What drinks contain the least sugar

What Drinks Contain The Least Sugar? You Must Know These 0g Sugar Drinks

What drinks contain the least sugar? Liquid. Drinks. Beverages. We all drink them every single day. But exactly which drinks contain the least sugar? And by the least sugar, I mean 0g of total sugar per serving! Well, I am pretty well placed to answer this question as I have written and researched dozens and dozens of articles here at Low Sugar Snax looking at the sugar content of various drinks. In this post, I will be presenting you with 12 of the best sugar-free drinks you can guzzle to your heart’s content (that are not just water). Whether you are looking for a still or sparkling, electrolyte-infused, subtle-flavored, strong-flavored, or caffeine-infused sugar-free drink, I have you covered.

So, let’s dig in – what drinks contain the least sugar?               

What Drinks Contain the Least Sugar?

As a general rule the best 0g of sugar drinks are:

  1. Water
  2. Seltzer
  3. Club Soda
  4. Unsweetened Tea
  5. Unsweetened Black Coffee
  6. Added Sugar-Free Alternative Milks
  7. Sugar-Free Vegan Protein Shake
  8. Diet Sodas
  9. Sugar-Free Electrolyte Drinks
  10. Sugar-Free Energy Drinks
  11. Sugar-Free Ginger Beers/Ales
  12. Sugar-Free Kombucha

Before I continue, if you want to read about the other end of the spectrum (i.e., the highest sugar drinks and then ones to avoid) then make sure to check out the following post I wrote – What Drinks Contain the Most Sugar? 14 Drinks to Avoid.

1. Water

Yes, we are going to start off this list with the most OG sugar-free drink around – water. Often overlooked, water is a gem of a drink. Hydrating and totally sugar-free. You can even opt for sugar-free flavored water if you like, like one of the awesome sugar-free flavored waters I talk about in this post – What Flavored Waters Are Sugar-Free And Which Is Best?

2. Seltzer

Don’t forget about seltzer, which is a sugar-free water option for when you want something a little more special than still water. A flavored sugar-free seltzer is even more fancy – still with none of the sugar.

You can learn more about the best sugar-free Seltzers available in my post: What has the least sugar – Club Soda, Seltzer, or Tonic Water?

Which has the least sugar - Club Soda, Seltzer or Tonic Water - Schweppes Club Soda

3. Club Soda

Next up is club soda. Club soda is essentially sparkling water but with minerals added. This of course means that club soda is totally sugar-free. Just make sure not to confuse club soda with tonic water which is not sugar-free (unless it is marked a diet). You can read more about it here – What has the least sugar – Club Soda, Seltzer, or Tonic Water?

Is there a lot of sugar in Iced Tea - Iced Tea Drinks

4. Unsweetened Tea

The next sugar-free drink is perfect for when you want a sugar-free pick-me-up drink. That drink is unsweetened tea. There are several ways you can enjoy an unsweetened tea minus any sugar. You can brew a hot cup of tea and add sugar-free milk (like the one in this article I researched and wrote – Which Alternative Milks Contain No Sugar?). Or you can opt for an unsweet iced tea by ordering an unsweet tea rather than a sweet tea.

By doing this alone you could save as much as 40g of sugar. Yes, you read that correctly – sweetened iced teas tend to contain 16g-40g of sugar depending on the size ordered. Unsweet iced tea in comparison contains 0g of sugar.

You can learn more in my post on iced tea here: Is There A Lot of Sugar in Iced Tea?

There are even pre-bottled sugar-free unsweet teas you can grab at the grocery store too. For example, AriZona (The 10 AriZona Drinks that Contain the Least Sugar) and Snapple (All 32 Snapple Drinks Ranked For Sugar Content) both have sugar-free tea drinks under their brands.

Does iced coffee contain a lot of sugar - Iced Coffee

5. Unsweetened Black Coffee

Of course, black coffee is the ultimate sugar-free drink that provides a boost to kick. An iced coffee can be a great sugar-free drink but just be aware that some coffee shops add sugar to their iced coffee, whereas some do not.

For example, Starbucks and McDonald’s iced coffees contain sugar whereas Dunkin’ and Biggby Iced coffees do not contain sugar. You can read more about it here in the post I wrote on the sugar content of iced coffee here: Does Iced Coffee Contain A Lot of Sugar?

Hot black coffee is of course also an awesome sugar-free drink not to be forgotten about.

Is Vanilla Almond Milk High in Sugar - Almond Milk

6. Added Sugar-Free Alternative Milks

Next up – alternative kinds of milk!

By alternative milks I mean plant-based alternative milks to dairy for example soy, coconut, almond & oat to name a few. Now not all alternative milks are sugar-free. In fact, many add sugar to their milk. But in comparison to dairy milk, sugar-free alternative milks can be found. This is because whilst dairy milk is obviously added sugar-free it is high in naturally occurring sugar from the lactase present in dairy. Alternative milks do not contain lactase in comparison.

If you want to find out which alternative milks are completely sugar-free make sure to check out the following post I wrote – Which Alternative Milks Contain No Sugar? In this post, I reveal the best sugar-free coconut, soy, almond, oat, flax, macadamia, cashew, and hemp milks.

Do protein powders have a lot of sugar - Orgain Protein Powder

7. Sugar-Free Vegan Protein Shake

If you want a sugar-free drink that comes with an intense protein boost too then try making the following at home. Blend sugar-free alternative milk (Which Alternative Milks Contain No Sugar?) with a sugar-free vegan protein powder (Do Protein Powders Have A Lot of Sugar?). The result? All of the protein, none of the sugar.

Which Colas contain no Sugar - Diet Coke Can

8. Diet Sodas

Of course, it shouldn’t come as a huge surprise to see diet sodas on this list. From diet colas to diet lemonades to diet orange sodas to diet cream sodas, there is a diet soda out there for you. You can read more about the best sugar-free sodas out there in the following posts I researched and write:

Which Pedialyte Drinks Have the least sugar - Pedialyte Strawberry

9. Sugar-Free Electrolyte Drinks

If you are looking for a sugar-free drink that packs a punch in the hydration/electrolyte department then look no further than a sugar-free electrolyte drink (otherwise known as Sports drinks).

Most sports drinks make sugar Free versions of their sports drinks that are just as high in electrolytes but minus any sugar. For example, Vitamin Water makes sugar-free flavors (you can read more in the post I wrote here – The 8 Sugar-Free VitaminWater Drinks You Need To Know About), as do Powerade (you can find out which flavors here – How Much Sugar is in Powerade and Which Are Sugar-Free?). And even better all Propel drinks are sugar-free (Which Propel Flavors Are Sugar-Free? You Won’t Believe it!)

Are Energy Drinks High in Sugar - Red Bull

10.  Sugar-Free Energy Drinks

I already talked about black iced and hot coffees above, which can be great sugar-free caffeine-infused drinks. But do you want to know about another sugar-free caffeinated drink? Sugar-free energy drinks of course. All the main energy drinks brands (Red Bull, Monster, Rockstar, NOS, 5-hour energy, etc.) make sugar-Free versions of their energy drinks. You can read more about it here in the posts I wrote:

Does Ginger Beer Contain a lot of Sugar - Bundaberg Ginger Beer

11. Sugar-Free Ginger Beers/Ales

If you are after a sugar-free drink that has a very powerful and potent taste to it, then I personally think your best bet is a sugar-free ginger beer or ale. I mean you can’t beat that powerful ginger taste, right?

Regular ginger ale tends to contain 25g-38g of total sugar per serving and regular ginger beer tends to contain 27g-48g of total sugar per serving. That’s quite high for both.

Enter sugar-free ginger beers and ales (which you can find out about here – Does Ginger Beer Contain A Lot of Sugar and Does Ginger Ale Contain Much Sugar?) which both contain all the ginger kick but none of the sugar!

12. Sugar Free Kombucha

The final entry on this list is a good one because it is one of my favorite drinks. Sugar-free kombucha.

Now it is actually the case that most kombuchas contain 10g-20g of total sugar per serving. But there are some sugar-free kombucha drinks out there. For example, Remedy and Humm’s kombuchas contain 0g of total sugar per serving!

Love – these brands allow you to enjoy all the benefits of kombucha without any sugar! You can find out more in the post I wrote on the sugar content of kombuchas here – Is Kombucha High in Sugar? Let’s Find Out!

How much sugar is in Cream Soda & Which are Sugar-free

What Drinks Contain The Least Sugar? You Must Know These 0g Sugar Drinks – The Final Bite

What drinks contain the least sugar? When it comes to low-sugar drinks there is only one drink that completely rules and that is water. However, let’s face it we all don’t just want to sit around and drink water all day long. Being able to sip and taste different styles and flavors of drinks is what we all want. The good news is that all the above 12 categories of drinks offer you some of the lower sugar options around. That means you don’t just have to drink water. You can find a delicious low-sugar and sugar-free option as well.

And Remember…

Low Sugar Drinks at McDonald's

Ingredients and/or manufacturing processes may change. Always double-check ingredient lists and nutritional information before purchasing any food items.


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