How Much Sugar is in Golden Grahams

How Much Sugar Is In Golden Grahams? Is There A Sugar Free Option?

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Golden Grahams. If you love honey graham crackers then I am sure you have tried Golden Grahams before. This is the breakfast cereal version of honey graham crackers. Made from wheat and corn, Golden Grahams have all the honey and brown sugar notes! However, does the prominence of honey and brown sugar notes mean that Golden Grahams are high in sugar? In order to answer that question I have collated the sugar content data of Golden Grahams as well as 5 Golden Graham equivalent cereals. I have then put these cereals together in this article in descending order of total sugar content. So you are going to want to read right to the end to find out about a 0g of sugar Golden Grahem cereal alternative. So let’s dig in – how much sugar is in Golden Grahams? Is there a sugar-free Golden Graham option?

How Much Sugar is in Golden Grahams - Golden Grahams

How Much Sugar Is In Golden Grahams?

As a general rule, there are 12g of total sugar in a dry serving of Golden Grahams cereal. A lot of Golden Graham cereal alternatives contain more sugar than this (14g per serving). There is a sugar-free Golden Graham alternative that is sweetened with stevia and contains 0g of sugar per serving. 

Before we dig in, if you are interested in learning more about the sugar content of various cereals you can here –

*The below sugar contents are for a dry cup serving. I have pro-rated the sugar content where necessary*

How Much Sugar is in Golden Grahams - Honey Grahams

1. Millville Honey Grahams – 14g of Total Sugar

First up is a brand I have talked about quite a few times recently here at Low Sugar Snax. That brand is Millville, which is ALDI’s own brand and I have mentioned them a fair few times recently because they make some pretty cool cereal dupes. One such dupe is their Honey Graham cereal. Millville’s Honey Grahams have all the honey “grahamness” of Golden Grahams. But how’s the sugar content? Well, there are 14g of sugar per 1 cup serving, which is fairly on the high side for a cereal (a lot of the kids marketed cereals such as Cocoa Puffs, Reese’s Puffs and Lucky Charms contain 12g of sugar per serving).

2. Mom’s Best Cereal Honey Grahams – 14g of Total Sugar

Mom’s Best Cereal Honey Grahams is another own brand take on Golden Grahams. They are called Honey Grahams (I am beginning to notice a trend here). Now this cereal is made with wholegrain wheat and corn, real honey and no high fructose corn syrup. So far so good. But how’s the sugar content? Well, just Like with Millville Honey Grahams there are 14g of total sugar per cup serving. I mean it does make sense that cereals that are sweetened with both honey and sugar are going to be a touch higher in total sugar content.

3. Great Value Honey Graham Crunch Cereal – 14g of Total Sugar

Walmart’s own brand of Golden Graham equivalents is known as Honey Graham Crunch.  Great Value’s Honey Graham Crunch is sure to appeal to kids as there is a cute bear and bee on the front. But will Great Value Honey Graham Crunch appeal to parents? Well, perhaps no as the sugar content for a dry one cup serving is – yup you guessed it – 14g.

4. General Mills Golden Grahams – 12g of Total Sugar

Finally, I have reached the OG of honey graham cereals – General Mills Golden Grahams of course! So what is the deal in terms of sugar content here? Well, the sugar content per dry cup serving of Golden Grahams is lower than a lot of the copycat versions. 12g to be precise – which is a pretty average sugar content for a sweetened cereal. What is found super interesting is that Golden Grahams do not contain any honey (scandalous I know) – instead, they are sweetened with brown sugar syrup and sugar and the honey flavor comes from natural flavors. This would explain why the above three honey graham cereals contain 3g more sugar per cup serving – they all contain actual honey as well as sugar. Now you know.

5. Cascadian Farm Organic Graham Crunch – 11g of Total Sugar

Next up is the first organic Golden Graham equivalent on this list and that is Cascadian Farm Organic Golden Crunch. Now this may be organic but is it lower in sugar? Well, a touch. There are 11g of total sugar per dry cup serving of Cascadian Farm Organic Grahm Crunch. Again, this graham cereal doesn’t contain any honey so that does explain the slightly lower sugar content.

How Much Sugar is in Golden Grahams - Catalina Crunch

6. Catalina Crunch Honey Graham, Keto Friendly Cereal – 0g of Total Sugar

The final entry on my list is my number 1 recommendation for a sugar-free Golden Grahams alternative. That option is Catalina Crunch Honey Grahams. These honey grahams are made with pea protein and sweetened with stevia. They contain an unbeatable 0g of total sugar per serving! You can check them out for yourself and see if they are the honey graham cereal for you on Amazon here.

If you are also looking for sugar-free milk to pair with this sugar-free honey graham cereal make sure to check out the following post I wrote on sugar-free alternative milks here.

How Much Sugar Is In Golden Grahams? – The Final Bite

How much sugar is in Golden Grahams? What have we learned from the above? Well, Golden Grahams have a very average sugar content coming in at 12g of sugar per serving. Weirdly Golden Graham alternatives contain more sugar than the OG, with many coming in at 14g of sugar. The good news is that there is one sugar-free Golden Graham alternative out there. If you know you know.

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