What Are The Low Sugar Options At Blaze

What Are The Low Sugar Options At Blaze Pizza?

What are the low sugar options at Blaze Pizza? In this post, I am going to be sharing the low sugar options available from Blaze Pizza. I will go through all the pizza bases, sauces, cheeses, and toppings options available to add to your pizza. I’ll also go through the sugar content of the salads, desserts, and drinks available on the Blaze Pizza menu. Blaze is one of my favorite pizza chains. I love the way you can customize your pizza and watch it be cooked right there in front of you. But what if you are trying to watch your sugar? What exactly are the low sugar options available from Blaze Pizza?

Does Blaze Pizza Offer Lower Sugar Options?

As a general rule, Blaze Pizza has a wide variety of low sugar options. The higher-sugar items to avoid are the full sugar drinks, desserts, and fresh berry salads. The doughs only contain 0g-<1g of sugar per slice, the meats, cheeses, and sauces contain 0g of sugar per slice as well as most of the vegetable toppings and finishes.

Does Blaze Pizza Sauce Have Sugar?

None of the pizza sauces at Blaze Pizza (garlic pesto, red sauce, spicy red sauce, and white cream sauce) contain added sugar. There are 0g of sugar in a slice-sized serving of all of Blaze’s pizza sauces.

Which Is The Lower Sugar Crust at Blaze – Keto or Cauliflower?

Both the keto and cauliflower crusts at Blaze are low sugar options. Both the keto and cauliflower crusts contain <1g of sugar in a slice of 11″ pizza.

How Much Sugar Is In The Cauliflower Crust at Blaze?

The cauliflower crust at Blaze contains <1g of sugar in a slice of 11″ pizza.

Sugar Content of All of Blaze Pizza’s Ingredients

Below is the sugar content of all the ingredients used at Blaze Pizza. The sugar content is based on a slice of 11″ pizza (1 of 6 slices).

Blaze Pizza IngredientsSugar Content (Per Slice of 11” Pizza)
Blaze Dough 
Classic Dough0g
High rise<1g
Blaze Sauce 
Garlic pesto0g
Red sauce0g
Spicy red sauce0g
White cream sauce0g
Blaze Cheese 
Goat cheese0g
Grated parmesan0g
Ovalini mozzarella0g
Shaved parmesan0g
Shredded mozzarella0g
Vegan cheese0g
Blaze Meats 
Apple Wood Bacon0g
Hot chicken meatballs0g
Italian meatball0g
Italian sausage0g
Smoked ham0g
Spicy vegan chorizo 0g
Blaze Vegetables 
Artichoke 00g
Black olives0g
Chopped garlic0g
Green bell peppers0g
Kalamata olives0g
Roasted Brussel sprouts0g
Roasted butternut squash0g
Roasted garlic0g
Sauteed onion1g
Scorpion slaw1g
Roasted corn1g
Red pepper1g
Blaze Finishes 
Buffalo glaze0g
Frank’s Red Hot drizzle0g
Olive oil drizzle0g
Pesto drizzle0g
Sea salt0g
BBQ drizzle<1g
Balsamic glaze1g

What Are The Low Sugar Options At Blaze - Pizza

How to Order Low Sugar At Blaze Pizza?

The sauces, cheese, and meats at Blaze Pizza all contain 0g of sugar in a slice.

If you want to order low sugar then stick to ordering a classic dough base (which is the lowest in sugar) and avoid:

  • sauteed onion
  • scorpion slaw
  • pineapple
  • roasted corn
  • red pepper toppings
  • BBQ drizzle
  • balsamic glaze.

To be honest, though, even the BBQ sauce is very low in sugar compared to most pizza chains’ BBQ sauces. You read more about other pizzas chains’ sugar content in the posts I wrote about it here:

How Much Sugar Is In Blaze’s Specialty Pizzas?

All of Blaze Pizza’s specialty pizzas are relatively low in sugar. A slice of 11″ blaze specialty pizza contains between <1g-2g of sugar.

Obviously, on a per slice basis there isn’t a huge amount of difference in it, but if you are planning on eating all six (6) slices of the pizza (there are 6 slices of pizza in an 11″) then choosing a <1g of sugar per slice pizza over a 2g per slice pizza makes a difference.

The lowest sugar specialty pizzas are the red vine, simple pie, white top, and green stripe. The highest sugar specialty pizzas are vegetarian and keto.

Summary Table – Sugar Content of Blaze Pizza’s Specialty Pizzas

Blaze Specialty PizzaSugar Content (Per Slice of 11” Pizza)
Red Vine<1g
Simple Pie<1g
White Top<1g
Green Stripe<1g
Art Lover1g
BBQ Chick’N1g
Blazin Hot Chick’N1g
Hot Link1g
Meat Eater1g
Veg Out1g

Sugar Content of Blaze’s Salads

The lowest sugar salad at Blaze is their classic Caesar. A side portion of buffalo blue, BLT Cobb, BLT wedge, and classic Greek are also lower sugar side salad at 3g of sugar.

The highest sugar salad at Blaze and the main one to avoid if you are watching your sugar content is the fresh berry salad.

In terms of the salad dressings (if you decide to build your own salad), just avoid the citrus vinaigrette which contains 7g of sugar in an entree serving. All the other salad dressings contain 0g-1g of sugar per entree serving.

Like with Blaze’s pizzas, the cheeses, and meats contain 0g of sugar. Most of the veggies contain 0g of sugar per serving apart from the sauteed onion, scorpion slaw, pineapple, roasted corn, and red pepper.

Blaze SaladSugar Content
Classic Caesar salad side1g
Buffalo blue salad side3g
Classic Caesar salad entree3g
BLT Cobb side3g
BLT wedge side3g
Classic Greek salad side3g
BLT wedge entree5g
Buffalo blue salad entree5g
Classic Greek salad entree5g
BLT Cobb entree6g
Fresh berry salad side11g
Fresh berry salad entree12g

How Much Sugar Is In the Cheesy Bread At Blaze?

A cheesy bread at Blaze contains 9g of sugar, as does a cheesy pesto garlic bread.

Lowest Sugar Drinks at Blaze

The following drinks at Blaze Pizza are the best drinks to order if you are watching your sugar intake as they contain 0g of sugar:

  • Unsweetened Iced Tea
  • Diet Coke
  • Coke Zero

What Is The Lowest Sugar Dessert at Blaze Pizza?

The desserts at Blaze Pizza range from 16g-57g of sugar per serving. If you really want dessert, then the lowest sugar option is the s’mores pie. This contains 16g of sugar which is much less than the 57g of sugar in a serving of Cinna Knots.

What Are The Low Sugar Options At Blaze Pizza - The Final Bite

What Are The Low Sugar Options At Blaze? – The Final Bite

What are the low sugar options at Blaze Pizza? What have we learned from the above? Well, when it comes to Pizza, per slice Blaze offers some low sugar pizza options. Their specialty pizza ranks from <1g to 2g of sugar per slice. Believe it or not, this is less than most salads available on the menu. I bet you never expected to read that – the pizza has less sugar than the salad.

And Remember…

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