The 11 Lowest Sugar Pressed Juicery Juices, Smoothies & Drinks

The 11 Lowest Sugar Pressed Juicery Juices, Smoothies & Drinks

The 11 lowest sugar Pressed Juicery juices, smoothies, and drinks. Pressed Juicery or as those in the know call it – “Pressed“. If you live in coastal California, you will know what I am talking about. It’s that super trendy juice shop that started in Los Angeles and has since expanded wildly across the California coastline (and beyond too). It was also one of the first places I visited when I moved to Los Angeles.

What makes Pressed Juicery unique from many other juice shops is that all its juices are served in bottles. We all think of Pressed Juicery as synonymous with health and vitality, but does anybody know how much sugar is in its juices, smoothies, and drinks? Well, I have you covered Pressed fans – in this post, I will be presenting you with the 11 Lowest sugar juices, smoothies, and drinks at Pressed Juicery.

The 11 Lowest Sugar Pressed Juicery Juices, Smoothies & Drinks - Sweet Citrus

What are the Lowest Sugar Juices, Smoothies, and Drinks at Pressed Juicery?

The lowest-sugar juices, smoothies, and drinks at Pressed Juicery are:

  • Tropical Protein Smoothie
  • Mango Turmeric Lemonade
  • Greens 1
  • Greens 1.5
  • Greens 4
  • Celery Juice
  • Coffee Protein Smoothie
  • Strawberry Basil Lemonade
  • Immunity Tonic
  • Simple Cleanse Juice
  • Detox Tonic

1. Tropical Protein Smoothie – 10g of Sugar

First up on this list is Pressed Juicery’s Tropical Protein Smoothie, which contains 10g of sugar.

It is pretty cool that Pressed Juicery has a lower-sugar tropical smoothie. I have written a fair few articles here at Low Sugar Snax looking at the sugar content of smoothies (see my posts on Jamba, Smoothie King, Planet Smoothie, Joe & The Juice, and Clean Juice) and it is actually super rare for a tropical smoothie to be one of the lower sugar smoothies on a menu. Normally green juices/smoothies are the lower sugar options.

Hats off to Pressed Juicery for creating one.

The Tropical Protein Smoothie is made with water, pineapple, banana, mango, monk fruit, erythritol, lemon juice, pea protein isolate, dragon fruit, acai puree, and cultures.

There are 10g of total sugar in a bottle of Pressed Juicery’s Tropical Protein Smoothie.

2. Mango Turmeric Lemonade – 10g of Sugar

It’s also pretty cool that the next low-sugar entry is a lemonade drink. The Mango Turmeric Lemonade from Pressed Juicery is made from water, mango puree, lemon juice, erythritol, monk fruit, and turmeric. There are also 10g of sugar in a bottle of Pressed Juicery’s Mango Turmeric Lemonade.

If you want to see how this compares to other lemonades make sure to check out the following post, which I wrote on the topic – Is There A Lot of Sugar in Lemonade?

3. Greens 1 – Cucumber Celery Juice – 9g of Sugar

It wouldn’t be a “lowest sugar juices” post without a green juice entry or two! That’s right, as a general rule, green juices are usually lower in sugar content than their tropical and berry counterparts. The Greens 1 Juice from Pressed Juicery is made from cucumber, celery, spinach, lemon, kale, and parsley and there are 9g of sugar in a bottle.

4. Greens 1.5 – Spinach Kale Juice – 9g of Sugar

Another lower-sugar green juice on Pressed Juicery’s menu is their Greens 1.5 spinach kale juice. This green juice is made from cucumber, celery, lemon, spinach, kale, parsley, and sea salt and it also contains 9g of sugar.

5. Greens 4 – Celery Lemon Cayenne – 9g of Sugar

If Celery Lemon Cayenne sounds like your kind of juice, then rejoice. One of these bad boys only contains 9g of sugar. This greens 4 juice is made from cucumber, celery, spinach, lemon, ginger, and cayenne.

6. Cold Pressed Celery Juice – 8g of Sugar

Celery juice is definitely having a moment. If you are on Instagram, you will know what I mean. Not only is it super trendy, but the Cold Pressed Celery Juice at Pressed is also a lower sugar option, clocking in at 8g of sugar. I also love the fact there are only 2 (yes 2) ingredients in this juice – celery and lemon. That’s it!

7. Coffee Protein Smoothie – 5g of Sugar

I established in the post I wrote on the lowest-sugar smoothies at Planet Smoothie that the coffee and banana-based smoothies are often the lower-sugar options. Pressed is proving me right, with their coffee protein smoothie only clocking in 5g of sugar.

This smoothie is made from coffee, banana, and reishi mushroom along with added protein. A delicious coffee banana smoothie with only 5g of sugar – that is a total win!

8. Strawberry Basil Lemonade – 3g of Sugar

The next entry is (can you believe it) another lemonade. The Strawberry Basil Lemonade at Pressed sounds right up my street. It is made from water, strawberries, erythritol, monk fruit, lemon, and basil. There is only 3g of sugar in this delicious lemonade.

9. Immunity Tonic – 2g of Sugar

If you are heading to Pressed Juice under the weather and in search of an immunity boost, I would definitely recommend their Immunity Tonic. This drink is made from lemon, allulose, turmeric, ginger, cinnamon, Vitamin C, black pepper, zinc, and cultures. All for only 2g of sugar.

Note that this lemonade is sweetened differently from other Pressed drinks as it uses allulose instead of erythritol and monk fruit.

10. Simple Cleanse Juice – 2g of Sugar

If you are looking for a low-sugar cleanse juice, then the simple Cleanse Juice from Pressed has your name written all over it. This juice is made from water, lemon, allulose, ginger, and cayenne pepper and only contains 2g of sugar!

11. Detox Tonic – 1g of Sugar

The final Pressed Juicery drink on this list contains a whopping 1g of sugar. This drink is their Detox Tonic. This detoxifying drink is made from lemon, allulose, milk thistle, lavender, sodium copper chlorophyllin (color), and cultures. This is another of Pressed Juicery allulose sweetened drinks.

FAQs - Pressed Juicery

Sugar In Pressed Juicery F&Q

Does Pressed Juicery Contain a Lot Of Sugar?

Pressed Juicery does not add sugar to its drinks. There is naturally occurring sugar in Pressed Juicery’s drinks as well as sugar-free sweeteners such as allulose and erythritol and monk fruit in some of their drinks.

The 11 Lowest Sugar Pressed Juicery Juices, Smoothies & Drinks - Roots with Ginger

The 11 Lowest Sugar Pressed Juicery Juices, Smoothies & Drinks – The Final Bite

The lowest sugar Pressed Juicery Juices, Smoothies & Drinks. What have we learned from the above? Well, if you are looking for the lowest sugar drink from Pressed Juicery then your best option is the Detox Tonic which contains 1g of sugar per serving. That is pretty amazing for juice.  There are other lower sugar options that range from 10g of sugar to 2g of sugar. However, if you are looking for the lowest sugar option the Detox Tonic is the lowest sugar option available.

And Remember…

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Ingredients and/or manufacturing processes may change. Always double-check ingredient lists and nutritional information before purchasing any food items.


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