The 6 Best Sugar-Free and Low-Sugar Donuts

The 6 Best Sugar-Free and Low-Sugar Donuts

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The best sugar-free and low-sugar donuts. In this post, I am going to be sharing with you the 6 best sugar-free and low-sugar donuts you can order online and make at home. Because let’s face it, nothing is better than a homemade low-sugar donut. So, what are the options if you are looking to treat yourself to a sugar-free or low-sugar donut at home?

What Are The Best Sugar-Free and Low Sugar Donuts I Can Buy?

As a general rule, there are sugar-free and low-sugar donuts and donut mixes that can be ordered on the internet. These donuts and donuts mixes are usually sweetened with monk fruit, erythritol, and/or stevia. Diabetic Kitchen, Wow!, Green House Foods, No Sugar Allowed, and The Muscle Donut all make zero and low sugar donuts and mixes.

This post focuses on donuts and donut mixes you can order over the internet. If you want to read more about the lower-sugar donuts available in donut shops, you can read some posts I wrote here:

The 6 Best Sugar-Free and Low-Sugar Donuts - low sugar donuts

The 6 Best Sugar-Free and Low-Sugar Donuts

In this section, I will go through my picks for the six (6) best sugar-free and low-sugar donuts and donuts mix you can order online.

1. Diabetic Kitchen Cinnamon Keto Donut Mix – 0g of Sugar

*Best high-fiber and sugar-free donut mix

Diabetic Kitchen cinnamon keto donut mix is a donut mix you can buy on Amazon here.

This donut mix doesn’t contain sugar, artificial sweeteners, or sugar alcohols – it is instead sweetened with monk fruit extract and organic stevia. The base is milled sunflower seeds which is amazing. A donut mix made from seeds.

Not only is this donut mix sugar-free, but it is also gluten-free and contains 8g of fiber per donut (that’s 32% of your daily requirement). Can’t complain about getting 8g of fiber from a donut. This mix is also non-GMO, soy-free, and keto friendly.

To make these keto-friendly low-carb donuts mix the mix with butter, eggs, and whole milk Greek yogurt.

So, if you love cinnamon donuts but hate sugar this is the donut mix for you. You can buy some on Amazon here.

2. Green House Foods Mini Donuts – 1g of Sugar

*Best low-sugar mini donuts

If you are looking for a pre-made low-sugar mini donut, then Green House Foods may be your answer.

They make pre-packaged mini chocolate donuts that come in packs of three (3).

These chocolate donuts are “fluffy & cakey chocolate glazed donuts made with simple, plant-based ingredients“. These donuts are made from Green Houses flour blend which is made of almond flour, sunflower seed flour, pea protein, and pumpkin protein.

They are sweetened with monk fruit and erythritol. These cute mini donuts are 100% plant-based and contain 10g of protein, 8g of net carbs, and 1g of sugar. You can buy them directly from Green House Foods here.

3. No Sugar Allowed Snickerdoodle Donut Mix – 1g of Sugar

*Best low-sugar and vegan donut mix

If you want a low-sugar donut mix that is also vegan, then No Sugar Allowed is the one.

I love this description of their donuts – “No Sugar Aloud donut mix is a superfood designed to make you feel good and help you in the process of reducing simple carbs and sugar from your diet. We use only the best ingredients. Our donut mix is mixed by hand, by a chef in small batches to achieve consistency in every single bag. Why? Because you deserve it. Enjoy all the benefits of quitting sugar from your diet”.

I also love how short and simple the ingredient list – “Almond Flour, Pea Protein No Sugar Aloud Natural Blend (Monk Fruit Extract, Erythritol, Organic Stevia) Organic Cinnamon, Baking Soda Cream of Tartar, Pink Himalayan Salt”.

You can try this low-sugar vegan donut mix from The Low Carb Market here.

4. The Muscle Donut – 3g of Sugar

*Best high protein no added sugar donut mix

If you are searching for a high protein, zero sugar donut then you may have found it in the muscle donut. A high protein, zero sugar donut?! Tell me more!

The Muscle Donut is made from rice flour and tapioca flour and sweetened with stevia.

To make these sugar-free high protein donuts you mix the donut mix with egg, apple sauce, water, and vanilla and baked them in a donut pan in the oven. You can top the donuts as desired.

Note that although there is no added sugar in these donuts there is still 3g of total sugar per donut. Each serving does contain 10g of protein which is amazing. Each donut also contains 3g of fiber.

This donut mix is also low-carb and gluten-free. You can try this donut mix on Amazon here.

5. Wow! Chocolate Protein Donuts – 4g of Sugar

*Best low-sugar chocolate donut

If you love the sound of a high protein, lower sugar donut but don’t want to have to make the donut yourself then enter Wow! Protein Donuts.

These pre-made donuts come in individually sealed packets making them the perfect quick snack at home at work or pre or post-workout.

These pre-made chocolate donuts contain 4g of sugar per donut as well as 11g of protein.

These chocolate donuts are also low in calories coming in at 120 calories. Wow! Donuts are sweetened with unsweetened apple sauce, stevia, sugar, and erythritol.

You can buy a box of 12 of these low-sugar and calorie chocolate donuts from Amazon here.

6. Wow! Cake Batter Protein Donuts – 5g of Sugar

*Best low-sugar cake batter flavor donut

If you love the sound of an individually packaged lower-sugar donut but prefer cake batter flavor over chocolate, then I have some good news. Wow! also have a pre-packaged cake batter donut too.

This donut, like the chocolate one, is baked not fried, and contains 11g of protein. It also is lower in sugar coming in at 5g of sugar and low calorie at 130 calories.

You can try a box of 12 of these donuts on Amazon here.

The 6 Best Sugar-Free and Low-Sugar Donuts - donuts

The 6 Best Sugar-Free and Low Sugar Donuts – The Final Bite

The best sugar-free and low-sugar donuts. What have we learned from the above? Well, if you are looking for some sugar zero or low sugar donuts there are a bunch of options available on the market. Yes, some are mixes that involve a bit more work on your end, but there are also some pre-made donuts you can order if you just want a low sugar donut fix straight away. A lot of these donuts are also great at offering additional protein and fiber. They are a great way you can keep that donut craving in check without going wild in the sugar department.

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