How much sugar is in Strawberry Milk

How Much Sugar is in Strawberry Milk?

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How much sugar is in Strawberry Milk? Strawberry milk. That pink milk that is pretty much exclusively reserved for children or grown-up children. But seriously though exactly how much sugar is in strawberry milk? That is the question that I am going to be answering in this post.

In order to answer this question, I selected 10 strawberry kinds of milk and compared the total sugar content in a 240ml serving. Some of the strawberry milks I looked at provide nutritional data for a different serving size – in these cases I pro-rated the sugar content so it is applicable to a 240ml serving. I then put these strawberry milks into the following list based on descending order of sugar content. So, make sure to read right to the end to find out what the lowest sugar strawberry milk is that I came across (spoiler alert – it’s an unusual strawberry milk).

So, let’s dig in – how much sugar is in strawberry milk?

How Much Sugar is in Strawberry Milk?

As a general rule, there are 20g-30g of total sugar in a 240ml serving of strawberry milk. Some alternative plant-based milks and strawberry milks that use sweeteners contain less sugar.

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Before I continue, just bear in mind that the below list is based on total sugar content – so both naturally occurring and added sugar.

Dairy milk itself is high in lactose which is a naturally occurring sugar. Many of the below brands do not specify added sugar content in their nutritional information, so the list is just based on total sugar content.

How much sugar is in Strawberry Milk - Strawberry Milk

Ranking 10 Strawberry Milks Based on Sugar Content

1. Nestle Nesquik Low Fat 1% Strawberry Milk – 30g of Sugar

Okay, so I can’t write a post on strawberry milk and not look at one of the most well-recognized strawberry milks out there – Nesquik.

Let’s face it, Nesquik is super popular with kids. It was something I remember growing up drinking.

But exactly how much sugar is in it? Well, sorry to disappoint but Nesquik low-fat strawberry milk was the highest-sugar strawberry milk I came across at 30g of sugar per 240ml serving.

If you are interested in the sugar content of regular unflavored 1% milk, then make sure to check out the following post I wrote – Which Milk Has the Least Amount of Sugar?

2. Rosa Brothers Strawberry milk   – 29g of Sugar

Rosa Brothers strawberry milk is slightly lower in sugar at 29g of sugar per serving.

3. Shamrock Farms Strawberry Milk – 28g of Sugar

Shamrock Farms strawberry milk is listed on its nutritional information as containing 42g of sugar in a 354ml serving. This is 28g of sugar if pro-rated to a 240 ml serving.

4. Lucerne Strawberry Partly Skimmed Milk – 26g of Sugar

Lucerne strawberry milk is made from partly skimmed milk. There are 27g of sugar in a 250 ml serving – which equates to 26g in a 240 ml serving.

5. Trumoo Strawberry Milk – 25g of Sugar

Trumoo Strawberry milk has a similar sugar content at 25g of sugar per cup serving – 14g of these are added sugars.

6. Binggrae Strawberry Flavored Milk – 24g of Sugar

Binggrae makes strawberry milk that is super popular in Korea. There are 20g of sugar in a 200 ml serving of Binggrae – this equates to 24g of sugar in a 240 ml serving.

7. Horizon Organic Shelf-Stable 1% Low Fat Strawberry Milk – 23g of Sugar

Next up is strawberry milk from Horizon. I have talked about Horizon here at Low Sugar Snax before in posts I have written looking at the sugar content of milks. For example – in the post I looked at the sugar content of choc milk (Is There A Lot Of Sugar In Chocolate Milk?) and separately in the post comparing the sugar content of half half and heavy cream (Which Has Less Sugar – Heavy Cream or Half Half?).

Anyway, back to Horizon strawberry milk – there are 23g of sugar per 236ml serving of Horizon strawberry milk.

8. Sangria Strawberry Milk – 20g of Sugar

Next up is a strawberry milk which is very popular in Japan. There are 23g of sugar in a 270 ml serving of Sangria strawberry milk. This equates to 20g of sugar in a 240 ml cup of Sangria.

9. Fairlife YUP! Low Fat Very Strawberry Flavor Strawberry Milk – 12g of Sugar

Next up is the lowest sugar dairy strawberry milk I personally came across and that is from Fairlife. I talked about Fairlife before in the post I wrote on the sugar content of lactose-free milk (Which Lactose Free Milk Contains the Least Sugar?) as well as in the post I wrote on the sugar content of chocolate milk (Is There A Lot Of Sugar In Chocolate Milk?).

Fairlife YUP! Strawberry milk is sweetened with sugar, sucralose, and acesulfame potassium. The fact that sweeteners are used to sweeten and not just sugar results in Fairlife’s strawberry milk being lower in sugar than the average strawberry milk.

 There are 12g of sugar in a 240ml cup of Fairlife strawberry milk – just 6g of these sugars are added.

You can see for yourself on Amazon here.

10. Mooala Organic Strawberry Banana Milk – 5g of Sugar

The lowest-sugar strawberry milk I can across in my search is a pretty unusual form of milk. And that is because it is banana milk.

Yes, you read that correctly – milk made from bananas.

Mooala makes its plant-based milk from organic bananas. There is no added sugar in their strawberry-flavored variety and just 5g of total sugar (from the fruit) per 240ml serving.

You can see for yourself on Amazon here.


Sugar In Strawberry Milk F&Q

Does Flavored Milk Contain More Sugar?

As a general rule, flavored milk contains more sugar than unflavored milk.

How much sugar is in Strawberry Milk - Strawberry Milk glass

How Much Sugar is in Strawberry Milk? – The Final Bite

How much sugar is in Strawberry Milk? What have we learned from the above? Well, if you love the “pink stuff” (aka Strawberry Milk) you need to be a bit more cautious if you are watching your sugar intake. This is because Strawberry Milk (and flavored milks, in general) tend to be higher in sugar than regular kinds of milk. The lowest sugar Strawberry Milk I came across on my above list was from Mooala at 5g of sugar per serving and this was a Banana Strawberry Milk. The regular dairy kinds of strawberry milk all contain more sugar.

And Remember…

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