Is POM high in sugar

Is POM High In Sugar? You Will Be Surprised!

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Is POM high in sugar? POM, yes POM POMegranate Juices. You know – those beautiful rounded deep red bottles of POMegranate juice we see in the chilled juice section of grocery stores (you can see an example on Amazon here). The brand with a great name and a 💓 heart in it – literally in it. But does anybody know how much sugar is in POM? In either their juice or tea ranges? And do any of their products contain added sugar?

In this post, I will be answering all these questions.

I have listed below the total sugar content of all of POM’s juice and tea drinks. The total sugar content for the juices is per 8oz serving and for the teas is for a 12oz bottle. I also dive into the added sugar content of POM drinks. The below is listed in descending order of total sugar content so make sure to read to the end to find out what the lowest total sugar POM drinks is.

Let’s dig in – is POM High in sugar?

Is POM High in Sugar?

As a general rule POM juices contain 32g-34g of total sugar per 8oz serving and 0g of added sugar. POM teas contain 21g-32g of total sugar per 12oz bottle, of which 16g-28g are added.

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Ranking POM drinks Based on Sugar Content

In this section, I will rank eight different POM drinks and juices based on sugar content. The list goes in descending order of sugar content from highest to lowest.

1. 100% POMegranate Juice – 34g of Sugar

First up is the juice that started it all for POM – their 100% POMegranate juice. Bad news for all you POMegranate juice fans – POM’s POMegranate juice is actually its highest sugar juice, with an 8oz serving containing 34g of total sugar. The good news? It contains 0g of added sugar.

2. POMegranate Blueberry 100% Juice – 32g of Sugar

POM’s blended POMegranate blueberry juice contains a touch less total sugar content at 32g of sugar in an 8oz serving. In my experience, this is a pretty regular sugar content for an 8oz serving of 100% juice. Especially when compared to other 100% juices such as Orange, Apple, and Pineapple juice.

3. POMegranate Cherry 100% Juice – 32g of Sugar

POM’s POMegranate cherry juice contains exactly the same sugar content as their POMegranate blueberry juice. There are 32g of total sugar and 0g of added sugar in an 8oz serving.

4. POMegranate Honey Green Tea – 32g of Sugar

Did you know that POM also makes a range of POMegranate teas? Yes, that’s right. And the good news is that the teas contain less sugar than the juices. However, the bad news is that they all contain added sugar.

The highest-sugar POM tea is its POMegranate honey green tea.

This isn’t a huge surprise as the clue is in the name. This tea is sweetened with both sugar and honey and contains 32g of total sugar per 12oz bottle. 26g of this is added sugar.

5. POMegranate Lemonade Tea – 31g of Sugar

POM’s POMegranate lemonade tea has a similar sugar content at 31g of total sugar and 28g of added sugar in a 12oz bottle. This POM tea is sweetened with sugar.

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6. POMegranate Peach Passion White Tea – 27g of Sugar

POM also makes some POMegranate white tea. Their POMegranate white tea is blended with peach and passion fruit juice and is sweetened with sugar. It contains 27g is total sugar, 24g of which is added.

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7. POMegranate Orange Blossom White Tea – 22g of Sugar

One of POM’s lower sugar teas is POMegranate orange blossom white tea. Like the other POM tea drinks this drink contains added sugar – there are 22g of total sugar and 18g of added sugar per 12oz bottle.

8. POMegranate Elderberry Boost Tea – 21g of Sugar

The lowest total sugar POM drink is their POMegranate elderberry boost tea. You can’t go wrong with anything with elderberry in it in my opinion. This tea drink is made with black tea and sweetened with sugar. It contains 21g of total sugar per 12oz serving. 16g of these sugars are added.

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Summary Table of The Sugar Content of POM Drinks

Below is a summary table of the sugar content for all POM drinks. For each item, I list the total sugar content and total added sugar content. All measurements are based on an 8oz serving size. I divided the table into Juices and Teas so you can easily find the product most relevant to you.

POM DrinkTotal Sugar ContentTotal Added Sugar Content
JuicesPer 8oz ServingPer 8oz Serving
POM 100% POMegranate Juice34g0g
POMegranate Blueberry 100% Juice32g0g
POMegranate Cherry 100% Juice32g0g
TeasPer 12oz BottlePer 12oz Bottle
POM POMegranate Honey Green Tea32g26g
POM POMegranate Lemonade Tea31g28g
POM POMegranate Peach Passion White Tea27g4g
POM POMegranate Orange Blossom White Tea22g18g
POM POMegranate Elderberry Boost Tea21g16g

Is POM high in sugar - Nutritional Label

Is POM High in Sugar? You Will Be Surprised! – The Final Bite

Is POM high in sugar? What have we learned from the above? Well, when it comes to POM juices there are no sugar-free options. You can expect to find a sugar content of 32g to 34g of sugar in any of POM’s 100% juices. The good news is that none of these contain any added sugar which means all the sugar they contain is naturally occurring from the fruit used. In my experience, this range of sugar content for 100% juice is pretty standard.

As for their tea options you can expect to find 21g to 32g of sugar per serving. Unlike the juices, the tea drinks from POM do contain added sugar – as much as 28g in some cases. However, most of the teas are lower in sugar than the juice options. This means if you love POM and are looking for the lowest sugar option your best option is to pick an Elderberry Boost Tea. This is the lowest sugar option coming in at 21g of sugar per 8oz serving.

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