Low Sugar and Zero Sugar Drinks at Caribou

Low Sugar and Zero Sugar Drinks at Caribou Coffee

Low sugar and zero sugar drinks at Caribou Coffee. In this post, I am going to be sharing all the low sugar and zero sugar drinks available from Caribou Coffee chains. Predominantly located in Minnesota, Caribou Coffee is known for its coffee flavors and cold-pressed coffees. In this post, I will go through all the lowest sugar drinks available at Caribou Coffee, as well as answer some frequently asked questions when it comes to sugar and Caribou Coffee drinks. But first what are the sugar-free and low-sugar options available at Caribou Coffee?

What are the Low Sugar and Sugar-Free Options at Caribou Coffee?

The lowest sugar drinks at Caribou Coffee consist of:

  • Americano
  • Small Sparkling BOUsted
  • Breve
  • Small Cappuccino
  • Brewed Coffee
  • Cold Press Iced Coffee
  • Small Crafted Press
  • Depth Charge
  • Espresso
  • Hot Tea
  • Iced Tea
  • Northern Lite Latte Iced

Caribou Coffee also has a sugar-free vanilla and caramel syrup which you can add to your coffee.

Low Sugar and Zero Sugar Drinks at Caribou - iced drink

14 Low Sugar Drinks at Caribou Coffee

Below are 14 lower sugar drinks at Caribou. All 14 drinks contain 9g of sugar or less. So, let’s skip the XL Turtle Mocha Cooler which contains 206g of sugar, and let’s go for one of the lower sugar drinks below. So, without further ado, let’s dig in. What are the lowest sugar drinks at Caribou?

1. Americano (Hot or Iced) – 0g of Sugar

An Americano is a great zero sugar option for most coffee shops for when you want a caffeine hit but minus any of the sugar. The Americano at Caribou is no exception. I love the fact that iced Americanos are on the menu too.

2. Small BOUsted Blackberry Lemonade Sparkling – 9g of Sugar

What exactly are the BOUsted drinks at Caribou? They are caffeinated drinks that come in a variety of fruit flavors. These BOUsted drinks are made with caffeine from guarana, ginseng, and coffee beans but minus the coffee taste.

So, if you are visiting Caribou for a caffeine hit but you fancy something refreshing and fruit flavored then the BOUsted range may be the drink for you.

These drinks come in sparkling and blended. Just make sure to order the sparkling over the blended as the blended versions of these drinks contain a lot more sugar than the sparkling. For example, a small BOUsted blackberry lemonade blended contains over three and a half times the sugar of the sparkling version at 33g of sugar.

3. Small BOUsted Dragon Fruit Sparkling – 8g of Sugar

The dragon fruit would personally be my choice of the BOUsted drink – made with dragon fruit, pear, and pineapple. It also contains slightly less sugar than other flavors coming in at 8g of sugar for a small sparkling.

Also, it is great to know that all BOUsted beverages contain no artificial colors, no artificial flavors, no artificial sweeteners, and no artificial preservatives. Win.

4. Small BOUsted Strawberry Mango Sparkling – 9g of Sugar

The final BOUsted drink on this list is the strawberry mango in sparkling. Much like many of the others it just contains 9g of sugar for a small.

5. Breve – 0g-1g of Sugar

Breve is Italian for short. This short drink consists of espresso and half/half. The iced breves contain 0g of sugar for all sizes. A hot breve contains 0g of sugar in a small and 1g of sugar in a medium up to XL size.

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6. Small Cappuccino – 9g of Sugar

If a simply frothy cappuccino is your choice of caffeinated drink, then rest assured a small Caribou cappuccino contains 9g of sugar.

7. Coffee of The Day – 0g of Sugar

Caribou’s coffee of the day consists of a selection of regular and seasonal coffees. These contain 0g of sugar and they are brewed every hour to ensure maximum freshness. Yum

8. Cold Press Iced Coffee – 0g of Sugar

The cold press iced coffee is cold-brewed Caribou blended coffee served over ice. Refreshing, cooling, zero sugar, and caffeinated. Also, did you know that cold brewed contains more caffeine than iced coffee – perfect for when you need a strong pick-me-up.

9. Small Crafted Press 6g-7g of Sugar

The crafted press coffee is cold-brewed coffee with a splash of milk and sugar. They can be ordered hot or iced.

A small hot crafted press contains 7g of sugar and a small iced crafted press contains 6g of sugar.

10. Depth Charge – 0g of Sugar

The depth charge at Caribou is essentially the equivalent of a red eye coffee – fresh-brewed coffee spiked with a shot of espresso. It is the best zero-sugar coffee at Caribou for when you need a serious pick-me-up.

11. Espresso – 0g of Sugar

Espresso is the perfect short zero sugar hit at all coffee shops. Caribou’s espresso is no exception. The espresso at Caribou is made using their Cross Fox espresso and it is exquisite on its own.

12. Hot Tea – 0g of Sugar

If you love hot tea, especially a cozy cup on a colder winter day, it’s good to know that Caribou has a great selection of hot teas. You can choose between Earl Grey, Hot Cinnamon Spice, Orange Buzz, Raspberry Hibiscus, Chamomile Mint, Turmeric Ginger, and Organic Black. All contain 0g of sugar.

13. Iced Tea – 0g of Sugar

The iced tea at Caribou consists of unsweetened black tea served over ice. Just the refreshing antioxidant-rich drink you need on a hot afternoon.

14. Northern Lite Latte Iced – 9g of Sugar

The northern lite latte at Caribou consists of espresso, sugar-free syrup, and steamed milk.  You can choose between caramel or vanilla. The small to large sizes all contain 9g of sugar.

Frequently Asked Questions – Caribou Coffee and Sugar

In the next section, I deal with all those niggling questions you have about the sugar content of drinks at Caribou.

What Caribou Coffee Drink Has the Least Sugar?

The Caribou coffee drinks which contain the least sugar (0g of sugar) are:

  • Americano (hot or iced)
  • Iced breve
  • Coffee of the day
  • Cold press iced coffee
  • Depth charge
  • Espresso

How Much Sugar is in a Caribou Cooler?

The sugar content of the Caribou Coolers ranges from 45g to 206g depending on the flavor and size.

For example, the lowest sugar cooler at Caribou is a small espresso cooler that contains 45g of sugar. The cooler at Caribou which contains the most sugar is the XL Turtle Mocha Cooler which contains 206g of sugar.

Caribou CoolerSugar in a SmallSugar in a MediumSugar in a LargeSugar in an XL
Sweet Thai103g129g154g205g
Berry White Mocha94g118g142g190g
Campfire Mocha97g122g146g195g
Caramel High Rise79g97g116g153g
Malted Mocha89g114g140g190g
Mint Condition Mocha97g123g146g194g
Turtle Mocha105g130g156g206g
Vanilla White Mocha94g116g142g190g

How Much Sugar is in a Caribou Mocha?

Caribou MochaSugar in a SmallSugar in a MediumSugar in a LargeSugar in an XL
Hot Mocha29g41g54g67g
Iced Mocha28g38g48g70g

Does Caribou Have Sugar-Free Caramel Syrup?

Caribou does have a sugar-free caramel syrup.

Does Caribou Have Sugar-Free Vanilla Syrup?

Caribou does have a sugar-free vanilla syrup.

Sugar Free and Low Sugar Drinks At Caribou Coffee - Coffee Beans

Low Sugar and Zero Sugar Drinks at Caribou – The Final Bite

Low sugar and zero sugar drinks at Caribou. What have we learned from the above? Well, when it comes to drinks at Caribou there is a good selection of the usual offerings when it comes to low sugar and zero sugar drinks. These include drinks like cold-pressed iced coffee, Northern Lite Latte Iced, and some small Sparkling BOUSted drinks. As for the Coolers, well – these are not lower sugar drink options. If you really want one your best option is the small expresso Cooler which contains 45g of sugar. If you a desperate for a different flavored Cooler, then always opt for small size as these will contain the least amount of sugar.

And Remember…

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