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Sugar-Free Drinks from Panera Bread

Sugar-free drinks from Panera Bread. In this post, I am going to share all the sugar-free drinks available from Panera. As a member of Panera’s “coffee club” I regularly stop off at Panera to get my fix of coffee or tea. Given how often I visit I like to know exactly know how much sugar is in all Panera’s drinks. That is why in this post, I want to tell you all exactly what the sugar-free drink options are at Panera Bread. I will also go through some Frequently Asked Questions when it comes to Panera Bread and the sugar content of their drinks.

First, I need to answer the most important questions: does Panera Bread offer any sugar-free drinks?

What Sugar Free Drinks are Available from Panera Bread?

There are 13 zero sugar drinks options on the Panera menu. These drinks are:

  1. Iced 100% Colombian Dark Roast Coffee
  2. Hazelnut Coffee
  3. Colombian Dark Roast Coffee
  4. Cafe Blend Light Roast Coffee
  5. Decaf Coffee
  6. Cold Brew
  7. Americano
  8. Espresso
  9. Hot Tea
  10. Black Iced Tea
  11. Water
  12. Diet Pepsi
  13. Bubly Lime
Sugar Free Drinks at Panera - Panera Coffee Cup

Does Panera Bread Have Sugar-Free Drinks?

In this section, I will go through all the 13 sugar-free drinks available from Panera Bread.

1. Iced 100% Colombian Dark Roast Coffee – 0g of Sugar

Did you know that dark roast coffee has less caffeine than a light roast? I know mind-blowing. This Dark Roast coffee is usually my go-to at Panera. It is a decedent freshly brewed coffee with a strong coffee flavor. I like to drop in a splash of the hazelnut coffee mentioned below to give it a slight hazelnut flavor.

2. Hazelnut Coffee – 0g of Sugar

The hazelnut coffee is another freshly brewed coffee option at Panera. This time it is flavored with Hazelnut. If you love hazelnut, then this is a great flavor. As mentioned above I use this to add a splash of flavor to my dark roasted coffees in the morning.

3. 100% Colombian Dark Roast – 0g of Sugar

This is the same coffee that is used for Panera’s iced coffee. “Rich and bold full body with dark chocolate notes and a nutty, sweet finish”. All the coffee vibes, none of the sugar.

4. Cafe Blend Light Roast Coffee – 0g of Sugar

If you really want a strong caffeine hit from your Panera brewed coffee, then Panera Bread blend light roast may be the one for you. It is “soft and smooth with hints of citrus, roasted nut and chocolate“. Lightly roasted coffee contains more caffeine due to the shorter roasting process.

5. Decaf Coffee – 0g of Sugar

If you want a coffee without any caffeine, then the decaf brewed coffee from Panera is the one for you. I love grabbing a cup of this with my coffee subscription when I pop into Panera in the afternoons and don’t want caffeine.

6. Cold Brew – 0g of Sugar

Next on the list of zero-sugar drinks from Panera? Cold brew! What even is cold brew though and how is it different from iced coffee? Iced Coffee is essentially brewed hot and then cooled. Cold brew is instead brewed at room temperature for half a day – making it higher in caffeine than iced coffee.

That means, if you are visiting Panera for a cooling zero sugar drink that packs a punch in the caffeine department then their cold brew may be the one for you.

7. Americano – 0g of Sugar

An Americano is a great zero-sugar coffee to order at any coffee shop. Panera is no exception. An Americano is basically got water poured over espresso. A simple but classic.

8. Espresso – 0g of Sugar

The classic coffee beverage. It is simple and to the point. If you are looking for a quick caffeine grab then espresso is the way to go.

9. Hot Tea – 0g of Sugar

A hot cup of tea (with no milk) is always a zero-sugar warming and comforting drink option from Panera bread.

10. Black Iced Tea – 0g of Sugar

The black tea from Panera is unsweetened and sugar-free. This means hot or iced is a sugar-free option.

11. Water – 0g of Sugar

Water is the ultimate zero-sugar drink. Often overlooked but water is a great zero-sugar drink.

12. Diet Pepsi – 0g of Sugar

Diet Pepsi is the one diet soda option at Panera Bread. Good to know that if you are craving soda when at Panera but don’t want sugar. If so, Diet Pepsi is always an option.

13. Bubly Lime – 0g of Sugar

Bubly Lime is lime flavored sparkling water available at Panera Bread. Crisp and refreshing – great if you want sparkling water but with a touch of flavor.

Sugar Free Drinks at Panera

Frequently Asked Questions – Panera Bread and Sugar

Does Panera Bread Have Sugar-Free Syrups?

Panera Bread does not currently have any sugar-free syrups on the menu. Panera Bread used to have a sugar-free vanilla syrup, but it appears to no longer be available

Does Panera have a Sugar Free Latte?

A Panera Caffe Latte does not contain added sugar – it is just made from espresso and foamed milk. However, milk contains naturally occurring sugar, so a regular cafe latte contains 11g of sugar from the milk.

Do Panera Smoothies Have Added Sugar?

Panera Smoothies do not have added sugar added to them. Panera Smoothies are, however, high in fruit concentrates and purees which are high in naturally occurring sugar.

How Much Sugar is in a Panera Smoothie?

There are 38g-53g of sugar in a Panera smoothie depending on the flavor. Most of this sugar comes from fruit concentrates and purees.

How Much Sugar is in a Panera Strawberry Banana Smoothie?

There are 38g of sugar in a Panera Strawberry Banana Smoothie – which is the lowest sugar content out of all the Panera Smoothies.

Does the Panera Green Passion Smoothie Have Added Sugar?

There is no added sugar in a Panera Green Passion Smoothie. There is naturally high sugar content in the fruit concentrates and purees in the peach mango base used.

How Much Sugar is in Panera’s Green Smoothie?

There is 53g of sugar in a Panera Green Passion Smoothie.

Is Panera Green Tea Sweetened?

There is sugar in the passion fruit papaya flavored green tea syrup used in the passion papaya iced green tea.

How Much Sugar is in Panera Agave Lemonade?

There are 45g of sugar in a regular Panera Agave Lemonade and 68g of sugar in a large Panera Agave Lemonade.

Does Panera Lemonade Have Sugar?

All the Panera lemonades (agave, charged, and frozen) contain sugar and agave.

Does Panera Have Sugar-Free Tea?

The Panera hot tea and iced back tea are both sugar-free.

Sugar Free Drinks at Panera - The Final Bite

Zero Sugar Drinks at Panera – The Final Bite

Zero sugar drinks at Panera. What have we learned from the above? Well, when it comes to zero sugar drinks at Panera there is nothing revolutionary about the selection on offer. The good news is that there are 13 zero-sugar drinks available on the menu. These are all the kinds of drinks you can expect to find – freshly brewed coffee, teas, espresso, Diet Pepsi, etc. As for other drinks – when it comes to other drinks at Panera if you are trying to lower your sugar content you will generally want to avoid their Lemonade type drinks or Smoothies all of which can contain 38g to 68g of Sugar.

And Remember…

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