How Much Sugar Does an Orange Julius Have

How Much Sugar Does an Orange Julius Have?

How much sugar does an Orange Julius have? In this post, I am going to be sharing the sugar content of all smoothies and drinks available from Orange Julius. In it, I will answer some Frequently Asked Questions about sugar and Orange Julius drinks and rank the sugar content of all smoothies on its menu. You will often find an Orange Julius paired with a Dairy Queen, however, there are some stand-alone Orange Julius. If you want to learn about the sugar content of Dairy Queen menu items check out my post: The Lowest Sugar Treats at Dairy Queen. First, how much sugar is in Orange Julius drinks?

How Much Sugar is In Orange Julius Drinks?

The sugar content of Orange Julius’ smoothies ranges from 33g to 114g of sugar depending on the flavor and size. On the current menu, the lowest sugar smoothie is a small banana chill smoothie (33g of sugar), and the highest sugar smoothie is a large mango pineapple smoothie which contains 114g of sugar.

Does Orange Julius Add Sugar?

There is added sugar in all Orange Julius smoothies. Even the lowest sugar smoothie, the banana chill smoothie, contains added sugar in the yogurt used.

Does Orange Julius Have Sugar-Free Options?

There are no sugar-free Orange Julius options. The lowest sugar Orange Julius smoothie is a small banana chill smoothie, which contains 33g of sugar.

Before I continue, I wanted to highlight the fact there are basically two types of smoothies you can get at Orange Julius. One is the Julius Original which is blended with a “secret ingredient” to give the drink a frothy top. The other smoothies are the premium fruit smoothies, which are more like regular fruit smoothies.

The below nutritional information for the Julius Original smoothies is based on the nutritional information for the Misty slush recipe, which is available at Dairy Queen locations. The Julius Originals preparation method for Orange Julius locations (Orange Julius without a Dairy Queen component) uses simple syrup and so may have different sugar contents.

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Orange Julius Drinks and Smoothies – Ranked by Sugar Content

In this section, I will rank every smoothie at Orange Julius in order of sugar content.

1. Banana Chill Premium Fruit Smoothie – 33g of Sugar

The good news is that the banana chill fruit smoothies are the lowest sugar smoothie at Orange Julius, at 33g of sugar for a small. The bad news is that this is an exclusive flavor to Orange Julius Mall stands only.

This flavor is made of yogurt and banana.

2. Orange Julius Original – 48g of Sugar

The Orange Julius Original (the flavor they are most famed for) is the second lowest sugar option at 48g of sugar in a small. So, if you love Orange Julius for their frothy orangey OG drink it’s good to know it is lower in sugar relative to a lot of the smoothies.

3. Strawberry Premium Fruit Smoothie – 51g of Sugar

The strawberry premium Smoothie is made from strawberries and yogurt. It is one of the lower sugar smoothies relative to the others at 51g of sugar.

Remember you can always add nutritious boosts to your smoothie – choose from Protein, Antioxidant, Energy, Vitamin C, and Fresh Banana.

4. Tropical Tango Premium Fruit Smoothie – 51g of Sugar

Another Orange Julius smoothie that contains 51g of sugar in a small is the tropical tango premium fruit smoothie. The tropical tango premium fruit smoothie is made of yogurt, pineapple, strawberry, orange, guava, and passion fruit.

5. Tropi-Colada Premium Fruit Smoothie – 53g of Sugar

The Tropi-Colada smoothie at Orange Julius is like a cross between a pina colada and a tropical smoothie – combining pineapple, coconut, and yogurt. A small cup of this smoothie contains 53g of sugar.

6. Strawberry Watermelon Sensation Premium Smoothie – 54g of Sugar

The strawberry watermelon sensation premium Smoothie is made from strawberry, and refreshing watermelon, all blended with yogurt. A small cup of this smoothie contains 54g of sugar.

7. OrangeBerry Xtreme Premium Fruit Smoothie – 54g of Sugar

The main flavors of the OrangeBerry Xtreme premium fruit smoothie are strawberry and orange, with passion fruit, guava, and yogurt mixed in. A small cup contains 54g of sugar.

8. Strawberry Julius Original – 55g of Sugar

The Strawberry Julius Original is made by bending strawberries with a “secret ingredient”. A small cup contains 55g of sugar.

9. OrangeBerry Julius Original – 56g of Sugar

The OrangeBerry Julius Original has an ever so slightly higher sugar content than the OrangeBerry Xtreme premium fruit smoothie – with a small cup containing 56g of sugar. This means if you enjoy your OrangeBerry smoothie with a frothy top then go for the original version.

10. Strawberry Banana Premium Fruit Smoothie – 56g of Sugar

Strawberry Banana Smoothie is one of the most classic smoothie flavors. A small cup of strawberry banana smoothie from Orange Julius contains 56g of sugar.

11. Mango Pineapple Premium Fruit Smoothie – 57g of Sugar

A mango pineapple premium fruit smoothie has all the tropical vibes and 57g of sugar in a small. If you are craving a mango pineapple smoothie when visiting Orange Julius, then go for the premium fruit smoothie version rather than the Julius Original version – it will save you 27g of sugar in a small.

12. Strawberry Watermelon Julius Original – 57g of Sugar

There isn’t a huge difference in sugar content between the strawberry watermelon premium fruit smoothie and the strawberry watermelon Julius Original. A small strawberry watermelon Julius Original contains 57g of sugar.

13. Berry Pomegranate Julius Original – 60g of Sugar

A berry pomegranate Julius Original has all the strawberry, blackberry, raspberry, and pomegranate vibes. A small cup contains 60g of sugar.

14. Pomegranate Berry Blast Smoothie Premium Fruit Smoothie – 62g of Sugar

The premium fruit smoothie version of the pomegranate berry contains a tiny bit more sugar at 62g of sugar.

15. Tripleberry Premium Fruit Smoothie – 63g of Sugar

The triple berries in a Tripleberry Premium Fruit Smoothie are strawberry, blackberry, and raspberry. There is also a Tripleberry Julius Original version available, but this Original contains 5g more of sugar.

16. Strawberry Banana Julius Original – 64g of Sugar

How is the strawberry banana Julius Original different from the strawberry banana premium fruit smoothie? Well, it has a frothy top for starters and a small one contains 8g more sugar.

17. Tripleberry Julius Original – 68g of Sugar

The triple berries in a triple berry Julius original are strawberry, blackberry, and raspberry. A small cup contains 68g of Sugar, 5g more than the Premium Fruit Smoothie version.

18. Pina Colada Julius Original – 80g of Sugar

Do you like pina coladas? If so, you may be a bit sad to find out that the Pina Colada Julius original is one of the highest sugar smoothies at Orange Julius, with a small containing 80g of sugar.

19. Mango Pineapple Julius Original – 84g of Sugar

The mango pineapple Julius Original is currently the highest sugar smoothie on the Orange Julius menu. A large mango pineapple Julius Original contains 84g of sugar.

How Much Sugar Does an Orange Julius Have - Original Drink

How Much Sugar Does an Orange Julius Have? – The Final Bite

How much sugar does an Orange Julius have? What have we learned from the above? Well, when it comes to sugar you won’t be able to find any drink at Orange Julius that does not contain sugar. If you are looking for the lowest sugar option, then your best choice is the Banana Chilled Premium Fruit Smoothie which contains 33g of sugar. However, be warned this is only available from Mall locations. In general, you will want to avoid the “original’ style drinks except for the Orange Julius Original which contains the second lowest sugar content at 48g of sugar for a small.

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