a Lot of Sugar in a Milkshake?

Is there a lot of sugar in a Milkshake? Milkshakes. They are thick, cold, creamy, and packed with sugar. Or are they? I mean who doesn’t love a milkshake – especially a thick and gooey strawberry one? But hang on exactly how much sugar is in a milkshake? Well, this is the question I am going to be answering in this post today.

In order to answer this question, I have compiled the sugar content data of the milkshakes at five of the big fast-food chains – McDonald’s, Burger King, Arby’s, Baskin-Robbins, and Five Guys. I will answer questions like: “Is the sugar content of the milkshakes different across the different chains?” and “Is there much variation in the sugar content between the different sizes and flavors?

All these important questions will be answered in this post. I will also answer some Frequently Asked Questions when it comes to the sugar content of Milkshakes.

So, let’s dig in, is there a lot of sugar in milkshakes?

How Much Sugar is in Milkshakes?

As a general rule, there is a lot of sugar in milkshakes. A large milkshake can contain as much as 160g of sugar. A small vanilla milkshake tends to be the lowest sugar milkshake option at fast food chains, followed by a small peanut butter shake.

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McDonald's Milkshakes


How Much Sugar is in A McDonald’s Milkshake?

Below is the sugar content data for the three flavors of milkshakes in the three available sizes at McDonald’s.

As you can see, the best way to limit your sugar content when ordering a milkshake at McDonald’s is to order a small vanilla shake. Whilst still high in sugar at 51g of sugar, it does still have half the sugar content of a large chocolate or strawberry shake.

Cup SizeMcDonald’s Chocolate Milkshake Sugar ContentMcDonald’s Vanilla Milkshake Sugar ContentMcDonald’s Strawberry Milkshake Sugar Content

Are McDonald’s Milkshakes High in Sugar?

All milkshakes are high in sugar, but McDonald’s Milkshakes are lower in sugar than the milkshakes at other popular fast-food chains.

How Many Spoonsful of Sugar Are in A McDonald’s Milkshake?

There are 13-27 teaspoons of sugar in a McDonald’s milkshake, depending on the size, and flavor ordered.

How Many Grams of Sugar Are in A Large McDonald’s Milkshake?

There are 85g of sugar in a large vanilla McDonald’s milkshake. 106g of sugar in a large McDonald’s chocolate milkshake, and 107g of sugar in a large McDonald’s Strawberry milkshake.

Burger King Milkshakes

Burger King

How Many Grams of Sugar Are in A Burger King Milkshake?

Burger King has 5 flavors of milkshakes and just one cup size. Below I have collated the sugar content data for the 5 Burger King shake flavors. As you can see, again the lowest sugar flavor is the vanilla milkshake at Burger King at 79g of sugar.

Burger King Milkshake FlavorSugar Content
Oreo Cookie84.8g
Chocolate Oreo Cookie91g

How Much Sugar is in A Burger King Strawberry Milkshake?

There are 90.3g of sugar in a Burger King strawberry milkshake.

How Much Sugar is in A Burger King Chocolate Milkshake?

There are 82.6g of sugar in a Burger King chocolate milkshake.


How Much Sugar Is In An Arby’s Milkshake?

Below I have compiled the sugar content data for the 4 flavors and 2 sizes of shakes at Arby’s. Again, a regular vanilla shake at Arby’s is your lowest sugar option at 64g of sugar.

Arbys’ Milkshake Cup SizeSugar In Arby’s Chocolate MilkshakeSugar In Arby’s Vanilla MilkshakeSugar In Arby’s Jamocha MilkshakeSugar In Arby’s Orange Cream Milkshake

How Much Sugar is in A Large Arby’s Shake?

There are 95g-118g of sugar in a large Arby’s shake depending on the flavor.

How Much Sugar is in An Arby’s Jamocha Shake?

There are 74g of sugar in a regular-size Arby’s Jamocha Shake and 116g of sugar in a large Arby’s Jamocha Shake.


How Much Sugar is in A Baskin Robbins Milkshake?

Below I have put together the sugar content data for the 9 shake flavors at Baskin-Robbins in the three sizes. As you can see the lowest sugar shake options at Baskin Robbins are the small vanilla and small peanut butter ‘n chocolate at 66g of sugar.

Baskin Robbin’s Milkshake FlavorSugar In A Small CupSugar In A Medium CupSugar In A Large Cup
Chocolate Chip68g102g135g
Chocolate Chip Cookie Dough78g116g155g
Gold Medal Ribbon73g110g146g
Mint Chocolate Chip68g102g136g
Oreo Cookies N Cream71g106g142g
Peanut Butter N Chocolate66g99g132g
Very Berry Strawberry72g108g144g

Five Guys

How Much Sugar Is In A Five Guys Milkshake?

The milkshakes work slightly differently at Five Guys. There is just one base milkshake flavor at Five Guys and that is vanilla.

There are 82g of sugar in a Five Guys vanilla milkshake base. If you add whipped cream that adds 1g of sugar bring the sugar content to 83g of sugar.

Below are the sugar contents for the different toppings you can then have added to your milkshake.

Five Guys Milkshake Add-InsSugar Content
Oreo creme23g
Oreo cookie pieces10g
Peanut butter4g
Reese’s Peanut Butter Cups14g
Salted Caramel28g

As you can see from the table unless you want to add bacon to your Milkshake (and who would want to do that?!) your lowest sugar option is peanut butter. The add-ins at Five Guys make a big difference – if you add just peanut butter, you are only adding 4g of sugar. However, if you add banana and salted caramel that’s 72g of extra sugar – almost as much as the vanilla base!


Sugar In Milkshakes F&Q

Do Milkshakes Have More Sugar Than Coke?

As a general rule, there is more sugar in a milkshake than in a can of Coke.

How much sugar is in Strawberry Milk - Strawberry Milk

Is There a Lot of Sugar in a Milkshake? – The Final Bite

Is there a lot of sugar in a milkshake? How can I answer this question delicately – yes. Yes, milkshakes from fast-food chains will contain a lot of sugar. There is no way of “sugar-coating” this (see what I did there). If you love fast-food shakes and are watching your sugar, then I am sorry to inform you that these two things are not compatible. The one thing I was especially surprised at was to learn that McDonald’s shakes are not the highest in sugar when compared to other fast-food brands I look at (if you order vanilla and in the smallest size).

And Remember…

Low Sugar Drinks at McDonald's

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