What kind of yogurt has no sugar

What Kind of Yogurt Has No Sugar?

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What kind of yogurt has no sugar? Yogurts. They are creamy and can come in all sorts of formats – dairy, plant-based, probiotic, Greek, or the ones where the toppings come in a separate compartment and you have to add them just to name a few. They are great for breakfast, dessert, or just as a snack. But does anybody know exactly what kind of yogurt has no sugar? Well, I am well placed to answer this question as I have already researched and written posts on the sugar content of the following kinds of yogurts:

In this post, I wanted to summarize the above posts and basically look at what kind of yogurt has no sugar. This is to help you find and pick the best style of low-sugar yogurt.

Let’s dig in.

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Added Sugar-Free Yogurts Containing 0g-5g of Sugar

As a general rule, the following brands make an added sugar-free yogurt that contains 0g-5g of total sugar per serving.

  • Light + Fit;
  • Chobani;
  • White Mountain;
  • The Coconut Cult;
  • Cocojune;
  • Forager;
  • Forager;
  • Kite Hill; and
  • Silk.
9 Best Dairy Free and Sugar Free Yogurts - sugar free

Sugar-Free Dairy Yogurts

To start off let’s take a look at the best sugar-free dairy yogurts available.

Now as a general rule of thumb, most dairy yogurts do contain naturally occurring sugar, even if there is no sugar added. This is because dairy contains lactase which is a naturally occurring sugar. This means even if you grab an added sugar-free ‘plain’ dairy yogurt at the grocery store it will tend to still contain total sugar due to the lactase.

You can then imagine my surprise when I came across Light + Fit Zero Sugar Vanilla Yogurt.

Light + Fit Zero Vanilla Yogurt is a dairy fat-free yogurt that is sugar-free and sweetened with stevia. The wild part is that it contains 0g of total sugar per serving. Light + Fit Zero Sugar Yogurts come in vanilla, strawberry, mixed berry, and peach.

You can check them out for yourself on Dannon’s website here.

12 Best No Added Sugar Greek Yogurts - Vegan Greek Yogurt

Sugar-Free Greek Yogurts

Plain Greek yogurts generally do not contain any added sugar. However, again because of the lactase in the dairy, they still tend to contain 4g-8g of total sugar per serving. You can read more about it here in the post I wrote – 12 Greek Yogurts That Do Not Contain Sugar or Fake Sugar

However, there is some good news if you are looking for a sugar-free Greek yogurt option. I stumbled across Chobani Zero Sugar Nonfat Greek Yogurt which contains 0g of total sugar. Yes, 0g of sugar. How? Well, because this yogurt is sweetened with stevia and monk fruit.

You can check out all the flavors on the Chobani website here.

How Much Sugar is in a Probiotic Drink - Drinks

Probiotic Dairy Yogurts

Interesting fact, there are currently a fair few probiotic added sugar-free vegan yogurts out there, but what there are not are many added sugar-free probiotic dairy yogurts. One that does exist is White Mountain Bulgarian Yogurt. This probiotic yogurt is organic and made from whole milk. There are, in fact, only 2 ingredients in this yogurt – milk, and cultures. Even though there are 0g of added sugar per serving of this yogurt there are still 5g of total sugar from the lactase.

If you are interested in trying it for yourself, White Mountain Bulgarian Yogurt can be found on Amazon here. You can also find out more about other added sugar-free probiotic yogurts here in the post I wrote on the topic – Which Probiotic Yogurts Contain the Least Sugar?

If you want a lower total sugar dairy-free probiotic yogurt then check out the next entry (The Coconut Cult) below.

10 Lower Sugar Coconut Yogurts - Coconut Yogurt

Sugar-Free Coconut Yogurt

Coconut yogurt can be low in sugar. For example, one of my favorite coconut yogurts, The Coconut Cult, only contains 1g of total sugar per serving. Bear in mind that a serving of The Coconut Cult yogurt is very small at 2 tablespoons due to the very high level of probiotics in it.

If you want to find out more, as well as see The Coconut Cult’s super cute flamingo packaging, you can on their website here.

Another amazing added sugar-free coconut yogurt is Cocojune Organic Coconut Yogurt, which contains 0g of added sugar and 2g of total sugar per cup serving. You can check Cocojune’s yogurt out for yourself on Amazon here.

Just be aware that not all coconut yogurts are so low in sugar. So Delicious, one of the leading coconut yogurt brands, contains 14g-17g of total sugar per serving.

You can read more about the sugar content of coconut yogurts here in the post I wrote – Is Coconut Yogurt Sugar-Free? Let’s Find Out!

Cashew yogurts Ranked For Sugar Content - Cashews

Sugar-Free Cashew Yogurt

As a general rule, the best brand of sugar-free cashew yogurt is Forager. The two below Forager cashew yogurts contain 0g of added sugar and just 1g of total sugar per serving.

  • Forager Project Cashew Milk Yogurt (Amazon here) and
  • Forager Project Unsweetened Vanilla Cashew Milk Yogurt (on Amazon here)

You can read more about lower-sugar cashew yogurts here in the post I wrote on the topic – What are the Best Low Sugar Soy and Cashew Yogurts?

9 of the Lowest Sugar Almond Yogurts - Almond Yogurt

Sugar-Free Almond Yogurt

An added sugar free almond yogurt can be a great sugar-free yogurt option. I talked about the lowest-sugar almond yogurts here in the following post I wrote – Which Almond Yogurts Are Lowest in Sugar?

Some of the lowest-sugar almond yogurts are the following:

  • Kite Hill Vanilla Unsweetened Greek Style Almond & Soy Yogurt (Amazon here) – 0g of total sugar per serving
  • Silk Unsweetened Vanilla Almond Milk Yogurt (Instacart here) –  <1g of total sugar per serving
  • Kite Hill Plain Unsweetened Almond Milk Yogurt (on Amazon here) – 1g of total sugar per serving

All these almond yogurts contain 0g of added sugar and just <1g-1g of total sugar per serving.

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What Kind of Yogurt Has No Sugar? – The Final Bite

What kind of yogurt has no sugar? What have we learned from the above? Well, when it comes to yogurts the great news is that there are low-sugar options available no matter what the style. Now it is more common to find lower sugar non-dairy yogurts than dairy versions (due to the presence of lactose in dairy). However, no matter what style of yogurt is your preference you will always be able to find a yogurt with no added sugars. Oh, and in case you were wondering my favorite yogurt flavor is “blueberry”. My least favorite is Rhubarb – yes, you can find Rhubarb-flavored yogurts.

And Remember…

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