Sugar Free And Low Sugar Options At Tim Hortons

Sugar-Free and Low Sugar Options from Tim Hortons

Sugar-free and low sugar options from Tim Hortons. In this post, I am going to share the sugar-free and low-sugar drinks available on the menu at Tim Hortons locations. One of Canada’s most popular coffee chains, Tim Hortons (affectionately known as “Timmies”) offers a selection of coffee and non-coffee-related drinks. In this post, I’ll share all seven of the sugar-free options on the Tim Hortons’ menu as well as answer some Frequently Asked Questions when it comes to sugar and Tim Hortons drinks (and yes, I will talk about Timbits). First, what exactly are the sugar-free and low-sugar options available from Tim Hortons? Let’s find out.

What are the Sugar-Free and Low Sugar Options at Tim Hortons?

There are 7 sugar-free drinks on the Tim Hortons menu in the form of original blend coffee, decaf coffee, bagged tea, steeped tea, dark roast coffee, espresso, and iced coffee (without sugar). Timbits contain 2g-7g of sugar depending on the flavor.

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7 Sugar-Free Drinks at Tim Hortons

There are 7 awesome sugar-free drinks on the Tim Hortons menu! Let’s look at what they are.

1. Original Blend Coffee – 0g Of Sugar

Original Blend Coffee is that simple yet oh-so-satisfying drink for when you want strong caffeine hit, but none of the sugar.

2. Decaf Coffee – 0g of Sugar

Decaf coffee is that perfect drink for when you want all the coffee vibes but none of the caffeine or sugar.

3. Bagged Tea – 0g of Sugar

I love having a cup of tea in the afternoon. A cup of bagged tea is a great sugar-free drink option from Tim Hortons.

4. Steeped Tea Made with Whole Leaf – 0g of Sugar

If you are a seasoned tea drinker, then it’s great to know you can order a steeped tea made with whole leaf tea. In my experience, that is unusual for a coffee chain – most coffee chains only have bagged teas. You can drink your fancy tea knowing it doesn’t contain any sugar.

5. Dark Roast Coffee – 0g of Sugar

Did you know that dark roast coffee contains less caffeine than a light roast? I know mind blown, right? The longer a coffee bean is roasted will reduce caffeine content but increase flavor. Anyway, if you fancy a lighter caffeine brewed coffee option at Tim Hortons this could be the one for you.

6. Espresso Shot – 0g of Sugar

It is a classic coffee drink. An espresso shot is a perfect drink for when you want a short caffeine hit, but no sugar. The espressos at Tim Hortons are no exception.

7. Small Iced Coffee (ordered without sugar) – 0g of Sugar

The iced coffees at Tim Hortons come with cream and sugar. A small one ordered as is will contain 7g of sugar. But if you order yours minus the sugar, it will contain 0g of sugar. Win.

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Frequently Asked Questions – Tim Hortons and Sugar

In the next section, I will be answering all those most frequently asked questions when it comes to knowing about lower sugar drink options at Tim Hortons. Including – the sugar content of their loved Timbits.

Does Tim Hortons Have Splenda?

Tim Hortons does have Splenda. Good to know you can sweeten your coffee at Tim Hortons without any of the sugar.

How Much Sugar is in a Small Iced Coffee from Tim Hortons?

There are 7g of sugar in a small iced coffee (with cream and sugar) from Tim Hortons.

How Much Sugar is in a Medium Iced Coffee from Tim Hortons?

There are 9g of sugar in a medium iced coffee (with cream and sugar) from Tim Hortons.

How Much Sugar is in a Tim Hortons Iced Cap?

An “Ice Cap” is basically an iced cappuccino available from Tim Hortons. The sugar content for an Iced Cap from Tim Hortons ranges from 37g to 74g of sugar depending on the size and flavor chosen. The below table sets out the sugar content for each size and flavor of Iced Cap.

Ice Cap SizeIced Cap Sugar ContentMocha Iced Cap (Cream) Sugar ContentCaramel Iced Cap (Cream) Sugar ContentOreo Iced Cap (Cream) Sugar Content

How Much Sugar Is in A Timbit?

What exactly is a Timbit? Well, a Timbit is a bite-size morsel of traditional donuts. Think of them like a donut hole. They are a bit similar in concept to Dunkin’s Munchkins.

Timbits contain 2g-7g of sugar each depending on the flavor. A birthday cake Timbit contains the most sugar at 7g of sugar. An old fashion plain Timbit contains the least sugar at 2g of sugar.  The second lowest sugar Timbits are the Cinnamon Sugar and Cinnamon French Toast.

Below is s table that summarizes the sugar content for all of Tim Hortons’ Timbits.

Yeast Timbits Sugar ContentCake Timbits Sugar ContentFilled Timbits Sugar Content
Apple fritter – 4gSalted caramel – 6gStrawberry – 4g
Honey dip – 4gChocolate glazed – 5g 
Game day – 5gDouble chocolate – 4g 
 Cinnamon sugar – 3g 
 Old fashioned glazed – 5g 
 Old fashion plain – 2g 
 Sour cream glazed – 7g 
 Birthday cake – 8g 
 Cinnamon French toast – 3g 
 Blueberry – 7g 

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Sugar-Free and Low Sugar Options at Tim Hortons – The Final Bite

Sugar-free and low sugar options at Tim Hortons. What have we learned from the above? Well, when it comes to sugar-free drinks Tim Hortons has a good selection of sugar-free coffee and coffee-related drinks. Yes, there may be nothing too surprising on the list and yes it includes basic items like espresso, iced coffee, tea, and simple coffee drinks. However, despite the basic nature of the offering, all these drinks are sugar-free and sometimes you just want a simple coffee with nothing added to it. I like that.

As for the Timbits, if you are looking to grab one your best option is the Old Fashioned Plain or the Cinnamon French Toast. In my opinion, both classic flavors go great with a simple coffee or tea.

And Remember…

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